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Avira Phantom VPN Review 2019 – Does the Service Worth Your Money?

Avira Phantom VPN
Avira Phantom VPN
Overall Rating

Best For

  • Security
  • Torrenting
  • NetflixNetflix
  • HuluHulu
  • Hide IP


  • Torrenting
  • iOS
  • Android
  • NetflixNetflix
  • Windows
  • Mac
$6.50 Per Month

Avira Phantom VPN is the brainchild of same team who developed a renowned Avira antivirus software. The service typically aims at those internet users who wish to secure their online activities. Moreover, the service targets those netizens who do not want to spend much on their privacy.

We analyze the best VPN services by unveiling their features, privacy policy and other aspects. We plan to do the same in this Avira Phantom VPN Review.

We were pleased to know that the service proudly offers a list of compelling features to its subscriber. We will explain these features in details.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNAvira Phantom VPN
Servers2000+ in 140 countries36 Servers
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Chrome
JurisdictionHong KongUS (member of 5-eyes country)
Logging PolicyZero LogIt does keep connection logs and usage logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsAuto-generated replies and Community
Trustpilot Score9.58.8


We refer to our guide VPN reviews to discover the best VPN provider for your online freedom.


  • Offers both free and premium pricing plans
  • Established brand name
  • Compatible with all major platforms
  • OpenVPN Protocol Support
  • Offers limited server locations
  • Expensive pricing for the subscribers
  • Slow Speed
  • No Customer Support

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Free VPN Review


According to our Avira Phantom VPN review, the service offers an exclusive free plan. You can avail this plan without any subscription. Furthermore, you do not need to register to start using the service. Through the free VPN plan, you can use 500 MB data on monthly basis.

You can use the Avira free VPN plan on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The plan also offers features like anonymous surfing, traffic encryption, DNS leak prevention and Auto-connect features for Wi-Fi network.

Premium Plans Review


The Avira review indicates that the service provides three types of pricing plans to its subscribers. These pricing plans include monthly plan, annual plan, and monthly plan for mobile users only. You can get the monthly plan at the cost of $9.99/ month.

Likewise, you can avail annual plan after paying just $62.39 based on yearly billing. Hence, you are able to obtain a lucrative 50% discount. Moreover, the iOS and android users both can avail mobile plan by paying $ 5.99 on monthly basis.

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Features Review

Our Avira Phantom VPN review disclosed that the service offers a list of compelling features. Here is the list of features that includes:

  • Offers 36 servers
  • Provides secure encryption
  • Unblocks your favorite content
  • Strictly follows no- logging policy
  • Provides kill switch feature as a “Fail Safe”

After reviewing these features, the future of the provider looks quite optimistic. Since, the service is relatively new in the VPN industry. Therefore, 36 server in different countries is a huge advantage for the subscribers.

Apart from this, the service is making sure that the users must avail 256-bit encryption. Interestingly, the service also provides kill switch feature that does not expose your data to the internet service providers (ISPs).

Payment Methods

According to our Avira Phantom VPN review, the provider offers a list of online payment methods. Despite being a new entrant in the VPN industry, this is quite an encouraging sign that suggests service is moving in the right direction. These online payment methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Amex
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB

Unfortunately, the service does not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. This means users have no way of anonymously paying for this service.

Server Locations


We have analyzed in this Avira Phantom VPN review that the service is currently offering 36 servers from different locations worldwide. Hence, you can connect to any server of your choice available in below mentioned countries. We were impressed to observe that the service is trying its level best to increase the server locations.

Through Avira Phantom VPN, you can access your favorite content like Hulu Plus, HBO Now, Showtime, Crackle and others. Despite being a novel VPN service in the industry, the service has presence in all the major countries of the world.

VPN Compatibility Review


Our Avira Phantom review indicates that the service is compatible with leading platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. However, Avira Phantom VPN presently does not work with Linux and routers. We expect that the service will start supporting these devices in near future.

Apps Review

The availability of apps for both Android and iOS users makes Avira Phantom VPN standout from the other VPN services. The Avira Phantom VPN Pro APK app is available on Google Playstore while Avira Phantom VPN iOS app can be downloaded from iTunes.

Hence, we tried to download the free app on our Android device to experience the service practically. The process of downloading and installation was straightforward. The provider only needs your email address and password to start using the service.

We were able to secure our connection and started web surfing anonymously. After providing email address and password, you can consume 1 GB data every month on your Android device.

Also, read our detailed guide on best VPN for Android to explore more VPNs for Android.

Protocols and Encryption

We tried our level best to evaluate each section of the official website. Still, we were not able to find any information about tunneling protocols. The website should have provided such basic information about protocols. However, it is a difficult task for subscribers to know how many protocols the provider offers.


According to our Avira Phantom review, the provider uses OpenVPN for Mac, Windows and Android Apps. This is if you download the apps from their website. If you download from the App Store you get IPsec. For iOS apps, the service uses Ikev2.

