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My Expat Network Review 2020

My Expat Network (MEN), a Hong Kong based VPN service that looks like a streaming tool to unblock media content more than a VPN provider.

During My Expat Network Review, I would analyze its other features like refund policy, compatibility, logging policies, and others thoroughly.

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  • Does have 120+ servers worldwide
  • Provides impressive compatibility benefit
  • Has an efficient multi-login feature
  • Has internet kill switch and DNS leak protection advantage
  • Unblocks various channels and services including Netflix
  • Offers limited torrenting support
  • Keep some logs


As per this Expat VPN analysis, the provider hails from Hong Kong. However, you will not find such information on its official site.

For that reason, I had to contact its customer support through to get the right answer.

This is a big plus for the brand considering the fact that it does not belong to any five eyes, nine eyes and fourteen eyes countries.

Logging Policy

Surprisingly, I found its logging policy bit worrisome as it logs high amount of users’ data.

They have applied different record keeping tools like Cookies, Google Analytics, and Hotjar on their site.

This way, they can improve the performance of their site. Likewise, they use such information for marketing purpose as well.

However, the service should not store as much data because it somehow influences users’ privacy negatively.

Therefore, you have an every right to discover logging policies of other VPNs.


Servers Offered

As far as its server network goes, Expat Network (MEN) only offers 120 servers worldwide. The provider has to put in hard yards if it has to make a mark in the VPN industry.

Currently, the competitors such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and PureVPN offer servers in huge numbers.

Moreover, it does not specify which servers are physicals and virtual.

At times, it becomes next to impossible for any VPN service to have an existence in every country of the world physically.

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Obfuscated Servers

If you have studied my expat network reviews online before, you would realize that the service typically focuses on offering next level streaming feature to its users.

This is the reason they have not provided any information about obfuscated servers on their website.

In case you live in an oppressive country like China, Russia and others, the role of obfuscation comes in handy.

This is because you can bypass VPN blocks hassles after using obfuscation feature in different countries stress-free.


What makes My Expat Network different from other VPN services is its pricing factor.

The brand does offer device-based pricing feature that allows you to secure your preferred devices instantly.

If you wish to protect your PC, Mac, and Router from various online threats, you can subscribe to its package after paying $3.50 on monthly basis.

Similarly, if you want to secure your tablet or mobile device online, you will need to pay $3.50 per month again.

To avail multi-login benefit, you should subscribe to its All Devices package that you can avail at the cost of $6.00 each month.

Hence, you are able to safeguard your five (5) different devices simultaneously.


Payment Methods

On payment methods front, the service has not added so many options. You can only use two modes of payments that include PayPal and Credit Card.

The brand has not included any anonymous payment method like BitCoin and so on.

On a serious note, My Expat Network will have to add other anonymous methods to catchup with the demands of online privacy seekers.


Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

My expat network review unveils that you can claim for the refund within 30 days after subscribing to the service.

If you apply for the refund after the stipulated period, chances are that you will not get the refund.


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My Expat Network can be considered as a VPN with multiple connections. According to this review, the VPN is compatible with all the leading platforms. These are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and browser extensions.

It is compatible with routers and Amazon Firestick too.


However, you have options galore when you want to protect your desired mobile devices.

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My Expat Network in Terms of Privacy

Although the main focus of my expat is on unblocking media content. That said it offers impressive tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2.

Interestingly, OpenVPN protocol uses 256-bit military grade encryption by default.

Likewise, myexpatnetwork also provides internet kill switch and DNS leak security advantages to its users.


To be honest, my expat TV has not done anything significant that could show its intentions towards transparency.

This is the reason I cannot place the service in the list of most transparent VPNs as different VPNs have worked so hard in the niche of privacy recently.

Does My Expat Network Support Torrenting?

At present, my expat network supports torrenting activities of its users on Netherlands servers only.

Therefore, you are bound to use other torrent VPNs that offer dedicated torrenting servers in different countries of the world.

Netflix Unblocking

Luckily, you may opt the service to unblock your desired US Netflix media library upfront. However, limited number of servers may not allow you to use my expat VPN for the said purpose quite easily.

Hence, you should look into other VPNs that unblock US Netflix and offer servers in amazing numbers.

Other Streaming Services

To my surprise, My Expat network unblocks other streaming channels like BBC, iTV, Rai TV, and others.

However, you may anticipate hassles while using the brand on Kodi.

Therefore, you may use best Kodi VPN addon service to watch your favorite media content securely from anywhere.


Interestingly, you can secure your five devices with a single expat network account.

However, other multiple devices VPNs have excelled their performance when it comes to offering simultaneous connection feature to their users.

Customer Support

Customer support is one area that has surpassed my expectations to certain degree.

Despite the lack of live chat feature, the service delivers an excellent free installation service you can use if you anticipate issue while installing the provider on your preferred operating system.

Moreover, you can read its blog to get latest updates about relevant topics straightaway. You are free to go through its other sections like FAQs and installation guides to solve all your queries timely.

In the last but not the least, you can follow them on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter too.

Alternatives to My Expat Network

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Final Verdict

I am concluding my Expat Network review on a relatively good note here.

Still, the provider has to work exceptionally on some areas to become competitive with other VPNs in near future.

My expat network does not offer a free trial advantage to its users. Furthermore, the service is streaming centric to say the least.

This is the reason you will not find so many privacy benefits under its umbrella.

Overall, the brand has achieved an average 2.5/5.0 rating based on its different pros and cons.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the review or my expat network in the comments section below.

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