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CELO VPN Review 2019 – Is it the best?

Celo VPN
Celo VPN
Overall Rating

Best For

  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • China
  • Hide IP


  • Torrenting
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
$5.50 Per Month

The name Celo is derived from Latin, meaning to hide, conceal or keep secret. Celo VPN serves countless clients around the world. Being client centric, Celo provides safe, reliable and affordable services to its users.

Celo VPN is operated by the Australian based Celo Net. It is relatively unknown VPN mostly due to the small scope of its operations.

The no log VPN has 18 servers in 15 countries. It also provides 5 simultaneous connections along with OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP protocols.

This Celo VPN review will unveil more important factors about the VPN.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNCelo VPN
Servers2000+ in 140 countries18 servers in 15 countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Routers
JurisdictionHong KongAustralia
Logging PolicyZero LogDoes not keep logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsLive Chat, FAQs, Contact Us
Trustpilot Score9.5


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  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Free SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec
  • SSTP (Windows OS Only)
  • 5 Multiple Logins At Once
  • Super fast
  • P2P friendly
  • No on-Call 27/7 Customer Support
  • No dedicated Clients

CELO VPN’s Packages and Plans

When we talk about the price of VPN, it is only natural to look for an economically friendly VPN with maximum benefits. Cost is the obvious factor to consider when paying for a VPN. CELO VPN comes on the top of the line to provide free 2 days trail package. This makes CELO VPN stand out of the crowd. Currently following 4 packages are offered by the provider:


The annual package costing $66 per year saves you $18, as compared to the monthly package costing $7 per month. Unlike other VPNs that limit bandwidth on paid packages, no performance discrimination exists between CELO VPN packages except the price difference.


Celo VPN Review Lifetime Subscription

You will also find Celo VPN lifetime subscriptions time to time on different websites.  However, I would not recommend such a long commitment with a VPN service.

Payment Methods

payment methods


When we talk about the payment method, user always wish for method which suits his convenience. CELO VPN facilitates its users by accepting all popular and leading Credit/ Debit Cards, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Payza, and Discover are accepted by CELO VPN.

In addition to this third party payments are accepted by CELO VPN. Bitcoin and PayPal is considered most reliable third party transaction methods. It is used frequently around the globe.

CELO VPN facilitate its users in every process. It provides freedom of choice to its users regarding the payment methods.


Celo VPN Features

Despite being a minimalistic VPN service, Celo offers some enticing features for online privacy enthusiasts.

5 Simultaneous Connections

Hardly anyone uses a single internet-enabled device anymore. Typically, an individual now has a Smartphone to go with their Personal Laptop. Some of us also have Tabs lying around the house.

So, should we buy multiple VPN subscriptions for these devices? Of course not. That will be as bad for our budget as a shopaholic wife.

The solution here lies in Celo VPN’s multiple 5 simultaneous connection feature. With it, you can secure all of your devices without emptying your wallet.

Ad and Malware Blocker

Internet seems to be flooded with malwares and ads these days. You can hardly click on a website these days without annoying adverts spreading their ugliness on your browser.

Similarly, malwares are getting more canny and finding new ways to get on your device.

Things have reached the point where your run-of-the-mill blockers can not cut it anymore.

To combat this menace, Celo VPN has included in-built ad and malware blockers into the VPN. With this feature on, you can relax as unsolicited ads and dangerous malwares are a thing of the past.

Multiple Protocols

Celo offers three protocols

  • OpenVPN
  • SSTP
  • L2TP/IPsec

All three of these protocols have their unique strengths. SSTP is mostly suited for streaming geo-locked videos. Let’s say, you are in Papua New Guinea and wish to watch MLB highlight that are restricted to the United States, SSTP will do the job.

Meanwhile, L2TP/IPsec is the favorite of Smartphone users as it uses little battery to function. Although it is less capable than some its more powerful cousins, L2TP does in fact shield you from variety of threats on the net.

