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Seedboxes.cc Review 2019 | *Free VPN* | Amazing or Horrible?

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$15.22 Per Month

Seedboxes.cc is a rather popular webhosting provider that is known for its full featured and affordable webhosting packages.

Now you might be thinking why I used Seedboxes.cc VPN in the title of this review? Well turns out, all Seedboxes.cc packages do come with a complimentary VPN client. They even use a fancy tagline to advertise it.

Complimentary VPN for secure and private browsing

Bear in mind you actually have to purchase their webhosting in order to get their complimentary VPN.

Seedboxes.cc claims their best VPN service offers multi device compatibility, various connection protocols and even anonymity through multiple secure server locations for absolutely free.

But is it really worth it or is it a clever marketing tactic to lure customers into purchasing their webhosting.

In this Seedboxes.cc review, I’m not going to talk about their webhosting service but rather I’m only going to review the VPN service that come with their hosting plans.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNSeedboxes.cc
Servers2000+ in 140 countries7 servers worldwide
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
JurisdictionHong Kong
Logging PolicyZero LogKeeps log
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsContact Form
Trustpilot Score9.5


After reading this review, you can compare this VPN with some of our more VPN reviews and make a well-informed decision.

As always, I’m going to cover the following:


  • Anonymous Payment Option
  • Decent Encryption and Protocols
  • Totally Free
  • Decent Device Compatibility
  • Pathetic Logging Policy
  • Only 7 Server Locations
  • Torrenting allowed only on Netherland Servers
  • Horrible Customer Support
  • Stingy Refund Policy

Laughable Privacy / Logging Policy

I’m going to give it to you straight, you can’t really rely on the VPN that come with their webhosting. Let me tell you why.

A reliable VPN provider doesn’t log used data. Well known providers go to great lengths to anonymize their customers personal information.

However, the so called complementary VPN that comes with Seedbox.cc doesn’t do any of it. If you look at their privacy policy, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Under the “We collect the following personal information from you” heading, they clearly state what private information they log.

Contact information, names, email addresses, phone numbers and a bunch of other information is logged by Seedboxes’s VPN client.

Aside from storing personal information for logging purposes, they also use the stored logs for their personal gains.

For instance, under the “We use this information to” heading, they clearly state that stored logs are used for marketing and conducting research / analysis.

I’m not even done here, their questionable privacy policy goes on forever. If you’re interested in reading their privacy, policy you can check it out here.

Decent Protocols & Encryption

Honestly speaking, after taking a look at their privacy policy, I was not expecting much from this VPN. But to my surprise, it actually offers somewhat decent protocols and encryption algorithms.

Protocol wise, you expect to see OpenVPN, L2TP over IPsec and even SoftEther for secure network routing.

Seedboxes’s VPN also uses Blowfish-CBC 1024-bit encryption along with OpenVPN for establishing secure private connections.

Another thing that caught my eye was the inclusion of HTTP Proxy service. Though it’s worth noting that you can only use this service though their server in the Netherlands.

Visit Seedboxes.cc

Limited Support for Torrenting

While torrenting is not completely banned, its support is not worth mentioning at all. If you want to download torrents securely through Seedboxes cc, you’ll have to use their Netherlands servers. All other server location are banned for P2P traffic.

To verify this issue, I decided to look it up on their community. To my utter disappointment, they did indeed mentioned that only their Netherland server is P2P compatible.


Hence, you will need to use another VPN if you want to accomplish your media streaming cravings through Kodi. The service does not support Kodi streaming.

Consequently, you will need to avail best VPN country for Kodi to attain your mission in the end.

Limited Server Locations

They don’t offer a lot of server locations. In fact, in total you only get 7 locations to work with. Yes! Only 7. Although their total number of available servers are not mentioned on their website, judging from their 7 server locations, I guessing it’s not too many.

While their primary server is in the Netherlands, you do get servers in the U.K, France, U.S, Canada, Singapore and Germany.


Horrendous Customer Support

Their customer support is beyond ridiculous. Let me tell you why.

Up till last week, I didn’t even knew that this VPN existed. However, when I login to my account on their website, I saw a bunch of random tickets on my dashboard, some of them dating back almost 4 years ago.

Even though I didn’t opened any tickets, the site was still showing closed tickets that I never even opened in the first place.

What’s worse?

The ticket I actually opened didn’t even show up in the list.


They don’t even offer live chat support which is really annoying. Basically, I don’t have an option to know the status of my ticket. I guess I’ll just have to wait to see what happens. Quite frankly, I have very low expectations from Seedboxes cc.


Decent Compatibility

Compatibility wise I found Seedboxes VPN to be about okay. It offers applications for both desktops (Windows & Macs) and for mobile devices as well (Android, iOS).

While the applications worked just fine on my Windows computer and phone, I was again disappointed to see the lack of support for Linux and routers.


Visit Seedboxes.cc

Seedboxes.cc Pricing & Plans

Technically speaking, since this VPN is not a standalone product that you can get from Seedboxes website, there is no apparent pricing plan mentioned on their website.

Although the VPN is absolutely free, you do have to purchase one of their hosting plans to get it. Generally speaking, Seedboxes VPN is not for everyone. After all, people don’t go out and buy a webhosting just to get a free VPN.

That said, if you’re in the market for a webhosting plan, getting a Seedbox free trial is definitely an added bonus.


Visit Seedboxes.cc

Payment Options

Like I said, this VPN is absolutely free. However, if you want to purchase a webhosting from Seedboxes, you can do so by either paying through PayPal / credit card or via anonymous cryptocurrencies. Lite coin, Ether, Bitcoin cash, Dash and Monero are all accepted.


Stingy Refund Policy

Although there is nothing mentioned on their home page regarding refunds, I did found their official statement on their community page.

According to a response posted by an official member of the site, new customers can avail a 7 days refund. That said, they will charge you for the days you have used their service or the amount of bandwidth that you consume. Rest of it will be fully refunded.

In order to avail the refund, you can either contact support at sales@seedboxes.cc or by opening a ticket through their panel’s dashboard.

Alternatives to Seedboxes.cc

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Do I recommend this VPN?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, this VPN is by far the worst I have ever used. So much so, that it shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

Their entire user experience was a total mess. From unknown tickets showing up in my dashboard to limited servers, this VPN was nothing more than a mere nuisance.

Their hosting might be good but their VPN definitely isn’t.

I hope you found my Seedboxes.cc review helpful. Do let me what you guys think of this VPN in the comments below.

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