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BlackVPN Review 2019 – A Service with a Solution for Every VPN Need

Overall Rating

Best For

  • Privacy
  • Torrenting
  • NetflixNetflix
  • BBC iPlayerBBC iPlayer
  • Hide IP


  • Torrenting
  • iOS
  • Android
  • NetflixNetflix
  • Windows
  • Mac
$4.70 Per Month

The Need for a VPN

We live in an era of privacy and security victimization. These days, you never know what kind of threats await you on the internet. Moreover, it is well-known that agencies like the NSA and GCHQ are seeking our online traces.

A VPN can safeguard our digital privacy and prevent our personal information from being leaked. However, there are innumerable VPNs available and they all vary in different ways. This is where we come in. Our VPN reviews help you select the best VPN for your connection.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNBlack VPN
Servers2,000+ in 140 countries31 servers in 18 countries
CompatibilityWindows, Mac. Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Mac, Linux, Routers, Android, and iOS
JurisdictionHong KongHong Kong
Logging PolicyZero LogIt does NOT log your activities
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsLive chat and Email
Trust Pilot Score9.58.6

Today, we will analyze BlackVPN, a Hong Kong-based VPN service. In this BlackVPN review, you will learn how this service fares when put up against the modern VPN standards.

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec Protocols
  • Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Pandora Radio Access
  • Based in Hong Kong
  • P2P Access in Two Packages
  • 5 Separate Packages for Different VPN Needs
  • Free Trial for Android
  • No 24/7 Live Support
  • Somewhat Slow Speed
  • No iOS App
  • Limited Servers

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BlackVPN Features Review- A Stand out VPN Service

Buying a VPN can be a hassle sometimes. You may find hundreds of VPN service providers with resembling package plans trading in the industry. Sometimes the VPN services mislead privacy seekers by advertising features they simply do not offer. And in another instances, the features they provide fail to live up to the mark.

Therefore, when you are dealing with a sophisticated technology like VPN, you must conduct a thorough research before making your purchase decision. To help you through this process, we analyze different VPN and tell you which one is worth its salt.

Today, we will review BlackVPN – a VPN service that has been around since 9 years. In this review, we will discuss its pricing plans and the many features it offers to the seekers of internet privacy. The purpose of this BlackVPN Review 2018 is to equip you adequate knowledge to make the correct decision regarding this service.

BlackVPN Package Plans and Pricing


Packages and pricing of a VPN service provider are two most valuable characteristics that a buyer should be interested in. Price offered by a VPN service provider gives you an idea whether the service provider fall within your budget. Moreover, package plans target the basic needs of customer to use a VPN.

BlackVPN has smartly categorized and presented the package plans offered. BlackVPN has directly targeted different market segments in the VPN industry based on their needs and preferences to use VPN. Here is the list of BlackVPN packages that includes:

  • Global Package
  • Privacy Package
  • TV Package Plan
  • USA VPNs
  • UK VPNs

Global Package

With Global VPN Package Plan, you can access all servers installed by BlackVPN in different geographic locations: US, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Panama, Switzerland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Singapore, Estonia and Luxembourg. More details about Global VPN Package Plan are given below.

  • 1 Month Global VPN Package Plan for €9.50
  • 3 Months Global VPN Package Plan for €27
  • 12 Months Global VPN Package Plan for €99

Privacy Package Plan

This plan is offered for those who are conscious about their privacy. BlackVPN promises absolute anonymity 100% privacy with this package plan. Safeguard your privacy and security with BlackVPN’s privacy plan powered by PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocol support. There are three pricing plans offered in this category.

  • 1 Month Privacy Package Plan for €5
  • 3 Months Privacy Package Plan for €13
  • 12 Months Privacy Package Plan for €49

TV Package Plan

This package plan is offered for those who wish to access content from US and UK . With BlackVPN’s TV Plan, you can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, 4oD, SyFy, Showcase, Spotify and many more.

You can enjoy unlimited sharing and download with BlackVPN’s TV plan as there are no bandwidth restrictions. More details about BlackVPN’s TV plan are given below.

