EarthVPN Review 2019 – A Service too Good to be True?

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$3.99 Per Month

With cybercrime on the boost, our security is vulnerable than ever before. Furthermore, cyber-goons are ready to welcome us at every corner of this digital universe to steal our identity and exploit it for their own means.

This where VPNs come as through this VPN service, you can encrypt your connection and mask your IP to protect your sensitive information.

There are numerous VPN services in the market and choosing from them is no easy ask. However, you look for certain features to determine the VPN reviews.

EarthVPN Pros
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • No Logs
  • L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSTP Protocols
  • AES 256 bit and RES 2048 Encryption
  • 432 servers in 54 countries
  • Bitcoin Payment Option
EarthVPN Cons
  • Lousy Customer Service
  • Some Servers are Unreliable
  • Somewhat Slow
  • Only 7 Days Refund Policy

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EarthVPN Review – Service Worth Considering


There are numerous VPN services in the market and choosing from them is no easy ask. This is why we write VPN reviews and our choice for today is the EarthVPN review.

EarthVPN, some called Earth VPN, was founded in 2012 which makes it one of the older VPNs around. However, since its start, it has continuously to meet the prevailing VPN standards.

This VPN service offers an impressive set of features at comparatively reasonable prices. It provides servers from all across the world to bypass geo-restrictions and has sophisticated tools to ensure your online privacy.

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Pricing and Plans


Package plans and price charged by VPN service providers are two most essential factors to be considered before buying a VPN service. The core purpose of using a VPN is to improve your privacy and security. Hence, while analyzing the package plans offered by a VPN service provider, you must search for the features that can satisfy your privacy and security needs effectively.

In this EarthVPN review, we discovered that this VPN service lacks diversity in its package plans. Most of the VPN service providers in the industry usually offer 3 to 4 kinds of packages. However, EarthVPN offers only two package plans. Nonetheless, the packages offered by EarthVPN accompany outstanding features. Hence, one can ignore the lack of diversity in packages.

There are two basic package plans offered by EarthVPN: monthly and yearly plan. Cost of a monthly plan subscription is $3.99; furthermore, the yearly plan will cost you $39.99.

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Protocols and Encryption


Nowadays, we face divergent threats with respect to our privacy and security. With NSA and GCHQ monitoring every online move we make, our privacy is vulnerable than ever before. Moreover, cyber-goons striving to steal our identity are also considerable threats to consider as our privacy is at stake.

A VPN ensures your privacy by tunneling all your traffic through a secure network. Furthermore, a VPN hides your real IP and masks it with a random IP representing the server area you are connected to. Hence, a VPN upgrades your privacy leaving your online activities untraceable.

A VPN also offers utmost security through different tunneling protocols used to formulate the network. These tunneling protocols forms a secure network that tunnels all the information you send to the server location disallowing any hacker to interrupt the process in between.

However, sometimes this process can be interrupted by a pro hacker. A VPN, however, furnishes a counter strategy even for these concerns. All the data tunneled through a VPN is encrypted.

EarthVPN supports all of the frequently used protocols. Moreover, these protocols come with effective encryptions to take your security to a whole new level. The wide range protocols supported by EarthVPN include:

  • L2TP/IPsec with 256-bit key encryption
  • PPTP with MMPE 128 bit cipher
  • OpenVPN with AES 128 & 256 bit encryption
  • SSTP with 2048 bit encryptions

You can pay for more add-ons such an AES 256-bit encryptions and SSH/SOCKS5 tunneling. Both of these features cost $1.99 each.


Device compatibility is a mandatory aspect to explore before buying a VPN service. In fact, some people might prefer a VPN that is compatible with numerous devices. This in fact is a necessary aspect to review; especially, for the people with on-the-go routine. EarthVPN is compatible with different devices; hence, it serves as an excellent alternative to consider.

EarthVPN is compatible with different devices such as:

  • Personal Computer
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • DD-WRT Routers

EarthVPN also supports

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Apple TV via DD-WRT
  • Chromecast

The VPN service has clients for Windows and Mac OS X while their app for Linux is soon to be launched.

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One of the crucial aspects of a VPN’s service is how many servers it provides. A number of servers and their geographic dispersion is something that can liberate your Internet surfing and help you breakthrough any geo-restriction or cope with censorship concern. Therefore, it is significant to review EarthVPN’s servers and their availability on the world map.

EarthVPN server list is vast and extensive. The service provides access to its servers in 54 countries in exchange of affordable price offers. Furthermore, EarthVPN has more than 432 servers dispersed in 190 locations. These servers allow to stream service such as Netflix through EarthVPN.

