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OverPlay Review 2019 – A VPN for the Ultimate Streaming Experience

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Best For

  • Streaming
  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • HuluHulu


  • Torrenting
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  • NetflixNetflix
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$4.95 Per Month

Introduction and Significance of a VPN

We live in an era where we face privacy and security-related concerns on daily basis. We know that every move we make on the internet can be watched, recorded and analyzed.

Fortunately, we have VPNs to secure our digital privacy and protect us from government and private surveillance. But as it happens, VPNs differ from one another with regards to their safety and security features.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNOverPlay
Servers2000+ in 140 countries650+ servers in 50+ countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Android, Linux & Mac
JurisdictionHong KongUK
Logging PolicyZero LogDoes not keep logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsFAQs and Setup Guides
Trustpilot Score9.56.8


Keeping the focus on bringing the VPN reviews to the readers, I have conducted OverPlay after exhaustive testing.

OverPlay Review – A Service for Your Streaming Needs

Today, we will review Overplay VPN which can be considered a competent software to defend our online privacy. Our OverPlay review will inform you in details about the strengths and shortcomings of this UK-based service.


To start, it is well established that OverPlay is one of the top VPNs around. This is mostly due to its SmartDNS feature that allows you to access geo-restricted content. However, OverPlay’s proficiencies do not end here, there is much more to this service than a single unblocking feature.

  • Fasts and reliable connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • P2P optimization
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • JetSwitch technology
  • Does not offer free trial
  • UK-Based service
  • Bit expensive

Overplay VPN’s Packages and Pricing


Packages offered by a VPN service provider can significantly influence users’ decision to buy or not to buy the service. Furthermore, users often seek easy-on-the-wallet VPNs; especially, first-time users. Hence, in this section of the Overplay review, we will examine the packages and the pricing strategy of this service.

Many VPN service providers offer a diverse range of similar package plans. This often confuses the user as he just can’t figure out a package that will be the right choice for him. However, Overplay VPN review highlights that this service likes to keep things simple.

There are only two packages offered by Overplay VPN: SmartDNS and SmartDNS+VPN.

Overplay VPN offers SmartDNS for those who seek a tool to bypass geo-restrictions and cope with censorship concerns. Likewise, they offer SmartDNS+VPN for individuals who seek a tool that can safeguard their privacy while letting them bypass geo-restrictions.

SmartDNS will cost you $4.95 for a month’s subscription and $49.95 if you buy an annual plan. Whereas, SmartDNS+VPN package is priced $9.95 for a month’s service and costs an aggregate $99.95 for a year’s plan.

Get OverPlay SmartDNS+VPN

Server Locations


Availability of servers is a significant factor to consider before buying a VPN service. One of the core reasons to use a VPN is to beat geo-restrictions. Hence, number of servers and their availability really matters.

In addition, a VPN promotes online freedom and liberty. Therefore, a VPN must offer diverse choices when it comes to server locations.
Overplay VPN review reveals that this offers diversified choice in this regard. Overplay VPN has geographically dispersed servers in 70 locations across 50+ countries. Overall, it offers 650+ SmartDNS and VPN servers.

The 50+ countries from which OverPlay provides its servers includes; United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, Turkey and so on. This allows users to breakthrough all geo-restrictions with ease.

OverPlay Feature Review

As this OverPlay review has previously stated, this service has designed two distinct packages for its users. The SmartDNS package ensures unrestricted internet access while SmartDNS+VPN package adds encryption to the mix.

Following features are provided exclusively by the SmartDNS+VPN package:

  • 650 servers from 50+ countries
  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP Protocols
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • Custom OverPlay App

While the following features are provided by both of the packages.

  • No logs
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Unrestricted access to websites such as Netflix, Hulu and Sky Go
  • 5 days refund window

Protocols and Encryption

In this section of the Overplay review, we will discuss the protocols and encryption offered by this particular service. Overplay VPN supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN to create a secure network that tunnels your data. Furthermore, encryption supported by Overplay VPN ranges from 128bit to 256bit encryption. With up to 256bit encryption, Overplay VPN assures data security as all the information passing through the network tunnel would be like a coded message.

This minimizes the probability of security infiltration. Despite of the unbeatable security provided by Overplay VPN, if a hacker successfully penetrates into the protected network, he will be slapped with nothing but encrypted data. This is good news for all those who refrain from accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots as they worry about their data security.

OverPlay Compatibility Review


Device compatibility is something that enables Overplay VPN to stand tall in front of other VPN service providers. There is no use of a VPN that is compatible with a few devices only. If you seek security, seek it to the maximum level; otherwise, there’s no point of securing your laptop with a VPN when your Smartphone is still vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Overplay review discovered that this VPN service is compatible with different devices and platforms. As prescribed on official website, Overplay VPN runs smoothly on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android,

The service is also compatible with BoxeeBox, AppleTV, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, DD-WRT Routers, and DrayTek Routers.