Lastly, OpenVPN is the superstar of the protocol world. It is to tunneling protocols what Johnny Cash was too old country.

The OpenVPN protocol balances speed and security and sports military-grade encryption. Hence why, it is yet to be bested by any living hacker.

P2P Compatible

Let’s address the elephant in the room, torrenting is a controversial subject. Some say its completely illegal. Others claim it all depends on what you use torrenting for.

I favor the second opinion. Torrenting itself is not immoral practice unless you use it steal someone’s intellectual property.

Despite that, many countries have banned this practice altogether. Other countries may not be that strict but they have anti-torrenting laws in place.

Celo VPN lets customers conduct torrenting freely and without any data limit. It keeps you anonymous as you continue to download your favorite content.

This is a feather in the cap of the providers.

Celo VPN for Kodi

Unfortunately, Celo VPN is not compatible with Kodi. Thus, you will need to use a Kodi VPN Android service to watch geo-blocked stuff on Kodi securely.

Celo VPN Servers Review

CELO VPN has a range of servers dispersed in various regions. 15 major countries of the world are covered including United States, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, and Sweden. Following is a list of CELO VPN servers distributed globally:

USArizona, LA, AtlantaNetherlandsAmsterdam x 2
CanadaTorontoSouth KoreaSeoul
chinaHong Kong

Availability of servers is a major aspect to consider. More user-saturated a server gets slower your internet becomes.

However, Global dispersion of servers solves the issue significantly. Besides speed, there is one more aspect to consider. Censorship exists on different content types.

In other words, the content library of a Streaming-Service may vary from region to region. Yet, CELO VPN provides Server-Switch feature. As a result, banned content is unblocked and available to you.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

A VPN with cross-platform availability has greater appeal than a VPN that is just limited to single platform. For instance, it would feel bad when your subscribed VPN doesn’t work on Android device.

Your computer may get secured but your phone holds more sensitive data including personal photographs, Confidential conversations, Important contacts and Net-Banking applications. It could be easily targeted for Fraudulent Funds Transfer, Data thefts, Ransom against data leakage and more cyber threats.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Celo VPN does not have dedicated apps but it can be configured on all the popular platforms. If you wish to avail Celo VPN IOS and Celo VPN Android, you will need a third party OpenVPN app.

Same is the case for Windows, Android and Linux. You can get the OpenVPN app on the Celo VPN download section of the VPN’s website.

It doesn’t matter which device you use, Celo VPN works flawlessly on mentioned platforms giving you ultimate streaming and online experience.

Long thing short, Celo VPN works on the following devices



Customer Support

Customer support is one benefit every individual seeks before final subscription. A user expects a quick response to his query, It annoys when VPN faces technical issues and you are unable to solve it.

Almost every VPN provider promises 24 hours live chat support, in reality, they don’t respond you when you need them.

This VPN does not claim to provide 24/7 Live Chat. Despite that, the live chat system is very seamless and the technical Support representative replies within minutes of your query.

I will rate Celo’s customer support as 9/10, for their user-friendly and fast live chat system.

Unique Selling Point

With numerous benefits, CELO VPN offers an unbeatable feature. 7 days live-chat system for technical support adds even more to CELO VPN. This confirms VPN subscription is not just a sale, it’s a relationship that goes on and on after sales. Even more , he 10 days money-back guarantee provides assurance and premium satisfaction to customers before they spend the hard earned money.


Tier 1 Global Network

VPN infrastructure holds prime importance in evaluation process. CELO VPN owns sate of the art servers in all regions, they allow unlimited L2TP/IPSec and P2P traffic on all accounts.

Most of the providers out there put road blocks in front of users, to slow down the speed while increasing the number of users. But CELO VPN doesn’t compromise on the quality of service, it provides reliable connection with maximum speed to all its users.

Some websites track every little move you do online. These websites then create a profile, composing your daily online activities. The stored information is then utilized for hacking, data theft and even revenue generating purposes.