So, say goodbye to censorship and geo-restrictions with EarthVPN’s cost-effective package plans.

Customer and Tech-Support

Customer and tech support are the aspects you must carefully consider before purchasing a VPN service. There are different glitches or issues that you might face in midst of the setup process. Furthermore, you may also need some tech-assistance if your VPN fails to connect. I assume not all reading this review belong to the tech-savvy community. Hence, I repeat! You must carefully consider customer and tech support before purchasing a VPN service.

EarthVPN claims that it provides 24/7/365 technical support. But, every VPN service provider brags about it. So, I wanted to test their support. I was disappointed to see that there was no online chat as EarthVPN interacts via email. Anyway, I opened a ticket asking their customer/tech-support very basic question. My ticket was generated and I received an email in response.

After approximately 12 hours I received a response from EarthVPN’s customer/tech support.

They took around 12 hours to respond to a simple query; hence, it can be deduced that EarthVPN’s tech support is surely responsive but not timely.

This is an email I received after my ticket was opened.

This is an email I received after 12 hours in response to my query.

Unique Selling Proposition

There are many VPN service providers trading in the industry. Each has its own unique selling proposition. Some offer tempting features and others emphasize on the availability of their servers across the globe.

EarthVPN adopts a balanced approach perhaps. EarthVPN has geographically scattered network of servers around the globe. This service helps bypass all the geo-restrictions and censorship barriers.

Other than this, EarthVPN offers pricing plans that can be easily categorized as affordable, especially if one stops to consider the prices offered by the other VPN services that offer similar features.

Therefore, for a price as low as $3.33 a month, you can access content blocked in your location and do it while remaining completely anonymous. Therefore, it can concluded that EarthVPN’s affordable pricing plans are its Unique Selling Proposition.

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Speed Test

Every VPN service provider loves to brag about being the best in the industry and sporting the most competitive package plans. However, VPNRanks doesn’t rely on such claims at all. We examine VPN service providers’ package plans and test the performance of a VPN via speed tests. Why do we do it? So you don’t have to find the reality of VPN providers AFTER paying them!


First, we tested our Internet speed before connecting EarthVPN.

Once we were through with the speed test, we had to download EarthVPN client software for Windows 7, after doing so, we configured it on L2TP (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol) protocol. L2TP is preferred by most of the VPN users due to the security benefits it provides. Therefore, we selected this protocol to test EarthVPN’s performance.

The statistics given below reflect EarthVPN’s performance after connecting the VPN through L2TP protocol. As you can see that download speed decreased from 210.16 Mbps to 96.51 Mbps (around 65%). Upload speed wasn’t affected much as it decreased from 4.67 Mbps to 4.20 Mbps.

Ping value significantly dropped from 74ms to 39ms which is astonishing. This is actually good news for gamers longing to get their hands on a VPN that can resolve their latency related issues.

On the basis of the speed test results, we can deduce that EarthVPN may significantly affect your download; but, it resolves your latency related concerns by improving the ping with minimal effect on the upload speed.

Reliability Concerns

While performing our tests, we faced several issues related to the reliability of EarthVPN’s servers. Some servers remained offline while others failed to connect despite responding to pings. However, the majority of EarthVPN’s servers worked just fine.

Payment Methods

Diversity in payments methods offered by a VPN service provider is also an essential feature considered by users before purchasing a VPN service. After all, we all buy VPN for privacy, security and absolute anonymity; hence, we consider a payment mode we perceive as secure.

Unlike many leading service providers in the VPN industry, EarthVPN offers plenty of payment options to choose from. You can have an anonymous transaction with them through bitcoin but there are other options available as well.

EarthVPN accepts transactions through:

  • PayPal
  • UnionPay
  • CashU
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Ukash
  • WebMoney
  • Alipay
  • American Express
  • Paysafecard
  • Discover
  • AliPay

Considering the mode of payments provided by them, we can say that EarthVPN is in the VPN industry; because, they care about privacy of their users – not to make profits only.

Software and Tutorials Provided

EarthVPN offers FREE software to its users. The software is currently available for Window clients only. However, EarthVPN is preparing to launch the software for its users that prefer MacOS and Linux. It will probably be launched soon. In the meantime, EarthVPN has provided detailed and informative tutorials to configure the VPN on different devices.

