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$2.75 Per Month is somewhat of an underdog in the ultracompetitive VPN market. It is was founded in 2014, which makes it relatively new.

However, since its inception, the service is witnessing a steady growth thanks mostly to its inexpensive pricing plans.

To get some background on the company for VPN review, we looked up the About Us and found some interesting tidbits about the VPN service.

The page states that is based in Seychelles- a small, obscured country comprised of tiny islands in the Indian Ocean.

The service is operated very informally by four individuals who are described by the website in a rather unusual fashion. Other than this, it is very hard to find any pertinent information about the company on its website.


  • Multi-hop VPN Chaining
  • Payment via Bitcoin
  • AES-256 bit & RSA 4096 Encryption
  • Inexpensive Service
  • No Logs
  • Out of NSA and GCHQ Jurisdiction
  • OpenVPN Protocol
  • Limited Servers
  • Only One Payment Method
  • No Guaranteed Refunds
  • Subpar Customer Service

An Overview on VPN

Due to the growing concerns related to cyber security and online privacy, the demand for VPNs has increased tenfold in the recent few years.

Consequently, numerous VPN service providers have emerged on the web and they all seem to be promising the finest digital security for the netizens.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, it is important to analyze these VPNs in great detail and determine which of them are worth their salt.

Therefore, in this VPN review, we will uncover one of the lesser-known VPNs of the interweb.

You may explore our exclusive VPN reviews guide that highlights some of the best VPN services in the market.

 Strong Points of VPN

Below we take a look at the most important features provided by the VPN service:

With, you get a decent mixture of some standard and some unique features that provides foolproof security from malwares, hackers and government surveillance.

Multi-hop VPN

During our Review we found it is a multi-hop VPN service. It has the ability to provide online anonymity to the users through a chain of multiple VPNs.

Basically, what does is that it creates a VPN tunnel in which your data is routed through more than one servers and this makes your online activity impossible to trace.

With a multi-hop server, you can connect to the server of Canada through the United States and vice versa.

While this considerably slows down your connection, it provides you a level digital privacy that cannot be breached even by the most advanced surveillance tools.

This feature has been gaining more and more traction in the recent years as government institutions are now stepping up their efforts to decrypt the conventional VPN connections.

While there are other VPNs that provide the multi-hop feature, these services cost significantly more than

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Server Locations

At present, provides servers from:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Finland
  4. Netherland
  5. Spain

Comparatively, these options are extremely limited as many of VPN services provide connections to over 50 countries.

Regardless, due to the presence of the United States on the server list, you can easily access services such as Amazon Prime and Pandora through

This allows you to stream the latest music and video content from your respective device.

Hence,’s connections may end up satisfying the needs of users who want to access restricted content while keeping an anonymous profile on the internet.

Not to forget, you can hop between’s servers with OpenVPN protocol and the choices you get are:

  • Netherlands via USA; USA via Netherland
  • Spain via Canada; Canada via Spain
  • Finland via Canada; Canada via Finland

Security Protocols & Encryption

For a VPN service to be of any use at all, it needs to have quality encryption accompanied by advanced security protocol.

In particular, a strong encryption goes a long way in protecting the sensitive data of a VPN user.

While reviewing VPN, we found out that it fares pretty well in this aspect by providing an AES-256 cipher which is considered among the top ciphers available.
The encryptions come with an OpenVPN protocol which is the most widely used protocol due the efficiency it provides.

Users also have the option of the RSA-4096 encryption, which can be combined with AES-256 to from a hybrid encryption.

This level of encryption is capable of securing a wide variety of online activities.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility supports six simultaneous connection and is compatible with all the popular platforms such as:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS VPN Privacy Policy

In our Review putting other issues aside, we can safely conclude in this review that this service is seriously committed to the privacy of its customers.

To acquire their services, you only need to provide them your email address. This email address is only used to confirm orders/payments and to inform customers about the expiration of the service.

Other ways of contacting are through PGP and Key base, which provide even a greater level of anonymity. furthers protects the confidentiality of their customer by using Spark Post for delivering emails and keeping third parties away from the process.

No Logging

The company has a standard no logs policy and they specify on their website that they do not keep any traffic logs; DNS request logs, timestamps logs, bandwidth logs or IP address logs of their customers.

As per our Review while it’s true that every VPN service promises to keep no logs and it is hard to find out how true they are to their promise – customers shouldn’t have many privacy concerns with

This is due to the company being based in Seychelles, which is out of the jurisdiction of institutions such as NSA or GCHQ, who would otherwise mandate to handover your data logs.

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 Areas of Improvement

Below we have enlisted areas where VPN needs improvement. VPN Pricing & Plans | Affordable VPN but with a Catch

Since the main focus of their operation is to help users remain secure and anonymous on the web, only accepts Bitcoin as the mode of payment.

The cryptocurrency provides a way for customers to pay for the service without giving away much of their private information.

Bitcoin is an exceptionally unpredictable currency that often fluctuates to great degrees. This means that the price of the service can either soar or decline depending on how the currency is fairing in the market.

On the other hand, the plans of aren’t that complicated. You can pay them $9 for a month’s service or $33 for an annual subscription – which will bring down the price per month to just $2.77.

The term and services section of’s website states that the company provides refunds only at its own discretion.

This makes their overall refund policy a bit ambiguous. All in all, we have reviewed numerous VPN services and so far, has been the cheapest of them all.

Customer Support does not have agents available 24/7 to help the customers. This is understandable as it is a small company with limited resources.

Still, even by a startup’s standard, the overall customer support of can be categorized as below average.

To start, there are no set up guides, knowledgebase and FAQ section available on the website. And although there are 6 different ways to contact, they usually reply within two to three days.

Netflix and Torrenting Review

When it comes to Netflix and Torrenting, is pretty okay due to the presence of its servers in the United States.

Alternatives to VPN

Here are some other VPN reviews worth checking out if you are an internet privacy seeker. Social Media Review

To see what other users are experiencing with’s service, we browsed through the social media forums and found some interesting perspectives.

In this short review on reddit, a user defines the VPN service as a good deal for low cost.

A Redditors comment on the quality of the VPN.

Another user gives a detailed review on the good and bad about the service.

Moving on to twitter we found one rare comment. A Turkish customer who has double hop on the list, very unlikely.

Final Verdict

It provides a secure way for you to browse the internet and allows you to access restricted content while keeping no logs.

Yet, as this VPN review suggests, there are plethora of issues with the VPN service that cannot be ignored. These issues range from their vague refund policy to their abysmal customer service. needs to take serious action to address these concerns if it is desires to become one of the top VPN providers around.

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