CELO VPN provides premium protection against these unwanted advertisements and websites. It uses highest grade encryption with a NAT Firewall to ensure all your data stays private and encrypted, no matter what.

Speed Test

For your convenience we have conducted series of speed test using CELO VPN. However, The test were conducted on weakest connection possible, So you can get maximum assurance and satisfaction while making your choice with the VPN.

celo vpn speed test

This test was conducted on the server of United States, Nevada. However, you may get more speed with CELO VPN, as the test was meant to be carried out on poor network, to deliver you reliable assurance of speed.

Multiple Logins

Commonly, VPN provider gives a unique login access to each user. CELO VPN gives you multiple logins using single account.

This means up to 5 users can log into CELO VPN using the same account. No limitation on speed exists.  You get unlimited bandwidth with no hidden fees and speed throttling.

Even more you stream movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Music and Sports as much as you want at the same time from any device you want, using the multiple logins by CELO VPN account.

No Logging Privacy Policy

Unlike many VPN providers, CELO VPN offers no-logging policy. This means user activities are not monitored under any circumstances.

This benefit is rarely offered by any VPN provider in market. As most of the providers prefer not to discuss their logging and privacy policies, as a result user activity log is maintained on their VPN servers.

Programs and Manuals Provided

User friendly installation guides and tutorials makes VPN more advanced. CELO VPN offers detailed tutorials to configure a VPN on devices of leading platforms.

User can get free guides and tutorials from the knowledgebase download section of CELO VPN website. Even more you may also like to setup the VPN manually on your device.

Manual Setup Configuration guides are also provided for user convenience.



Setup Process

CELO VPN is available to setup on different platforms. There are some platforms where you have to setup manually. In this review, I will show you steps to setup CELO VPN on windows 7 platform.

Follow the prescribed steps below to setup CELO VPN on windows:

  1. Download the OpenVPN Connect Client – Windows from the DOWNLOAD section.
  2. Install the OpenVPN Connect Client package.
  3. Upon successful installation, click on the CELO VPN icon on the bottom right side in the task bar. And click on the connect as shown in this picture.
    Setup Process of celo vpn
  4. Open the name of VPN server you want to connect to.
    celo vpn
  5. Enter you VPN username and Password. Finally click on the connect.
    Setup Process of celo vpn
  6. You will see following message box. Click on the Yes. Make sure to check mark the don’t ask again option.
    Setup Process of celo vpn
  7. Upon successful connection you will see a popup balloon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Alternatives of Celo VPN

As I have mentioned before, Celo VPN is indeed a minimalistic VPN service. It offers you protection on the web for reasonable prices. If you are in the search for anything more, I suggest you read the following reviews.

Celo VPN Review Reddit

Although Celo VPN does not command a massive fan following on reddit, it does have some fans on the forum.

Many redditors also recommend the VPN for the UK and US.


At the end of this CELO VPN review, I can assure you of the performance and service of this provider. It supports a variety of security protocols for you safety and guarantees online protection.

You may also try the 2 days free trail. The 10 days money back guarantee assures that CELO VPN provides premium protection to your online data privacy. I will rate it 5.5/10.


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Ever since Ghulman read 1984, he has become somewhat obsessed with Mass Surveillance. This is the reason why he spends his time advocating for digital privacy and internet freedom. When he is not stringing together alphabets, Ghulman amuses himself with unfunny sitcoms and badly produced Indy flicks.

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  1. Gary Choate says:

    Looks very attractive. Not listed on iTunes App Store. What do you call your app – Celo vpn? Maybe this is only for jail broken iOS?

  2. Tuddrussell says:

    Celo VPN: 12 of the 21 servers are blocked from torrents. All servers in Australia, UK and US = blocked. Torrent capable servers are in Netherlands, Sweden, and Russia. Keep this in mind when purchasing.

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