As for encryption, Avira Phantom offers AES 256-bit cipher that is the most advanced level of encryption available. In fact, this encryption was developed by NSA to secure its top-secret data. Even now, banks use this encryption to secure their sensitive information.

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Customer Support


The provider only offers FAQs section as a form of customer support feature. The service must offer features like 24/7 live chat, tickets, email and a dedicated knowledgebase section. If you want to contact the service for any reason, you should send an email through Avira website.

Avira Phantom VPN must also develop an extensive support network to grab the attention of potential and current users. Without doing this, it would be cumbersome for the provider to retain its customer base for longer period.

Logging Policy

According to our review, the service does not track the websites users visit. Avira Phantom VPN does not record your IP address however; the provider records the amount of data you consume. Furthermore, diagnostic data is also record but it is optional since you can switch off this tracking within the product interface.

Still, not all the things are rosy. Since, Avira Phantom VPN keeps minimum connection logs therefore the service does not follow zero logging policy.


Privacy Policy

After performing this review in detail, we found the provider’s privacy policy bit obnoxious. According to the VPN, the service may record your personal identifiable information (PII). This personal identifiable information includes your name, address, email, phone number, credit card information and others.

The provider may also record your location along with IP address. Moreover, Avira Phantom VPN may use your device brand, modem operating system version and other information. Hence, it becomes difficult for the users to understand the privacy policy.

If you live in Canada or US, the headquarter of Avira Phantom VPN is Avira, Inc., 330 Primrose Avenue, Suite 610, Burlingame, CA 94010, USA. Surprisingly, if you live in countries other than US and Canada, the address of Avira Phantom VPN is Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG, Kaplaneiweg 1, 88069 Tettnang, Germany.

The above scenario suggests that the Canadian and the US users will have to follow US jurisdiction in true letter and spirit. The situation does not favor both the US and the Canadian users to select Avira Phantom VPN services.

Hence, the users must think twice before selecting Avira Phantom VPN as their preferred privacy provider. If you still decide to opt for the service, you will have to compromise on your online privacy and protection.

Avira Phantom Torrenting Review

Different VPNs apply different policies for torrenting and other P2P activities. Some have dedicated server for P2P while other suspend the users for downloading copyrighted content.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing which side of the fence Avira Phantom VPN stands on. There is no official policy statement on this issue on provider’s website.

Technically, you can download torrents on this service. We used this service for torrenting on few occasion and we are yet to receive any warning. Still, our Avira Phantom review for torrenting advices you to be careful while using this service for torrents.

If you want to stream Live TV channels from around the world, then Kodi is the best platform.

Luckily, Avira Phantom works best with Kodi.

For more providers that works with Kodi, view our guide how to use VPN with Kodi.

Performance Review

Our Avira Phantom VPN Pro review categorizes the performance of this service as below average. The biggest issue we faced while using this service was that it kept disconnecting after small intervals of time.

While the VPN service was connected, it provided only 65% of our normal connection speed. According to our experience, this makes this VPN service one of the slowest ones around.

As expected, video streaming on this service was extremely frustrating. We struggled to watch a 480p video on YouTube with the VPN connected.

Alternatives of Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom deserves credit for its generous free package and other services it provides. Nevertheless, we still believe that there are better VPN services in the market. If you agree with us than you would not mind checking out the following VPN reviews.

Avira Phantom VPN Reddit Review

Avira VPN has lot to do to enhance its reputation among Reddit users. There are users those who experienced the service but did not like it at all. Hence, they prefer Reddit VPN instead of Avira VPN to secure their online privacy to the next level. Here is the response of one Redditor who does not endorse the use of Avira VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avira Phantom VPN is an online privacy service that is available both for free and for paid plans. The service is based in US and it provides 36 servers from all around the world.

Like any other VPN, this service masks your IP address and protects you from online threats. These threats exist in the form of hackers, identity thieves and vigilant agencies.

This VPN service also unblocks content that is geo-restricted for one reason or the other.

Avira Phantom does not have a large number of servers at its disposable. At present, it offers just 36 servers, which is a small number when compared to some of the top dogs of the VPN market.

However, when we ran our test on the service for Netflix US, we were surprised to learn that Avira Phantom has the capability to unblock the popular streaming service.

The only catch is that it does not provide the greatest of speeds on the streaming site. But when you stop to consider how many VPN services fail the big ‘Netflix test’, you realize that this service is achieving something extraordinary.

Just bear in mind that Netflix has a tendency to upgrade its VPN detectors every now and then. Therefore, you never know how long this will last.

Final Verdict

We were impressed with all the features and other offerings of the service until we found the privacy policy. As soon as we explored the privacy policy, it literally spoiled our fun. It does not matter how many servers and pricing plans a VPN service offers to its subscribers.

As long as the provider does not have a clear-cut privacy policy, the reputation of the service remains doubtful. Considering its dual policy for US, Canada and other countries’ users, we will recommend the subscriber to opt for other VPN service. Moreover, as our Avira Phantom review explains, the service does not provide strong customer support feature. We believe that good customer support is necessary for every successful VPN provider.

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