  • 1 Month TV Package Plan for €7.50
  • 3 Months TV Package Plan for €20
  • 12 Months TV Package Plan for €75

USA Package Plan

If you are looking to unblock content specifically limited to the United States, you can try out BlackVPN’s USA package. This package will allow to connect to the servers located in the East, West and Central regions of the US.

With these servers you can enjoy services such as Netflix US, Hulu, Pandora Radio and other streaming services. We checked out the BlackVPN Netflix connection in particular and found it to be pretty efficient. The price you will have to pay for this package is below.

  • 1 month US Package for €5.00
  • 3 month US Package for €13.00
  • 12 month US Package for €49.00

UK Package Plan

BlackVPN offers a special UK package to the users. With this package, you get servers location in London, UK which provides you access to streaming services such as Netflix UK, Karma and BBC iPlayer.

Also, since the UK has relatively progressive internet laws. You can access numerous websites from this package that would otherwise be banned in your country. This package too has three pricing plans.

  • 1 month UK package for €5.00
  • 3 month UK Package for €13.00
  • 12 month UK Package for €46.00

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BlackVPN Server Review

BlackVPN provides 31 servers from 20 locations spread out in 18 countries. Of course, this is a small number when compared to other VPN services but it may suffice for users who want to unblock streaming apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Pandora Radio.


BlackVPN Customer Support Review

Most of the VPN service providers trading in the industry claim to offer 24/7 live customer support; however, they’re unavailable especially at times when you need them the most. BlackVPN, on the other hand, doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support; but, there response is quite prompt to your query.


Most people reading this BlackVPN review would still consider this a drawback because 24/7 customer and tech support is essential especially when you have to deal with a sophisticated technology like a VPN. Hence, addition of this feature is highly recommended to BlackVPN.

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Payment Methods


Diversity in payment options is important for potential clients; because, everyone wishes to pay for his/her desired services as per convenience. Variety of payment options offered by a VPN service provider facilitates the transaction process and eventually the purchase decision.

BlackVPN offers multiple payment options to choose from. While carrying out your transaction with BlackVPN, you can either pay via PayPal or use Paymentwall and pay with Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Bank Transfers and e-Wallets.

For greater level of privacy you can even use Bitcoin which is the most secure method as it keeps your identity discrete. So, those who wish to use a VPN for anonymity – BlackVPN has a special payment method just for you.

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BlackVPN Speed Test Review

In order to review BlackVPN’s performance and excellence in terms of internet speed, we conducted some speed tests. The purpose of speed tests was to evaluate BlackVPN’s effect on internet speed.

To evaluate BlackVPN’s effect on internet speed, we conducted two speed tests. One test was conducted before, and the other after BlackVPN was connected. The snapshots of the speed tests are given below.

We will evaluate BlackVPN’s performance based on three factors: ping, download speed and upload speed. Before connecting BlackVPN, ping was 12ms; download speed was 4.77Mbps and upload speed was 0.47Mbps.


After connecting Black VPN’s UK server, ping increased to 170ms; download speed dropped to 1.14Mbps and upload speed decreased to 0.33Mbps.


When you connect a VPN on your device, the decline in internet speed is inevitable. This is the cost you will have to pay for privacy, security and anonymity. Hence, it can be deduced that BlackVPN’s performance is good as its effect on internet speed is acceptable.

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Device compatibility is one of the important aspects to look for. When you purchase a VPN, you don’t pay handsome amount just to secure a single device. Therefore, a highly recommendable VPN is the one that is compatible with different devices.

BlackVPN offers device compatibility as you can connect the VPN on your PC, Mac, Linux and iPad along with other iOS and Android supported devices. In addition, you can configure BlackVPN easily on your DD-WRT router to liberate your Internet and breakthrough all geo-restrictions.

Manually Configuring BlackVPN

To adequately review BlackVPN, we configured this service manually and our experience suggested that this process is very simple when compared to some other VPN services. This is because the config files of BlackVPN are organized with utmost efficiency. On its website, you will find a list of platforms for you choose from.

After selecting your particular platform, you will across a table what will contain links of VPN protocols and how they can be connected. The table provides a convenient way for users to select their preferred protocols without getting lost in the information provided.

From there you can find the config files for Linux in a downloadable zip file and .ovpn files for Android.

