MoreVPN Review 2019 – Does this VPN worth its Salt?

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Ever since internet has become easily accessible and most part of our life has gone digital. Securing one’s self from hackers, data snoopers and all types of cyber threats is not an easy task. We will scrutinize this service in MoreVPN review to offer you information that has never been unearthed to you.

Either you put up or shut up, you’ll always need impeccable protection mechanism in place to guard you from getting contacted with hackers, malware and online fraudsters. That’s why, we evaluate best VPN services so that you could get acquainted with VPN services having long and reliable history of saving netizens from threats.

So, get ready to overstep the horizons of mediocrity and put halt on hackers and all evil forces which can make you vulnerable to cyber exploitation. Go through this review and educate yourself with gems of technological information for maximum protection and high-end security.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNMoreVPN
Servers2000+ in 140 countriesUnknown
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, and iOS
JurisdictionHong KongMalaysia
Logging PolicyZero LogKeep some logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsEmails, FAQ, and Contact Us
Trustpilot Score9.5


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  • Dedicated IP VPNs for All Locations
  • Affordable
  • No Live Chat Support
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • No Discount Offers
  • Outdated Website Interface

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What is MoreVPN?


MoreVPN is the VPN service formed by Malaysian developers in 2009. Though, it offers dedicated and shared IP VPNs but still this service should be revamped so that an average user can trust this service in first sight.

For example, its website user interface is totally stereotypical and outdated which can repel a potential client from trusting this service. Without any doubt, the demand of VPNs has escalated in past few years due to sudden data breaches and identity thefts.

So, it is most urgent need for this service provider is to rework on the website and take immediate action in order to fix this technical glitch.

In this MoreVPN review, I went through this service from scratchand diagnosed each aspect of it. I came to understand that it simply takes security needs of each user by allocating separate VPN for a location by charging you money against each purchase.

Well, you can’t reach support staff directly as they don’t have customer support representatives and don’t expect to get back your money because MoreVPN doesn’t offer money back guarantee.

So, keep reading this review of MoreVPN and it will unfold pitfalls and capabilities of VPN whose mission is to keep you protected while you’re surfing internet.

Unique Selling Proposition

MoreVPN is an appropriate VPN provider for customers that wants to use Dedicated IP VPN for creation of accounts for specific websites.  For example, if you want to buy something from eBay, but, unfortunately you can’t make order due to restrictions, then take this VPN onboard and you will be free to make online purchases without any restriction and hindrance.

Moreover, you will get fresh dedicated IP VPN of different countries and states in United States of America. With fresh, it means that this VPN service never reuses IPs and enables netizens to break the shackles of geo-blocking.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are quite affordable but way different as compared to other VPNs e.g. ExpressVPN. Unlike other virtual network service providers, it doesn’t offer monthly, yearly or 2 yearly plans. All you need to do is just buy a VPN account.

There are two types of VPN IPs which you can get from this VPN provider. 1- Shared VPNs and 2- Dedicated IP VPNs. Below are is the payment plan of Worldwide Shared IP VPN.

  • If you will buy Multi-Shared VPNs, then you’ll have to pay $12.00 a month.
  • For 2 US VPNs, you will need to pay $8.00
  • For 2 UK VPNs, a client has to make payment of $8.00
  • For 1 Germany Shared VPN, Spain Shared VPN, France Shared VPN, Netherlands and Singapore Shared VPN, client would have to pay $8.00

Dedicated IP VPNs are expensive but when it comes to benefits and features, they outdo shared ones. Following are the pricing plans and related information of some Dedicated IP VPNs out of hundreds of with respective advantages:

1- US Dedicated IP VPN costs $15/mth with unlimited IP locations in US and its bandwidth is 500 gb per month.

2- UAE Dedicated IP VPN costs $40/mth with 500 GB per month for any IP Location in U.A.E

3- A user gets two different IP VPNs account for locations of New Zealand with different packages without any restriction of IP location-1) $25 with 20 GB/mth and 2) $35 with 1000 GB/mth

4- For Norway Dedicated IP VPN, you will have to pay $25 each month where you can 500 GB per month.

5- Just pay $25 every month for South Africa Dedicated IP VPN and enjoy 500 GB each month.

6- Likewise, Brazil Dedicated IP VPN costs $35 each month and bandwidth which it provides is 500 GB per month and you can choose any location in Brazil.

