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Saturn VPN
Saturn VPN
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Saturn VPN is one of the many VPN services available in the market today. The VPN does not offer an application of its own, however, with OpenVPN protocolCisco AnyConnect VPN client for Windows 10, users can use the service with ease. It also offers Kerio as an option to operate the service.


VPN Jurisdiction

Based in Houston, Texas, the company was initiated in 2013 by four individuals and has recently got another partner on board. A very low subscription fee is charged, owing to the fact that the company only has servers in only 6 locations.

But with the service being in the US, it beckons to think about the consequences of choosin




The pricing plan of the company makes it one of the cheapest VPN service available in the market today. However, keeping in mind that it does not have a stand-alone application of its own justifies the price.

Having a one click stand-alone client app such as that of PureVPN, NordVPN or ExpressVPN does make a lot of difference for an easy and seamless user experience.

Client software

The company claims that the service can be used via Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Windows 10, along with OpenVPN and Kerio. During our review, I only found OpenVPN to be the most feasible and workable option.

As obvious from the size of the company, we know it cannot be compared with the industry giants such as NordVPN or PureVPN. However, I ran several tests for the SaturnVPN review to analyze the potential of the service.

Number of servers

Due to the lack of information on the official website, it is not possible to find the exact number of servers that the company owns.

However, for each of the protocols that it supports, the company has servers in different countries:

PPTP: USA, UK, Poland, France, Germany

L2TP: USA, UK, Canada, Poland, France, Germany

Kerio VPN: USA, UK, Germany

Cisco AnyConnect: USA, UK

OpenVPN: Canada, UK, Germany

During our review we found unlimited server switching is one factor that we found to be a plus point but this feature is not exclusive to SaturnVPN only therefore, it does not make for a unique offering.

We tried our hands on UK server initially.


The server connected swiftly, masking our IP address successfully.

IP Leak test

To conduct IP Leak test, I used The test was conducted more than once to assure there were no leaks at any time.

SaturnVPN proved to be successful as can be seen in the image below, which is crucial factor when choosing a VPN service.


Connection error


While IP leak test checks out, there was a problem in establishing a VPN connection. When trying to connect to US2 server, I faced certificate verification error. Furthermore, I tried other servers as well which resulted in the same error.

Therefore, I contacted the support team to resolve the issue.

Chat support

As I communicated with the support team, they provided the information to successfully connect to the desired location. On a side note, the chat support of SaturnVPN is one thing that impressed me as it is available 24/7, and responds to queries instantly.

As can be seen, the response was quick. Out of the 6 server locations, the support recommended us to use either UK, US or US2 naturally cutting down our choices to half.

Security and Privacy Policy

SaturnVPN offers PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN protocol. Unfortunately, or to say due to lack of proper information, I was unable to find out the level of encryption the company offers. The industry norm in this age is 256-bit encryption but in Saturn’s case you just do not know!

As for the Privacy policy statement mentioned on the website, the company states, “We do not and will not monitor user sessions for inappropriate behavior, unless compelled to by law enforcement with proper documentation and paperwork”

However, being under the American jurisdiction, this is a big NO for privacy and security seekers who do not want any kind of monitoring and logging of their information.

As for P2P connections, only USA and UK are not allowed but you can use its German server for torrenting.

Platforms Available

SaturnVPN can be used on all operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and Android. However, again owing to the fact that it does not have a client software, you will have to set it up manually.

Speed Test

We conducted speed test using while connected to the UK server and below are the results with and without SaturnVPN.

Without SaturnVPN.

With SaturnVPN


As can be deduced by the results, upload speed went down to 2.4 Mbps from 3.8Mbps which is an alarming drop of around 60%.

What is more shocking is the immense fall in upload speed from 15Mbps to a mere 298kbps.

Does it Work on Kodi?

Yes, absolutely it works on Kodi.

If you’re on Windows, just install its Windows client and start using Kodi.

There’s no additional thing to do for streaming.

Unless you need to shift to another VPN while using Kodi, refer to my guide top VPN for Kodi.


Alternatives to SaturnVPN

If you are not interested in SaturnVPN, so don’t worry. Here is the list of other VPN services you may select that includes:

Our experience and Verdict

As per our review, there were issues relating to connectivity, furthermore the service disappointed us the most with its fall in speed and performance.

I would rate SaturnVPN hardly 2/5 due to its limited functionality, jerky user experience and lack of information on the official website regarding the privacy logs and the encryption level.

However, at such a low price, you can give the service a try as there were no IP leaks and the servers that did connect eventually.

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