Hideman VPN Review 2019: A VPN for Casual Users

Hideman VPN
Hideman VPN
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$5.75 Per Month

Based in the UK, Hideman has been in the market since seven years but somehow it has managed to stay under the radar. This is a bit baffling considering the wide range of features Hideman provides to its users.

We thought an unbiased and thorough review of Hideman was in order to take a more systematic look at what this VPN really has to offer.

Before exploring further, you can discover our detailed VPN reviews guide to check VPNs those who have outperformed the other VPNs in the market.

  • Free version which requires no registration
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Clients for Android, iOS, Windows
  • Good speed on some servers
  • Torrent and P2P Support
  • Free trial comes with numerous restrictions
  • Some logging
  • Chrome extension is unimpressive
  • Connection issues on some servers

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Company Overview

It is hard to find any information regarding the founders of Hideman and what motivated them to develop this VPN service. The website of Hideman itself has nothing to say about the company’s history, its mission and what it has set out to achieve. Anyhow, you always expect some level secrecy from a VPN service.

Hideman Pricing and Plans Review


With Hideman, you will get three different payment plans:

  • Mobile plan cost $2.9 for a month and $24.9 for an annual service. It comes with clients for both Android and iOS.
  • Ultimate plan covers Windows, Chrome, Mac, iOS and Android. It costs $9 a month but you maybe be tempted to take an annual subscription for $69.
  • Private VPN plan lets you choose the location of your liking and costs $9 a month. There is no annual subscription available for this plan.

As of now, Hideman does not offer any type of discount to its paying users.

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Hideman Payment Method Review| Bitcoin and Other Secure Options


Hideman accepts payments in form of Mobiamo, Mint, Perfect Money, OkPay, Webmoney and Bitcoin. There are manuals available Hideman’s website to guide you through this entire process. The customers of Hideman are entitled to a refund within 30 days, but there are few standard safeguards to protect any potential misuse of this facility.

Hideman Free Trial Review | Numerous Restrictions and Limitations


“Hideman free trial client”

Hideman offers free trial that initially lasts for 6 hours. After that, you can use the service for 4 hours a week. These 4 hours are divided into one-hour blocks that must be utilized in a single sitting as the countdown doesn’t stop even if you close the app.

While using the free trial, you are not allowed to access the servers in UK, US, Germany, Australia and some other more ‘desirable’ locations. This means you will face trouble accessing services that are exclusive to these regions.

What you do get are the servers of some Eastern-European states such as Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia along with Canada and Luxemburg.

Although the free trial comes with a number of restrictions, it will still attract hordes of casual users, as it requires no registration whatsoever.

Hideman’s Customer Support

There is considerable customer support available on Hideman’s website. There is a FAQ section, which has concise answers to several basic questions. Some may find these answers to be ‘too concise’ but we appreciate the straightforward approach of Hideman.

You will also find some useful manuals on the company’s website. These manuals provide a step by step guide on how to configure Hideman’s connection for platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS and others.

There is no live chat available on the website but you can use Skype and Jabber to converse with Hideman’s representative. For this Hideman review, we mailed them some queries and received a reply within 24 hours.

Although the support system of Hideman is fairly standard – the company has taken some extra steps to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. On its terms and service, Hideman mentions that its customers have the right to;

Inform on detected errors in Company’s system operation and require for compensation for service downtime in case of no opportunity to use the service”.

This means that Hideman is willing to provide compensation to customers whenever the system fails to perform. In our experience, this offer is hard to find anywhere else.

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Hideman Compatibility Review |Apps for All Devices

Hideman is compatible on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Mac. It also features browser extension for Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Opera. This basically covers all smartphone, Tablet and desktop devices. If users choose the ultimate plan, they can connect to four devices at once.

Hideman for Android

For Android, Hideman has designed a simple interface that can be operated without much effort. The free version of Hideman allows you to use the VPN for 5 hours a week. However, you can use it more by watching the ads on the app.

Hideman for Linux

Linux user can access Hideman via OpenVPN. For this, they are required to configure OpenVPN on Ubuntu. Users can seek guidance from Hideman’s website for this purpose.

Hideman for iPhone

The features of Hideman’s iOS app are pretty much the same as its features on other systems. The user interface of the app is simple, attractive and can be navigated without much difficulty.