For streaming lovers, Overplay VPN provides access to services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and Sky Go. We tested Overplay for Netflix ourselves and results were pleasantly surprising.

In addition, Overplay VPN doesn’t forget gamers as it offers an optimal security tool for their gaming gadgets such as PlayStation and Xbox.

However, you cannot use Overplay with Kodi. For that reason, you will have to learn how to install VPN on Kodi first.

By doing so, you can continue streaming your desired content from anywhere securely.

Customer Support

Customer support is another element of the service you need to look for. In the services sector, buyer-seller relationship doesn’t end with the transaction of the product.

After-sales service ensures that customer remains satisfied after purchase. When user is dealing with a sophisticated tool like VPN, customer and tech support become prerequisites for excellent service.

We were disappointed to learn in this OverPlay review that the service does not offer live chat support. Instead, you have to submit them a query through the email.

We mailed a standard query to OverPlay’s support team and received a reply within in minutes. This is impressive as it takes much longer for many other VPN service to reply similar queries.

Other than this, the support section of OverPlay’s website consists of announcements, FAQs and guides to help you set up the service on your device.

Unfortunately, there is not much activity on this section as the latest content was updated five months earlier. Regardless, we would categorize OverPlay’s customer service as somewhat efficient.

Payment Methods


You get different payment methods with OverPlay VPN. However, this OverPlay examines that the choice of payment modes offered here is less than other competitors. Overplay VPN only accepts payments through Credit/Debit Card and PayPal.

There are other VPN service providers that offer huge diversity in payment methods; in addition, the transaction process is a piece of cake. These service providers can outrun Overplay VPN by exploiting its lack of diversity in payment methods and a hectic transaction process.

However, it can be seen that the service provider’s payment process is more improved than before. At first, OverPlay used to accept payments through Authorize.net only but now they’re accepting payments though PayPal along with all leading credit and debit cards. So, it can be presumed that more payment methods shall be offered in future.

Get OverPlay SmartDNS+VPN

Software and Tutorials Provided


This overplay review can conclude that device compatibility is one of significant key success factors of this service. Overplay VPN supports different devices and platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, PS3 and Xbox etc. In order to boost connectivity and enhance user experience, Overplay VPN offers FREE software for each supported device.

The software enables users to connect Overplay VPN in the blink of an eye. However, the software doesn’t support all operating systems and platforms. Overplay VPN needs to be manually configured on some devices: Don’t panic, it is an easy process. Overplay VPN provides detailed and informative tutorials along with visual guides that will help you complete the configuration process in no time.

Speed Test

In order to examine the performance of this VPN service, we use speed test in this OverPlay review. As per the standards adopted, performance of a VPN is judged on the basis of its effect on ping, download speed and upload speed.

We all know that a VPN significantly influences actual Internet speed. However, those concerned about their privacy and security don’t mind to compromise on their Internet speed in exchange of anonymity.

Before Connecting Overplay VPN

The snapshot given below refers to the actual Internet speed before connecting Overplay VPN. The ping before connecting Overplay VPN was 60ms, download speed was 51.42Mbps and upload speed was 4.32Mbps.


After Connecting Overplay VPN

The snapshot given below refers to Internet speed after connecting Overplay VPN. Performance of Overplay VPN can be clearly interpreted from the results obtained from speed test. It can be observed that the OverPlay download speed is 13.91 Mbps which is only 20% of the normal speed.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to use a VPN, you will have to go for this ultimate sacrifice; because, a VPN affects your Internet speed.


The impact of Overplay VPN on upload speed was minimal. Upload speed before connecting Overplay VPN was 4.32Mbps which dropped to 4.13Mbps after connecting VPN (only 5% of actual upload speed compromised). It is good news for those who love to share and upload.

Nevertheless, I have got great news for gamers. This Overplay review uncovered that this service can be you savior if you face latency-related issues. After connecting Overplay VPN, ping significantly dropped from 60ms to 23ms (approximately 60% improvement). Hence, Overplay VPN is the right choice for you if you are obsessed with MMORPGs and online gaming.


While we tested the servers of the service for this OverPlay review, the connections rarely dropped. Also, we connected to different servers and switched between them without much difficulty. This shows that OverPlay’s servers are efficient and also reliable.

Setup Process

The following steps will guide you to manually setup Overplay VPN on Windows 7. This process almost the same for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

The steps prescribed refer to configuration of Overplay VPN using Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol.

Step 1

First click on “Start” button and access “Control Panel”. The Windows 10 users can search for the Control Panel in the bar next to the Windows button.