Payment Methods

This MoreVPN review reveals that you can make payments for its subscription easily with variety using following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Discovery
  • Bitcoin

So, when it comes to making payments, it won’t be hard nut to crack process for you at all. You are fully free to choose payment modes which suits you and within few minutes you will have purchased this VPN for maximum protection and complete anonymity.

An important thing you and everybody should keep in mind that this is the process which allows you to make manual payments online.

So that it could be hassle-free for you to try your hands on this VPN service provider. So, make sure you must be using verified PayPal account because all of the setup instructions would be email to your PayPal account.

Well, following is the screen which get shown when you’re about to pay the required amount. Look at carefully at it as it is also making it easier for you to pay your amount in bitcoin as well.


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MoreVPN doesn’t share numbers of servers which it has world. In fact, I communicated to the customer support staff via email in order to collect information about the availability of the servers worldwide. But, customer support staff was reluctant to share any information regarding servers availability and ended up message by saying ‘We don’t want share server information with outsiders’.

Well, you don’t you overthink regarding servers availability or would it be able to unblock geo-restrictions. Just tell about your location to the MoreVPN and you will get VPN easily.

From Australia to Georgia and Africa to America, it offers plethora of Dedicated IP VPNs for customers. Now, nothing can hinder you from anonymizing yourself to avert potential threats and breaking geo-restrictions.

Protocol & Encryptions

MoreVPN contains PPTP & L2TP/ IPsec as primary encryption tools which shows that your online life isn’t going to be tracked and manipulated. In fact, this VPN service provider is way much interested in clients that want to surf internet without getting noticed by prying eyes.

Anyways, if you are zealous binge-watcher that loves to stream for free and for all those netizens who want to play online games, this VPN isn’t for you. So, you shouldn’t seek ways to make your dreams of online streaming and games come true.

Though, it has plethora of IPs which you can benefit from immensely. They assist you to bypass firewalls and unblock geo-restricted site without any fuss.

Well, all praises apart, it is, still, not as satisfactory as any VPN should be when it comes to flawless protection. It doesn’t offer options for SSL, SSTP and OpenVPN which certainly can be disappointing for an average user.

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MoreVPN review provides us information that it is compatible to all operating systems. You don’t need to worry either you want to protect yourself from hackers while surfing internet on PC or want to anonymize when unblocking websites on your smartphones.

Right here, I am going to show you how to use this VPN provider on your devices with any operating system and leap the geo-restrictions with ease.

For Windows

This little setup guide is for Windows OS X. So, you could install this VPN easily.

Step #1: Click Start Button and Click Control Panel

Step #2: Now, click on (Network & Internet) on Control Panel


Step#3: Click Network and Sharing Center


Step #4: Without wasting a time, click on Setup connection or Network.


Step #5: Click on to Connect to a Workplace and click Next instantly

Step #6: Now, choose [Use my Internet connection (VPN)]

Step #7: Here, you will do couple of things. A) Enter server IP provided by MoreVPN,and B) Tick on (Don’t Connect now) and go the next step

Step #8: Enter your MoreVPN username & password now and press Create to continue.

Step #9: Your MoreVPN is ready now. You can connect it anytime now or later with ease.

Step #10: At this stage, click on MoreVPN connection and select properties

Step #11: Click on Networking tab. By the way, it should be automatic by default and change it to L2TP

Step #12: Once, you’ve selected L2TP as your VPN type, click on (Advanced Setting). Fill in the preshared-key given in the welcome email from MoreVPN.
Important Note: Preshared Key is only for Singapore VPN, for France & Netherlands VPN ignore this straight away.

Step #13: Now, you are halfway to run MoreVPN, just click on (Connect to).

Step #14: In this final step, connect to a network screen, select MoreVPN connection which this service has set up for you and click connect at the right bottom.
Hurray!! You’re connected to MoreVPN now and free to unblock websites which you couldn’t visit due to geo-restrictions.

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For iPad PPTP VPN Configuration

Apply the procedure mentioned below and start using MoreVPN on your iPads. Within few minutes, you would be using first-rate VPN service which promises protection of users’ important online documents.