BlackVPN on Windows

There are multiple ways for you to set up BackVPN on your Windows. You can either install their OpenVPN App or use a Beta version of their custom client. Just be mindful that their beta version comes with several bugs so you will have to regularly update this app.

You can also manually set up OpenVPN and IPSec/L2TP to use BlackVPN services.

BlackVPN on Android

You can login into BlackVPN app which is available on Google Play Store by the title of Black VPN. You get three days trial with this app and it provides OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption.

Also, read our exclusive guide on best VPN app for Android to disclose more popular VPN services.

BlackVPN on IPhone or iPad

There is no app of BlackVPN available on iOS yet. On their website, it says that they have submitted their app to the Apple’s app store but it is yet to be approved of. Until then, you can manually set up L2TP/IPSec and PPTP through BlackVPN’s guides.

BlackVPN on Mac

BlackVPN has recently come up with their macOS app. The app provides OpenVPN protocol with AES-256 bit encryption. You can also set up IPSec/L2TP via BlackVPN and they also offer SSL Tunnel on the system.

Security and Privacy

For your security, BlackVPN provide a wide range of protocols and offers advanced encryption level. As you may know, Protocols and encryption levels supported by a VPN service provider are the key factors that guarantee privacy and security. The protocols supported by a VPN service provider serve as the prerequisites in forming a secure tunnel.

The encryption levels supported by the VPN serve as a backup plan. Encrypted data wouldn’t be of much use to the hacker after network security infiltration.

BlackVPN supports PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP/IPSec (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN. Furthermore, BlackVPN provides up to 256bit encryption to ensure data security.

The clients of BlackVPN come with a built-in kill switch that is activated whenever there is a chance of your location and browsing data being exposed.

Logs Policy


BlackVPN has a clear log and privacy policy. The good news is – BlackVPN doesn’t maintain logs or monitor your online activities. As prescribed on their website, BlackVPN NEVER maintains.

  • Logs of your IP
  • Logs of online activities
  • Log of Email address
  • Record of Payment

Nevertheless, BlackVPN is entitled to take necessary action when you are using its services for:

  • Spamming
  • Hacking
  • Harming others
  • Using P2P on UK, US and Singapore Servers

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BlackVPN Reviews on Social Media

To see what other users are experiencing with BlackVPN’s service, we browsed the popular social media forum.

At first, we came across this small BlackVPN reddit review by a user who had a pleasant experience with the service.


Also on reddit, BlackVPN got an outstanding 9/10 rating from a satisfied customer.


This concise BlackVPN review on Twitter lays out its merits.

Does it Works best with Kodi?

Streaming lovers would love to hear what I will be telling them next.

BlackVPN works nicely with Kodi media player. Yes, it allows you to watch Live TV channels from all around the world.

But first you must understand why do i need VPN for Kodi. Then, you will be able to learn this VPNs potential.

Alternative of BlackVPN

With BlackVPN, you get some excellent features to boost up your cyber security and provide you the access to a wide array of geo-restricted content. However, some users might want more than that.

These users might be looking for more advanced encryption, a wider range of servers or some other features not provided by BlackVPN. For them, there are options available.

Check Out:

Free Trial

BlackVPN offers a 3 days FREE trial on its Android App. The app comes with an OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption. Furthermore, it has servers of UK, Canada, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Australia and Singapore.

They also offer a 14 days money back warranty for you to review BlackVPN yourself.

Final Verdict

By now, this BlackVPN review must have provided you with enough information to know that this service is as good as they come.

Behind the success of this service, are the smartly designed packages that make BlackVPN standout in the sea of VPN providers. In addition, BlackVPN’s value added benefits and service quality are the key success factors that attract customers from all over the world.

There are different uses of a VPN but mainly it is used to ensure privacy and online security. BlackVPN supports different protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN to fulfill your security needs. Not only this, BlackVPN also has other package plans to satisfy your divergent preferences other than security.

BlackVPN is compatible with different devices. Furthermore, its effect on actual internet speed is acceptable. It offers easy to use OpenVPN software along with detailed tutorials for manual configuration. With 14 days money back warranty, BlackVPN is definitely a good VPN alternative to consider.

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