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OVPN Review 2019 – A Proficient VPN Registered in Sweden

Overall Rating

Best For

  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • KodiKodi
  • Hide IP


  • Torrenting
  • KodiKodi
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
$7.00 Per Month

What is OVPN?

OVPN is an impressive online privacy service that operates mainly from Sweden. The service offers a list of amazing benefits to the users like multi–login, clear-cut privacy and logging policy. Moreover, the service is striving hard to become one of the most influential players in the VPN industry.

The service has presence in seven major countries of the world through 59 servers that will increase in near future. Read my detailed OVPN review to know about the service’s hidden attributes.

As in all of my top VPN reviews, I will evaluate OVPN as per certain standards.

OVPN Review – Pros and Cons

The provider offers FAQs and Guides sub-sections to provide awareness to the subscribers.

  • The service exclusively provides its browser extension
  • The service secures the users from issues like WebRTC leaks
  • The provider offers mulithop add-on that routes the users traffic with two data centers
  • The service does not have huge servers network worldwide
  • The provider has inactive live chat feature in its customer support function

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OVPN: What makes it Standout?

While evaluating a VPN, a thing that interested me the most was how this service differentiates itself. In this OVPN review, I found the provider’s emphasis on security to be the distinguishing factor.

What caught my attention was that OVPN offers insurance that covers legal fees. The provider has committed to secure the online privacy of its users. Therefore, the service has protected the right of the users by attaining insurance policy. This is how the service may fight against any legal trouble on user’s behalf.

Moreover, while researching OVPN, I learned that the service prioritizes the physical and software security of their servers. This is a welcome news as many VPN provider have had their security compromised in the past.

Hence, to sum up, OVPN’s takes user privacy seriously and it shows in their procedure. This is something that makes this service stand out.

OVPN Pricing: A bit on the Higher Side

The provider offers three types of pricing plans to the users. These plans include monthly, quarterly and yearly that you can avail at the cost of $10.99, $8.33, and $7.00 respectively. It means you can save 24% on quarterly and 36% on yearly pricing plans.

In this OVPN review, I conclude that the service is a bit expensive when compared with some other providers. Regardless, I hope OVPN rethinks its pricing strategy as the service grows in future.


OVPN Payment Methods: Anonymous Options

I am impressed that the service has added BitCoin that follows the notion of anonymous payment. Therefore, this OVPN review concludes that the provider is provides diverse payment methods.

The users may pay their dues from anywhere in a securely manner. Here is the list of online payment options that includes:

  • BitCoin
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash

Interestingly, OVPN encourages its users to pay their dues by means of cash. The users can send the payment on the provider’s address through sealed envelope that should include a note mentioning the username. Hence, you are able to make your payments anonymously.

In addition, the users must know that they have to pay the subscription fee of OVPN in advance. Otherwise, they will not be able to use the service accordingly.


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OVPN Servers: Limited but Sufficient

I would like to see more servers in the list of current servers’ network of the user by my next update. Still, the numbers are not bad at all.

The service offers 2943 anonymous IP addresses feature along with 59 servers in seven countries. These countries include Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA, Norway, and Netherlands.


OVPN Customer Support:

My OVPN analysis unveils that the service has an efficient customer support mechanism. The provider offers various contact options to the users by giving them instant message option as mentioned below.

In addition, the users may get awareness about the product through different subsections like Guides and FAQs. Likewise, you can use the Contact Us subsection to get the answers of all your questions in a timely manner.

The users may contact the concerned department of the service through support@ovpn.com anytime. However, we would like to see other benefits such as Knowledgebase by our next evaluation of the service.


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OVPN Compatibility: All Major Platforms Supported

In this review, I discovered that the provider offers impressive compatibility feature to the users. The subscribers may use setup guides and FAQs subsections to install the OVPN software and apps on their devices hassle-free. Here is the list of operating systems and devices OVPN supports:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Routers
  • Raspberry Pi
  • pfSense


OVPN P2P/Torrenting: Safe Downloading

Torrenting and other P2P functions open your connection to variety of threats. However, a good VPN can mitigate these threads by encrypting your data and masking your IP.