Hideman for Windows

Since the focus of this Hideman VPN review is its Windows client, we can say with some certainty that this app is practical and to the point. You can tweak with the setting but for most part, you don’t need to. Of all systems on which it’s available, we have found Hideman to work the best on the Windows.

Hideman’s Chrome Extension

Chrome extension of Hideman does not have many features and is pretty unreliable. Frankly, we recommend skipping it for the Windows client.

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Review of Hideman’s Speed | Inconsistent Connections

We tested Hideman for speed and the results were somewhat mixed. Of the 7 servers which were available, Ukraine provided the best speed.


“Best Speed provided by Hideman’s Ukraine Server”


“Speed provided by Hideman’s Bulgaria Server”

To review Hideman’s speed, we ran three trials for the Ukraine’s server and the results varied to a great degree. Meanwhile, the server of Bulgaria provided abysmal speed.

Trial Download Speed Upload Speed
1 1.59 0.75
2 3.36 0.64
3 5.61 0.65

To compare, the usual speed on our local connection is around 8 Mbps.


“Speed on our local server”

In the end, one does expect VPNs to throttle the speed of the connection. And for us, the speed on different Hideman servers can be classified as ‘decent’. But what really bothered us was the inconsistency of the connection and the constant fluctuations on the Hideman’s servers.

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Hideman Servers Review |More than 20 Locations


The paid client of Hideman provides access to servers from more than 20 different countries. And for non-paying users, the choice is limited to 6 countries. Conversely, you will find differences in performance of the available servers.

While we tested the trial version of Hideman, some connections provided superior speed than others and some did not work at all. On some attempts, the servers of Russia, Canada and Romania completely failed to connect. But these issues are mostly present in the trial version and the paid client promises to be better.

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Protocols and Encryption


While writing this Hideman review, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Hideman utilizes a 256-bit military grade encryption. This makes it one the most secure and reliable VPNs in the globe. Moreover, you get two connection protocols with Hideman, namely, TCP and UDP.

TCP or Transmission Control Protocol is widely regarded as a safe and dependable connection protocol. Its function involves sending data packets to its target website and awaiting a response. Upon receiving a negative or positive response, it either sends another data packet or resends the last one.

On the other hand, UDP does not wait for a response while sending the data packets. This makes it faster than TCP.

These are the only two connection protocols provided by Hideman and they are more than enough to guarantee digital privacy and definitive protection.

Hideman Logs and Privacy Policy Review | Some Grey Areas

While most VPN providers consistently stress on their “no-logs” policy, Hideman takes a more nuanced approach in this matter. On its website, the company gives a clear warning that it does store the information of non-paying users.

The information recorded by Hideman of free trial users includes:

  • Account used
  • Destination IP address
  • Volume of data transferred
  • Time of initial data transfer for the last 14 days of use

The company also makes it clear that it bound to release the information of an account if the said account has been involved in hacking, financial fraud, child pornography and other life-threating criminal activities.

In contrast to this, Hideman is extremely clear about not storing any logs of its paying customer.

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Using Torrent and P2P on Hideman

Torrents, Tor and I2P are few of the prominently advertised features of Hideman. The VPN service promises torrents ‘without restrictions and penalties’ and offers access to onion and i2p resources.

In its free trial – the servers of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Luxemburg are marketed to be appropriate for torrent users. But when we tested these servers, only Ukraine was able to provide a decent torrenting experience.


“Torrent Speed for Ukraine Server”

While we are reviewing Hideman’s torrenting prowess, the server of Ukraine provided download speed of around 500 kB/s. This is not too bad considering that the torrenting speed on our local server is normally in excess of 800 kB/s.

Another thing to like Hideman is that it lets you know which countries have put restrictions on torrents and P2P networking. Therefore, on its client, you will see red marks on locations such as Russia and Canada where torrents are illegal.

Nevertheless, to a certain extent, the free users will find the torrenting experience on Hideman to be rather average. And not to forget, the 3GB download limit will frustrate many torrent lovers.

Final Verdict

The conclusion you can draw from this Hideman review is that you need to test the waters before picking this VPN service. And to credit Hideman- they offer you a free plan without any registration to do just that.

Our experience Hideman suggests that they strive to provide a pleasing VPN experience but their service is not without its faults. What they give you is a strongly encrypted and P2P friendly app that can used on a variety of devices.

Yet all this comes with server issues, logging concerns and a number of restrictions. In any case, the final decision rests with you.

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