SecureVPN.Pro Review 2019: Get Connected with the Fastest VPN Service

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$7.90 Per Month

SecureVPN Pro is another online privacy service competing hard in the market to cement its place. Moreover, you can attain its free trial feature that allows you to check the performance of the service accordingly. The provider is currently offering its services in all the major countries of the world through its 33 servers globally.

After conducting countless VPN reviews, we found equal to the task.

Through our review, you can find out is pros and cons in detail.

  • Offers free trial feature to users
  • Providing iOS app soon
  • OpenVPN tunneling protocol feature for all plans
  • Has an exclusive double VPN benefit for subscribers
  • Strictly follows no-logging policy
  • Only offers 33 servers throughout the world

SecureVPN Pro Unique Selling Proposition

Our SecureVPN Pro review unveils that the provider offers an exclusive “Stealth VPN” feature to its users. Thus, you can disguise your VPN traffic as normal web traffic hassle-free. You can use the said benefit in various countries like US, Canada, China and others to protect your digital privacy.

By doing so, you can bypass rigorous measures imposed by different countries that restrict VPN traffic primarily. The said benefit is available on Advanced and Pro pricing plans too.


SecureVPN Pro Pricing Review

Have you ever considered buying the best VPN services for a day or a week? If you haven’t, well you should now. With a strikingly unique offer, the three packages (Basic, Advanced and Pro) offered by SecureVPN are regularly sold for even a day and a week. The daily and weekly plans, however, offer you limited services for reasonably valid reasons.

According to our SecureVPN.Pro pricing review, the provider offers four different types of pricing plans to its users. These pricing packages are Pro, Advanced, Basic and Free. Interestingly, you can get these plans on a period basis like day, week, month, two months, three months, six months, and yearly too.


You cannot avail Pro pricing plan on daily basis. In addition, you can get the advanced pricing plan at the cost of $0.9 per day. Likewise, you can avail basic pricing plan after paying $0.5 on daily basis. Similarly, you can get the free trial feature that enables you to use the service for three hours only.

Furthermore, you can avail the Pro pricing plan at the cost of $5.9 on weekly basis. Likewise, the SecureVPN Pro users may get the weekly advanced pricing plan after paying $ 3.9. Similarly, you can attain weekly basic pricing plan at the cost of $2.7.

You can obtain monthly Pro pricing plan after paying $ 17.9 per month. In addition, the monthly advanced pricing plan provides you an opportunity to avail the said package at the cost of $10.9 per month. Moreover, the basic monthly pricing plan allows you to avail the package at the cost of $7.9 on monthly basis.

You can avail the two months Pro pricing plan after paying $ 32.9 for two months. You can get the two months advanced pricing plan at the cost of $19.9 for two months. The two months basic pricing plan is available at the cost of $13.9 for two months.

The three months Pro pricing plan is available at the cost of $47.9 on quarterly basis. Likewise, the three months advanced pricing package is accessible at the cost of $27.9. You can get the basic pricing plan after paying $19.9 on quarterly basis.

The six months pro pricing plan is available at the cost of $77.9 for six months. The advanced six months pricing plan at the cost of $49.9. The basic half-yearly pricing plan is available at the cost of $ 34.9 for six months.

The yearly pro pricing plan is available at the cost of $119.9 per year. The advanced pricing plan is accessible at the cost of $79.9 on yearly basis. The basic yearly package is useable at the cost of $61.9 on yearly basis.

Surprisingly, you can avail port forwarding feature through 3 months pricing plans. Likewise, you can attain dedicated IP benefit at the cost of $2 / month.

Also read ExpressVPN cost because it is a giant VPN provide in the industry.

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SecureVPN.Pro Servers Count and Locations Review

securevpn review

If you are expecting a huge server count from SecureVPN, we are sorry to break this news to you but it offers very limited number of servers all around the world. To be honest, with 35 servers all over the world, you just cannot expect to unblock anything and everything. But, even with such a short server count, to our utter surprise, it does a decent job indeed.

We have reviewed over 50 VPN services and have always noticed how VPN services cover their shortcomings by offering lucrative features to their users for free. Since we are talking about the servers here, we find it mandatory to mention here that SecureVPN offers DoubleVPN on its servers on the Pro plan.