  • Go to setting and then tap on general now to configure network settings.
  • Add VPN configuration
  • Select PPTP now
  • Fill in the following details accordingly

a- Description: MoreVPN
b- Server: VPN Service IP (it should be, it will be better to check welcome email)
c- RSA SecurID: Off
d- Password: For setting Password, check welcome email
e- Encryption Level: Auto
f- Send All Traffic: On

For Android VPN Configuration

Similar to iPad configuration, you don’t need to go through cumbersome procedure in order to use this VPN app on Android smartphones and tablets. It is just matter of minutes to install this VPN app from Google Play store.

Once, you’ve installed this app on your Android devices, then follow the procedure presented below:

  • Just go to Menu and Then Settings.
  • Once, you’ve reached to Settings, then tap on Wireless & Networks.
  • In this step, you will hit on VPN Settings
  • Now add VPN with PPTP settings. Important thing to Remember: You will put important information here, the way we learnt while installing this VPN app on iPad.

b- Set VPN Server: You should check welcome email for the purpose of setting VPN server
c- Enable Encryption: Tick this option right away
d- DNS Search Domains: Just ignore it and move ahead.

In case, you’re not interested in this VPN, read our exclusive guide on VPN Android to find out some of the best VPNs for Android.

For Mac

1- Go to System Preferences and select Network.

2- Once, you’ve selected Network, then don’t forget to turn on AirPort Mode.

3- In this step, select interface and type the name for new service.


4- In this step, choose VPN by tapping on drop-down option of interface.


5- Now select PPTP as VPN Type now


6- Now type VPN server IP Address and Account Name provided to you in welcome email

7- It is an important step in whole process in which you will have write VPN for authenticating your account.

8- Tick on these key options before getting connected to the MoreVPN:

  • Disconnect when switching user accounts
  • Disconnect when user logs out
  • Send all traffic over VPN connection
  • Use verbose logging

9- Finally, just type server address and account name and hit Connect button, you will be ready to use MoreVPN on your Mac OS x.


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Privacy Policy

While preparing MoreVPN review, I tried through the privacy policy of the VPN and it looked serious when it comes to privacy policy. So, MoreVPN seems loyal adherent to its mantra ‘Freedom To Surf and Solution to Online Privacy’.

Like all other VPNs, it collects basic information just for maintenance and routing administration purposes. So, it is pretty clear that none of your data is going to land into wrong hands.

On the other side, this services uses cookies to gather relevant information about users’ preferences to better serve the visitors which could enable this VPN to offer customized content next-time. However, if have concern about your privacy, then you can disable cookies for controlling your privacy. It is that simple. Isn’t’ it?


Money Back Guarantee

Are you keenly interested in getting VPN with friendly money back guarantee?- If your answer is Yes-Then, you should look for other VPNs. Because, MoreVPN doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee at all.

MoreVPN has no refundable payment plan. It means that once you’ve purchased the product, you can’t get your money back whether you are impressed with the service or not.

In this MoreVPN review, it’s most idiotic thing which I didn’t like at all. Because, it’s every customer right to get money back and carrying a service with such level of rigidity could be cardinal sin for MoreVPN.

Customer Support

I contacted to customer support when writing up MoreVPN review and I found that it doesn’t offer live chat support. Neither, it has system for ticket generation, all you could do is to send them an email and they reply as soon as possible.

Normally, they answer emails within hours, but, it’s not a credible way to handle the clients’ queries. It would have been better if they had proper team to guide customers.


Whenever, you’ve something to ask, just type your name, email, subject and push submit button after writing your message.

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Does It Work with Kodi?

Unfortunately, MoreVPN won’t allow you to unblock geo-restricted content on Kodi. Therefore, you will have to use NordVPN Kodi  service to achieve your mission successfully.

Alternatives to MoreVPN

I worked hard and fast to provide you authentic information about VPN which promises complete privacy protection with freedom of internet surfing. However, if you’re feeling unsatisfied, so go through other VPNs which I’ve covered for you. Rest assured, you will find the better solution of your online privacy and digital life:

Wrapping up- MoreVPN Review

Although, it’s cost effective VPN which doesn’t cost a fortune. But, undefined server locations and meager information on official website could plummet clients’ confidence and they could choose to skip this service for better ones.

This MoreVPN review provides us clear-cut information that it can be first-rate VPN, even though, it goes beyond level of superiority for certain things i.e. Dedicated IP VPN, but, for getting instant recognition, this VPN will have to part ways from mediocrity.

Leave your comment below and add vitality into story by sharing your views about this VPN.

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