Through these tutorials, one can easily setup EarthVPN on his/her Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad and DD-WRT Router etc. These tutorials present detailed guidelines to configure the VPN on any software or platform you prefer: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

The software is easy to use. You just need to enter your username, password, select desired protocol, port preference, select desired country and a server. With all these details provided, you are good to go. You can now connect EarthVPN and enjoy anonymity at price that no one else offers.

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Logs and Privacy Policy

EarthVPN has a clear and concrete log and privacy policy. The only personal information collected by EarthVPN at the time of registry is user’s full name, email address, username, password (encrypted) and IP address. Most of you might be afraid of all this detail disclosure; however, we must remind you that this is the basic information collected by all VPN service providers. The only different is some tell you upfront whereas others drop the bomb on you at the time of registration.

EarthVPN logs policy is simple. They maintain no logs or monitors the activity of their user for any reason. However, if any EarthVPN’s IP is accused to be involved in illegal or criminal activities; EarthVPN has a right to investigate the case on its own.

However, we looked up “EarthVPN Netflix” and found something interesting.

Redditor provides sourced claims of logging and tracking for BlackVPN, EarthVPN, Cryptostorm, and Should privacytoolsio still recommend them? from privacytoolsIO


EarthVPN Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is EarthVPN?

EarthVPN is a VPN service provider that started its operations in 2012. Since then, it has added many feature to its service and has diversified its added features.

It is a VPN service that offers servers from all across the world at extremely affordable rates. Moreover, it provides high-end protocols and encryption features to protect its users from hackers, spam, malware and institutions involved in cyber surveillance.

How EarthVPN Works?

After you install EarthVPN and connect to one its available servers, you are assigned an alternative IP address that replaces your actual IP address. This effectively hides your location and identity on the internet.

This way, you remained secured on the digital world as it becomes extremely difficult to trace your browsing data back to you. Your connection also remains encrypted which prevents individual with malicious intent to steal your sensitive information.

Since your data in EarthVPN is routed through a VPN tunnel. You can bypass data inspection that will otherwise trace your location and deny you access to content that is restricted in your location. This means you can enjoy complete digital freedom by utilizing EarthVPN and other similar VPN services.

How to Set Up EarthVPN?


EarthVPN can be set up in few simple steps:

  1. Download EarthVPN
  2. Open EarthVPN-OpenVPN.zp file and extract the file through winRaR or winZIP
  3. Right-click on the openvpn-2.2.2-install .exe file and Run it as the administrator
  4. Allow the program to make changes to your computer
  5. Navigate through the Set-up Wizard (agree to License Agreement)
  6. Install the software
  7. Open the extracted EarthVPN-OpenVPN.zp file and click your preferred Protocol
  8. Copy the files to OpenVPN config file
  9. An OpenVPN GUI will appear on your desktop, Right-click it and choose properties
  10. Change setting for all users, Run the program as the administrator, click “OK”
  11. A OpenVPN GUI icon will be on your taskbar, click “Exit” on it
  12. Click the OpenVPN GUI icon and select the website you want to choose and click “Connect” on that site
  13. Enter the username and password of the VPN
  14. When the server is connected, the program icon on your taskbar will appear to be green


EarthVPN unlike many other VPN service providers offers feature-rich package plans at an affordable price.

Due to its clear log and privacy policy, we can draw the verdict from this EarthVPN review 2019 that this service is not in the VPN industry solely for profit but to serve the privacy and security needs of its potential users.

EarthVPN has 432 servers in 54 countries representing 190 locations. However, EarthVPN’s customer and tech support is quite lousy.

It does not have online chat facility but they welcome queries via email. Yet, they claim 24/7/365 availability; however, they took around 12 hours to respond to a simple query.

Furthermore, EarthVPN doesn’t offer FREE trial; however, with 7 days money back guarantee and price as low as $3.33 per month, the service is definitely worth a shot. That’s why, you have search EarthVPN’s cracked version as it’s already pretty inexpensive.

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  1. socksmcgee says:

    The 2 most under-rated features of EarthVPN are their SSTP/SSH/SOCKS proxy & their dedicated server / static IP. They will both cost more whether you buy monthly or yearly however both are extremely useful especially if you are looking to use your vpn with video streaming services like netflix, kodi or anything else that flags your ip if it changes too much. I use their socks proxy client always before I login to paypal so that I can make sure i never set off the paypal robots on my account

  2. 123465 says:

    Around a year ago I too, was in search of a cheap VPN and earthvpn got it all. Servers that I use are up like 99% of the time, excellent upload/download speed. Superior price… they got it all. Highly satisfied.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Thank you for your valuable feedback 🙂

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