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$4.95 Per Month

Le VPN was founded in 2010. The company was initially headquartered in France, but then shifted to Hong Kong for serving the international market.

The service offers a good diversity of servers, broad payment options, and good compatibility.

However, it is wanting in privacy policy, which is a disappointing.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNLe VPN
Servers2000+ in 140 countries800 servers in 110+ countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, MAc, Android, and iOS
JurisdictionHong KongFrance
Logging PolicyZero LogKeep some logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsLive Chat FAQs, Setup Guides
Trustpilot Score9.55


I will examine all these features and more in detail in this Le VPN review, so scroll down to learn whether this one deserves a place in our top VPN reviews.


  • HybridVPN (Smart DNS + VPN)
  • Abundant Payment Options
  • Servers in 114 Countries
  • Compatibility with major Platforms
  • Protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, and OpenVPN
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • 7 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • No Free Trial
  • Logs some information
  • Expensive monthly Subscription

 Strong Points of Le VPN

Le VPN is a mix of the good and the bad. Here are the primary strong aspects of Le VPN:

Protocols & Encryption

Le VPN does not provide a wide range of VPN protocols to use. It is limited to the three protocols of OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.

However, it does offer the most secure and fastest tunneling protocol in existence: OpenVPN.

PPTP is the weakest protocol among the three but is suitable for unblocking and streaming, if the others fail to work for you for some reason.

On the other hand, L2TP/IPSEC is more secure than PPTP and works well on the mobile platform.

OpenVPN protocol is the toughest protocol of the lot and its open source nature makes it highly secure as well.

For encryption, Le VPN uses the AES-256 cipher, which is one of the strongest cryptographic standards available today.

As such, Le VPN is pretty secure and can be trusted to keep your communications over the Internet safe and secure from intruders.

SmartDNS in the US, UK, and France

Le VPN offers Smart DNS service as well with DNS servers from the US, the UK, and France. Smart DNS can come in handy if you want to unblock streaming services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and channels such as ABC, CBC, and France2.

Smart DNS is not a secure feature, however. Its main utility lies in its speeds. If you need fast streaming, turn on the Smart DNS.

For other activities that require more security, you’d be better off with the VPN.

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HybridVPN is a unique feature of Le VPN, which is basically a combination of VPN and Smart DNS technologies.


According to the provider, users should use this feature if they want to unblock streaming services while also borrowing some of the security of Le VPN, then HybridVPN is what they are looking for.

You can easily bypass restrictions on US, UK, and French channels and stream your favorite content.

Another plus point about this feature is that it is available in all the pricing plans.

Risk Free Trial Period

Le VPN does not offer any VPN trial periods. However, it does offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.  A refund policy is the next best thing to a free trial.

If you find that Le VPN is not up to your expectations, you can contact the customer support and ask for a refund.

P2P Networking

Downloading torrents and performing P2P filesharing is one of the primary reasons why users around the globe use a VPN services. However, not all VPNs support P2P networking.

In fact, some downright discourage it. Le VPN, on the other hand, does support P2P networking, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems if you’re trying to tunnel yourself over to a torrent website and download a file (for trial purposes, of course. I don’t endorse copyright infringement).

If you do not want to perform torrenting activities, you can still accomplish your media streaming cravings through Kodi.

When you install a VPN on Kodi, you can secure your privacy. Moreover, you can access your preferred geo-limited content from anywhere securely.

Server Locations

One of the better attributes of this service which I unearthed in this LeVPN review is the excellent diversity of VPN server locations.

Le VPN offers servers in 114 countries. However, the total number of servers is not as large as compared to the leading premium VPN services, with only 800 servers.


So, I would rate this VPN high when it comes to geographical diversity of servers, but its overall server strength is only average.

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Customer Support

Le VPN offers support over live chat, which is almost always available. The response rate is pretty quick, as they immediately replied to my query when I was testing the service for this Le VPN review:


However, they weren’t very descriptive with the particular question that I asked regarding Netflix.