This VPN supports the notion of torrenting and motivates the users to opt P2P activities. I was happy to learn this in my OVPN review. The users may connect the servers other than USA and Canada to perform the task of torrenting anonymously from anywhere.

Protocols and Encryption: Foolproof Security

My OVPN review highlights that the service offers 256-bit military grade encryption to the users instantly. Furthermore, the service provides a compelling list of tunneling protocols that includes OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and IPsec protocols.

Therefore, the users may opt their preferred tunneling protocols along with desired level of encryption to protect their online activities. Moreover, they can explore guides that provide installation tutorials and setup information that make the whole process lot easier for the users.

Logging Policy: Zero Data Retention

The service follows no-logging policy in true letter and spirit. During my review, I was impressed to note that the users may experience true online anonymity and security hassle-free. Furthermore, the service does not sell the users information to third party marketers and other personnel.

However, the users need to enter their email addresses and passwords. The users may prefer not to mention their email addresses, as there is no obligation of valid email provision. Likewise, you can get awareness about VPN that does not keep logs through our detailed guide.


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Privacy Policy: The Grey Areas

The service records the personal information of the users that includes email addresses and passwords only. My OVPN review discloses that the provider has mentioned its privacy policy in detail. Therefore, the users must go through the privacy policy to get the information about the terms and conditions before signing up the service.

Furthermore, the service does not allow the users to opt the service for performing illegal activities. If the users avail the service for the aforementioned purpose, the provider may terminate the users’ accounts anytime without giving them any reason.

Likewise, OVPN enables the subscribers to use the service on four different devices simultaneously. The users may request the provider if they want to remove their information by sending email to the customer department.

No Free Trial

Unfortunately, the users cannot avail the free trial benefit. In addition, they will have to subscribe first in order to experience the service’ pros and cons in detail. You can contemplate about going through our exclusive guide on best free VPN.

However, the users should not lose all their hopes because we expect the service will add the much-needed feature in future. This initiative will also improve the current customer base of the provider to another level.

OVPN Refund Policy/Money Back Guarantee

My OVPN review explores that the service offers 10 days money back guarantee feature. According to this benefit, the new users may avail ten days money back guarantee feature. However, the users will have to follow Swedish law to claim their refunds.

The users need to contact the customer support of the service through live chat or email within ten (10) days. If you have made a payment with BitCoin, your payment will be refunded anonymously. If you have paid the subscription fee through cash, you should visit the physical location of the service.


OVPN for Kodi

Kodi is a one-stop solution when it comes to watching your desired movies, TV shows and other stuff instantly. Our OVPN review discloses that the service is compatible with a famous multi-media server like Kodi and provides latest media content to the users.

Fortunately, the OVPN subscribers can fulfill their streaming desires by installing OVPN on Kodi accordingly. However, not all the things are appropriate with Kodi. This is because you may find yourself in the hot water of legal troubles if you stream content through third party add-ons on Kodi. Therefore, you should connect to Kodi VPN to secure your online privacy.

OVPN Social Media Review

According to our OVPN review, the provider has an impressive presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By doing so, the users are able to obtain the solutions of all their problems from the representatives of OVPN in a timely way.


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Alternatives to OVPN:

If you are not impressed with the features provided by OVPN, you can check out some of the reviews below:

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3. Goose VPN Review

OVPN Review Reddit

Reddit has become one of the most influential interactive platforms that offer valuable information regarding different aspects instantly. Furthermore, the users those who want to improve their online privacy can get awareness about different issues pertaining to privacy and VPN usage straightaway.

On reddit, I found a comprehensive OVPN review that summed up its strengths and drawbacks.


In addition, many users prefer OVPN due to its location.


Wrapping Up

My OVPN review establishes that the provider offers some impressive features to the subscribers. However, the provider needs to enhance its grey areas like limited number of servers for the users. Moreover, OVPN should add some extra features to take on the top dogs of the VPN industry.

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