Step 2

A new window will pop up. Look for “Network and Internet” option and click on it.

Step 3

Now click on “Network and Sharing Center” to proceed further.



Step 4

Click on “Set up a New Connection or Network”.


Step 5

A new window will open. Select “Connect to a Workplace” and click “Next”.


Step 6

Now select “Use My Internet Connection (VPN)” and wait for a new window to pop.


Step 7

Enter “Internet Address” and “Destination Name” and click “Next”.


Step 8

Now enter your “Username” and “Password” registered with Overplay VPN. Simply click “Connect”.


Step 9

Wait for the connection to verify the details you provided and you’re done. Enjoy Overplay VPN.


Get OverPlay SmartDNS+VPN

OverPlay Smart DNS Review

Overplay is a Smart DNS VPN service. This means that this service allows you to access over 200 streaming sites from anywhere in the world. This VPN service works with all the major platforms including PCs, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Gaming Phones and Smart TVs.

OverPlay Smart DNS comes with a JetSwitch technology that provides you access to streaming services from all over the world. In addition, this service does not encrypt your server which means your connection speed remains the same.

Our SmartDNS review of Overplay can conclude that this service is extremely efficient.

Cancellation Policy

This OverPlay review discovered that the service has a very restrict Acceptable Use Policy. This policy states:

  • OverPlay does sell its services in countries where VPNs are banned. It services can also not be attained in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • The VPN service does not allow customers to use its software for criminal activity.
  • The service is not allowed to be used for accessing explicit material containing children.
  • Account sharing, VPN chaining or access from dedicated servers without prior consent is forbidden.
  • Users are not allowed to use P2P for sharing pirated material.
  • Hacking, cracking and spreading viruses through the service is prohibited.

If users are found violating the above mentioned rules, Overplay has the right to terminate their accounts.

Log and Privacy Policy

This OverPlay review would have been incomplete without a thorough analysis of the company’s data practices. Hence, we browsed through OverPlay’s website to look up their official privacy policy.

OverPlay’s website has a standard privacy policy which states:

  • The company does not log the online activity of the users.
  • OverPlay does not share the personal information of the users with third parties under any circumstances.
  • The information they have is only the email address of the customers along with their payment details.

Free Trial

While exploring Overplay VPN’s site, we could not find a FREE trial or even a money back guarantee option. Therefore, we enquired OverPlay’s support team for information in this regard.

Apparently, Overplay VPN doesn’t offer FREE trial; instead, they offer 5 days money back guarantee. You can’t even access the OverPlay login button on their website without first paying for the service.

Due to the absence of a free trial, there is no way of testing this service before paying for it first. In our OverPlay review, we found this fact to be extremely disappointing.

In addition, even the 5 day refund policy may prove to be insufficient for many users. This is because, in our experience, you need at least a week to determine if a VPN service matches your expectation or not.

OverPlay Alternatives

OverPlay has all the features you need for a private internet connection. But in case you are looking for something more, you can check the reviews below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OverPlay?

OverPlay provides VPN and Smart DNS solutions to the internet users. Through this service, you can enjoy unlimited access to geo-restricted content and also surf the web anonymously.

This service provides two unique packages which are designed in accordance with different usage needs of the customers. In addition to this, OverPlay review learned that you get 650+ servers on this service.

What is the cost of OverPlay?

As previously mentioned in this OverPlay review, this service cost of OverPlay depends on the nature of your usage.

SmartDNS package costs $4.95 a month but you can reduce it to $4.19 per month by purchasing an annual subscription.

SmartDNS+VPN package starts at 9.95 per month but can be reduced to $8.32 per month through an annual plan.

What is a DNS Server?

The function of a DNS server is to match a domain to their respective IP addresses. Whenever we type a domain name into a browser, our device contact our DNS server. After this it enquire about the IP address associated with out domain name. Upon receiving the IP address, our device retrieves the domain that we have requested.

What is JetSwitch?

This OverPlay review found JetSwitch to be one of kind technology. That’s because through JetSwitch, you can stream content simultaneously stream content from all over the world. All this is done through Turbo’s DNS infrastructure.

Final Verdict

Overplay is one of the major players trading in the VPN industry. Overplay VPN has smartly categorized its potential target market and offered packages accordingly.

The SmartDNS package plan of OverPlay targets those who use VPN for unblocking websites and streaming. While SmartDNS+VPN package plan targets those who are also concerned about privacy and security.

Moreover, as this OverPlay review highlights, this VPN service provides 650+ severs and can be acquired for a reasonable price.

This means you can access geo-restricted content from OverPlay without having to fret about your monthly budget.

However, a lack of free trial, no diversity in payment methods and a 5 days money back guarantee are the biggest turnoffs.

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