I wasn’t going to take their word for it anyway, but being more descriptive is important when an actual user is researching the VPN’s features to make a purchase decision later.

The support page of Le VPN offers instructions for setting it up on devices and operating systems it supports.

There is also an FAQ section within each instruction page for additional details. All in all, the customer support of Le VPN deserves more praise than criticism.

Nonetheless, they should try giving more detailed response to queries in the future. That would surely improve customer satisfaction with Le VPN support.

Compatibility Review

Le VPN works with all major platforms and devices. You can download its native app/client for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

However, it can be manually set up on some devices it doesn’t currently have an app for. These include Linux, Chromebook, and some DD-WRT routers.


The Support page of Le VPN offers instructions for these setups as well.

Thus, Le VPN supports enough devices to be accessible for the majority of users, since it covers major platforms. This is why I’m pleased with the compatibility of Le VPN.

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 Areas of Improvement

Every VPN has some flaws which it is important to take into account. These are some of the worse attributes of Le VPN:

Logging & Privacy Policy

Le VPN, like pretty much every other VPN out there, claims to adhere to a “no logs” policy. But of course, you can’t really take the word of any company.

As is my wont, I headed over to Le VPN official website to see the fine print of their privacy policy and I almost had to whip out my microscope to find their policy page.

I soon realized that it doesn’t exist as a separate page. Rather, it is included as part of their Terms of Use. Fair enough.

Evaluating the policy to verify whether they truly refrain from logging, I must say I was a tad disappointed.

Although the service doesn’t seem to be directly logging user traffic and the websites users visit, they still store connection time stamps and IP address when a user connects to Le VPN:


The quickly state that this data logging is only for the monitoring of performance of their VPN and website.

While I can give them the benefit of doubt, their logging policy is not the best there is. Some other providers in the industry require no logging of IP or timestamps to maintain performance of their service and website.

As such, I think the overall privacy policy including the information they are logging and using this information can be improved.

So, I’m afraid the “no logging” claim of Le VPN is a false one.

Pricing & Plans

The pricing structure of Le VPN extends from 1 month to a 1 year subscriptions. The monthly package is quite expensive at $9.95/month.

Although the monthly package is generally always the most expensive that every VPN has to offer, Le VPN is asking for a price higher than many other reputed providers for monthly subscription.


The 6-month package is available at a price of $7.5/month, which is moderately expensive. The best deal is the 12-month package, which costs $4.95/month.

Le VPN specifies in its Terms of Use that it holds the right to change the pricing at any time, but it won’t affect users who are already under a subscription until it expires.

Thus, the pricing is not the best from the user point of view considering the more popular alternatives are actually cheaper.

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Payment Methods

There is a variety of payment options you can choose from including credit cards, PayPal, American Express, Bitcoin, among others.


It’s great that Le VPN accepts bitcoins, because anonymous payments are a great way to further maintain your privacy on the web.

I applaud Le VPN for its open-minded acceptance of many payment options.

Alternatives to Le VPN

Le VPN faces strong competition from other providers in the market. Here are a few alternatives that are capable enough to give Le VPN a run for its money.

Le VPN Trustpilot Review

Le VPN has pretty good reviews on Trustpilot from the users who have actually used the service.


The following user found Le VPN a worthy companion for during their traveling:


With a 89% of the users rating it excellent and 11% rating it poor, I’d say Le VPN is fairly well-received by users.

Except that only 11 users have rate it on Trustpilot. So, forget what I said earlier. The abysmally low sample size just isn’t sufficient to draw any conclusions about what users are really thinking about Le VPN.

Wrap Up

Le VPN does raise some concerns regarding its privacy policy. Its main USP lies in its HybridVPN and Smart DNS features, as I discussed in this Le VPN review.

Other than that, Le VPN is an ordinary service that doesn’t really offer anything that others in the market aren’t already offering at better rates.

As such, unless this VPN comes up with better features and performance, there isn’t much you should expect from Le VPN.

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