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BulletVPN Review 2019

BulletVPN has good server speed and strong encryption. It has servers available in 31 countries, but doesn't unblock US Netflix. For the price of $3.75/mo, it earns a 3 Stars rating.

Based inEstonia
Servers 31 Countries
LogsNo Logs
Multi Login3 Devices
Refund30 Days Money Back

Have you been looking for a high-speed VPN that gives you quality connections and fast speed?

BulletVPN claims that it does. Its fast speed was validated when I ran a speed test. Also, it has a strong encryption that keeps your data protected.

It does not collect any logs nor it has an expensive price. But it is expensive than PureVPN or Surfshark.

Find out in this BulletVPN review if this service is worth buying.

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My Rating Criteria

These are the list of factors that I have used to perform BulletVPN review:


Pricing – How much does BulletVPN cost?

BulletVPN brings you an affordable pricing plan. It offers 3 pricing plans or packages, but it’s easy to see which one stands out.


But with every offer, you get no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee.

Not many VPN service providers offer this feature for all their pricing plans.

Other than that, also check out our handpicked list of VPN deals right now to get amazing discounts on VPNs.

Security – Encryption & features

It has the strongest 256-bit AES encryption, which is the industry’s standard encryption.

When it comes to protocols, it offers the following:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN
  • IKEv1
  • IKEv2


Jurisdiction –Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

BulletVPN is based in Estonia, a Northern European country that does not fall under 14-eyes intelligence sharing nations.

Not many countries you will find in Europe that does not share intelligence data to other countries.

That is why a VPN service provider based in this region is considered safe.

Now you can look at VPNs if they are a part of fourteen eyes country.


It has servers available in 31 countries.

This is an important feature because the reason why it is called Bullet is because of its high-speed servers.

Most of its servers are present in Tier-1 data centers and they have high-quality connections.

That is why it is able to produce fast speed.


It may not have servers in China, North Korea, or similar other countries that have strict online restrictions, but it has server in Russia.

To access websites in these countries, a service provider must have obfuscated server, which I am afraid this VPN does not offer.


Speed – How fast is BulletVPN?

BulletVPN server speed is just above average. With an internet speed of 16 Mbps, I connected to BulletVPNs US server.


Here is the speed I received:


Internet speed without VPN: 16 Mbps

Internet speed with VPN: 9.26 Mbps

Speed Decline by 43%

As you can see the speed hasn’t declined by much so the speed remains just above average.

Please view our speed test guide for VPNs that have fast speed servers.


Streaming –Does it work with Netflix?

When tested it for Netflix, it did NOT unblock American Netflix library.

This service provider does claim that it unblocks the streaming service, but when I checked I could not access the US library.

So, BulletVPN and Netflix don’t go hand-in-hand. It did unblock iPlayer which I thought was amazing.

However, it does not unblock Torrents as it does not have P2P supported servers. It’s likely that you will get caught.

When streaming with Kodi, it did unblock Live TV Channels that are shown under Kodi app.

Kodi BulletVPN is the way to stream channels from across the globe.

There’s a lot of VPNs that happens to works with Kodi. Have a look at our Kodi VPN addon.


Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

It was impressive to see that BulletVPN did NOT leak any IP. I tested for IP leaks using this IP Leak website.

I connected BulletVPN to a US server. Here is the screenshot of the results:


IP Test


DNS Test


WebRTC Test


Here is our VPN leak test guide that shows which VPN leaks your IP.

Virus Test

To check if its Windows client or any other app is clear from viruses and malware, I scanned the file using Virus Total.

I could only found 1 adware, a software that automatically downloads advertising material.



Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support

BulletVPN does NOT collect connection logs nor does it stores usage logs.

Here is what its privacy policy states:

We do not collect any logs of user browsing history, connection history, traffic and data transfer, or DNS queries, nor do we store VPN connection logs of any type.

If they’re not tracking your IP address, then its impossible to log your data, which is exactly what they are trying to explain.

It made it clear that:

This makes it impossible for anyone including BulletVPN to retrieve information about a specific user, date, time, source IP, and VPN server.

Now the question remains, what information do they collect to make their service better?

Here it is:

Only Total data consumption is collected to ensure that performance is optimized for all connected users.

I learned in this BulletVPN review that the data they collect does not violate your online privacy.

Let’s have a look at some VPNs and their logging policies.

Customer Support

BulletVPN customer support is really good. There is a 24/7 Live Chat support and Ticketing System where you can submit tickets specific to your queries.

Also, you can email them for a response that will be made within 24-hours.

I tried its live chat feature and I got an instant response within a minute.

In fact, they offered to try a free-trial account for 3-days. Impressive!


Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

BulletVPN is compatible with many great OS. It is compatible with the following devices:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Smart TV
  • PS3/PS4
  • Xbox One/ Xbox 360


You can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously with a single BulletVPN account.

App Experience

I downloaded BulletVPN iOS app after I was given a free-trial account by their customer support.


The app is slick and simple. It doesn’t take much time to connect to a server which is impressive to say the least.


You can either connect to some favorite locations that have fast servers or you can view all locations.


BulletVPN Reviews on Play Store

Play Store Ratings: 2.9 Stars out of 5 (44 reviews)

iTunes Store Ratings: 2.3 Stars out of 5 (6 reviews)

Before I begin reviewing BulletVPN, let’s first see what users have to say about this VPN service:



VPN Comparison between BulletVPN and PureVPN

Here is a quick comparison between the two service providers based on their features and price. Let us know which one is best:

Price $1.32/mo $3.75/mo
Servers2000+ in 140 CountriesServers in 31 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, Mac, iOS,
Android, & Apple TV
JurisdictionHong KongEstonia
Logging PolicyZero LogZero Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportLive Chats, Tickets & Email
Trust Pilot Score9.5N/A
Website PUREVPN BulletVPN



If you didn’t find any of its features attractive or you’re looking to find a better VPN. Then you may have a look at its alternatives:

My Verdict

Yes. I recommend BulletVPN.

I found its interface really smooth. It had fast servers and amazing customer support.

The thing I disliked about this VPN service is only because I found an adware in its client. This adware would download advertising material on your app so you can watch targeted ads.

If I am paying more than these top VPNs such as PureVPN or Surfshark, I expect to get more features or otherwise it is too expensive for me.

In this BulletVPN review, I loved the fact that it worked on all major platforms and most importantly it does not collect logs.

So, if you’re going to get this service, make sure you download its Android or IOS app and not the Windows client because that is where I found the virus.

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