While the number may not fascinate the VPN users, those who know the value of the server locations will want to use this VPN service. It provides servers in Russia, Netherlands, USA, France, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Compare the locations of these servers with other VPN providers and you will know their server availability is as good as all its competitors.


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SecureVPN Protocol Support & Encryption Review

Our SecureVPN Pro review suggests that the service is currently offering a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols to its users.  If you have subscribed to its Basic plan, you can use the PPTP/L2TP protocol along with OpenVPN and Stealth VPN protocol. Therefore, you can avail OpenVPN and Stealth VPN protocol on all available plans hassle-free.  

With a decent protocol support, SecureVPN definitely makes a strong case for itself when we talk about some of the top performing VPN services. Our only complaint with SecureVPN, though, remains with the availability of its protocols on different plans. For example, if you have subscribed to its Basic plan, you will only be able to use the PPTP/L2TP protocol.

In addition to the PPTP/L2TP protocol and the OpenVPN protocol, the Pro package also offers you to encrypt your connection with its DoubleVPN. Remember the DoubleVPN we mentioned above? It basically assigns you IP address from one server and provides encryption from the other to make sure your online traffic remains safe.

The encryption provided by SecureVPN varies upon the package you choose to subscribe to. For example, the basic plan offers an encryption of 128-bit, while the Pro plan offers you an encryption support of up to 2048-bit. With such strong encryption support to facilitate you, you are definitely bound to get ultimate security and protection against malware, spy agencies and hackers.

When you select a pro pricing plan to secure your online privacy, you can get Double VPN feature. As a result, you are able to pass your data through two servers.

Moreover, the IP addresses at the input and output servers are different from each other. The advanced package provides a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols.

You can consider these protocols in the form of OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec. Interestingly, the OpenVPN protocol uses 256-bit military grade encryption by default.

SecureVPN Payment Methods Review

What would you do if you get impressed by a VPN service by cannot buy it due to the lack of mode of payments? You would, obviously, switch to another VPN service for good. Before we talk about the supported payment methods of SecureVPN, we would rather ask you to focus on the need of diverse payment methods to understand why it matters the most in the purchasing decision.

Anyway, enough of making you realize the worth of diverse payment options; let’s get to the point straightaway. SecureVPN offers different payment methods that include but are not limited to Paypal, PM, Bitcoin, Web Money and ROBOKASSA. With Paypal, Bitcoin and Web Money working in most of the regions, rest of the payment options are cherry on top for the VPN users.

Here is the list of other online payment methods that includes:

  • Perfect Money
  • Yandex Money
  • Interkassa
  • UnionPay
  • Alipay
  • QIWI
  • EXMO
  • Paymentwall (supporting every possible cryptocurrency on the market)

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Setting up SecureVPN (PPTP Protocol) on Windows

Since PPTP is commonly used by the VPN users all over the world for streaming and safety purposes, we are going to give you a pictorial guide as to how you can set it up with ease on Windows. PPTP is available on all the plans so this would be applicable on all (Basic, Advanced and Pro) packages.

1) In order to set it up manually, you will have to open the “Network and Sharing Center” in the Control Panel.

securevpn review

2) Once you have selected the “Network and Sharing Center”, look at the second half of the new window and click on the highlighted area “Set up a new connection or network”.

securevpn review

3) When a new window appears, click on the third option “Connect to a workplace”.

securevpn review

4) Now click on the first option, “Use my Internet connection (VPN)”.

securevpn review

5) Once you have clicked on the first option, it will ask you for the server details and the name of the destination. Enter the server details, you have received from SecureVPN and don’t forget to mention the destination name.

securevpn review

6) Now you will need to create your VPN profile. Do so by entering the credentials you have been assigned by SecureVPN.

securevpn review

7) Do not try to connect the VPN straightaway, make sure to click on “Close”.

securevpn review

8) Click on the “Computer icon” on the right bottom of your screen. A small window will pop-up. Now you will see the VPN connection you created, right click on it and check the properties.

securevpn review

9) In the “Properties” under the “Security” tab, make sure that your tunnel is set to PPTP and the encryption is set to “Maximum Data Encryption”. At the bottom of the window, make sure the highlighted options are checked.

securevpn review

10) Now repeat the same procedure and click on the “Computer icon” in the system tray. Choose “Connect” now.

securevpn review

11) Double-check your username and password and click on “Connect”.

securevpn review

12) Now wait for the connection to be established.

securevpn review

13) Once it is done, you will be notified. You can follow the same procedure to disconnect the VPN. Just click on the system tray’s “Computer Icon” and right click on the created VPN profile and click on “Disconnect”.

securevpn review

SecureVPN Logging Policy Review

It has become kind of a norm in the modern times for the VPN services to claim that they do not record any logs. But, is it just a claim based on lies or do the VPN service providers really mean it? That is a mystery that will never be solved… unless the likes of NSA and other online spy agencies start a crackdown on the VPN services.

Anyway coming back to the log policy of SecureVPN, it does NOT store your online activities in its data bases. It hides your online identity and encrypts your traffic data and reroutes it through different servers to make sure that even it is not aware of the activities that you are performing on the internet.

SecureVPN Pro P2P Support and VoIP Applications Review

It is an ideal VPN for those who are afraid of being caught for illegal downloading of Bit torrents and P2P file sharing. Apart from making you anonymous over the internet, it also makes sure you do not get caught for copyrights infringement while downloading torrents using its torrent-supported servers.

Having personally tested it on various VoIP applications, we can vouch for the excellent services it provides to VoIP users. From the voice clarity to quality video-calling, it is nothing less than a blessing for those who seek consistent and stable VPN connections for their important business meetings and casual video-calls.

If you want to stream Live TV channels on Kodi, then you would be happy to know that SecureVPN works best for all.

If you want a better VPN that streams videos without buffering, then you must refer to my guide the best VPN for Kodi

SecureVPN Pro Compatibility Review

According to our SecureVPN review, the service is compatible with all the major platforms to another level. You can download and install relevant apps on your devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux too.

Furthermore, the installation process is straightforward and does not take much of your time. Once you have installed the app on your devices, you are just a single click away to secure your online activities from anywhere.

SecureVPN Pro Customer Support Review

Our SecureVPN Pro review discloses that the service is proactively catering its users’ queries. This is because you can get the solution of all your troubleshooting errors through “Contact Us” page. Furthermore, you can use its 24/7 365 days feature to solve your issues in a timely manner.

Likewise, you can send your queries through email in order to receive solutions of all your problems in detail. This is how you can solve your issues related to SecureVPN Pro installation or troubleshooting instantly.


SecureVPN Free Trial Review

Our SecureVPN Pro review reveals that you can avail the free trial feature on your desired devices straightaway. After sending an email to customer support, you can download configuration files on your devices to experience three hours free trial feature.

SecureVPN Pro Money Back Guarantee/ Refund Policy Review

According to our SecureVPN Pro review, the service clearly describes its refund policy on its website. Hence, you can avail money back guarantee within seven days after making a payment. You can claim your refund by sending an email to feedback page of the provider.


SecureVPN Pro Reddit Review

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms that allow you to get all the latest information about different VPN services straightaway. Moreover, you can unblock Netflix US media content library on your MacBook Pro devices through SecureVPN Pro.

However, different Reddit followers still prefer to use a Reddit VPN than SecureVPN Pro.

SecureVPN Pro Privacy Policy Review

Our SecureVPN Pro unveils that the service offers a clear-cut privacy policy to its users on its website. As a result, you can obtain information about users’ data collection procedure in detail. Moreover, you can get awareness about changing your personal information anytime from anywhere.


Alternatives to SecureVPN.Pro

There are more than a few VPN services that have better features than SecureVPN.Pro. Check out their reviews below:

Wrapping Up

Having tested different features of SecureVPN, we can easily conclude that it has a bright future in the VPN industry. From providing basic features like solid encryption to P2P file sharing, it has all the elements that make a VPN service successful. The tests were conducted on different protocols and the results were nothing less than outstanding to say the least.

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