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Avira Phantom VPN Review 2020 - Good Antivirus But Not A Good VPN
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Avira Phantom VPN Review 2020

Avira Phantom VPN is a German provider offering its services through 38 servers worldwide. You can subscribe to the VPN after paying relatively expensive $6.50/mo price. The service has earned 2.8 stars rating overall.

Based inGermany [UNSAFE]
Servers38 Servers (Worldwide)
LogsKeep Logs
Multi Login5 Devices
Refund30 Days

Avira Phantom VPN is the brainchild of the same team who developed a renowned Avira Antivirus software. The service delivers high-level encryption coupled with stress-free performance.

However, it keeps connection logs of their users and has an expensive pricing strategy apart from offering free trial benefits.

During this Avira Phantom VPN review, I tested its speed, compatibility, money-back guarantee, logging policy and jurisdiction in detail.

Therefore, based on the above analysis, I don’t recommend this VPN as it does not have a massive server spread like PureVPN or ExpressVPN.

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My Rating Criteria

Let’s have a look at the rating criteria on the basis of which I have performed this review:


Pricing – How much does Avira Phantom VPN cost?

This German VPN service offers a free version but has expensive paid plans for its users.

The service offers an exclusive free plan. You can avail this plan without any subscription. Through the free VPN plan, you can use 500 MB data on a monthly basis.

At present, the VPN has the following plans for its users that include:

These pricing plans are much higher as compared to other VPNs like Surfshark or NordVPN. However, you can claim for the refund within 30 days after subscription if you are not satisfied with the service.

But if you’re looking for the top-quality VPNs at discounted rates, I would recommend you to check out our handpicked list of VPN deals 2019 right now.


In terms of online payment methods, the provider offers different options that include:

  • PayPal
  • Amex
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB

Security – Protocols & Encryption

While conducting Avira VPN review, I found it uses OpenVPN for Windows, Mac and Android Apps. This is if you download the apps from their website. If you download from the App Store you get IPsec. For iOS apps, the service uses IkEv2.

As for encryption, Avira Phantom offers AES 256-bit cipher that is the most advanced level of encryption available. Apart from these benefits, you can experience Internet Kill Switch feature by the name of “Fail Safe”.

The VPN also provides Kill Switch feature that does not expose your data to the internet service providers (ISPs).

Jurisdiction – Is it located in a 5-eye country?

Avira Phantom VPN hails from Germany, which is a part of 14 eyes alliance.  The service may provide their users’ data if needed by law enforcement agencies because they are bound by the law to share their users’ information.

Server Locations

The service is currently offering 38 servers from different locations worldwide. The VPN does not deliver a multitude of servers like ExpressVPN or PureVPN.

Moreover, they don’t have an obfuscation feature in their armory. The said feature allows users to access their preferred sites or content in repressive countries securely.

Speed – How fast is Avira Phantom VPN?

As far as their server speed goes, the service provides extremely slow connection speeds.

I connected to its US server using 30 Mbps base internet connection speed and received just 2.91 Mbps connection speed in the end.


Streaming – Does it Unblock Netflix?

Interestingly, Avira Phantom VPN has the capability to unblock the popular streaming service. The only catch is that it does not provide the greatest of speeds on the streaming site.

On the other hand, you can use Avira Phantom VPN for torrenting task as well. This is because the VPN has categorically mentioned that they support P2P activities of their users.

Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests

In terms of different leaks, the service cleared all the required tests with excellence. It does not leak your IP, DNS, and WebRTC data online. Here are the screenshots:

IP Leak Test:


DNS Leak Test:


WebRTC Leak Test:


Virus Test

I checked its downloaded Windows file through VirusTotal.com and received no virus or malware threats at all.


Trustworthiness – Logging Policy & Customer Support

Unfortunately, Avira Phantom VPN keeps minimum connection logs.

As per their logging policy, it does not track the website’s users’ visit. Similarly, it does not record your IP address however; the provider records the amount of data you consume.

Furthermore, diagnostic data is also recorded but it is optional since you can switch off this tracking within the product interface.

Customer Support

Avira Phantom VPN did not impress me at all because they only offer FAQs in their support sectionIf you compare this attribute with other VPNs, you would realize that the services deliver various options to their users.

Avira Phantom VPN Reddit Review

Different users have recommended other VPNs than Avira Phantom VPN on Reddit.

Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices

Avira Phantom VPN  is compatible with leading platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

However, Avira Phantom VPN presently does not work with Linux and routers.

Surprisingly, it offers browser extensions for Opera and Google Chrome.

The availability of apps for both Android and iOS users makes Avira Phantom VPN stand out from the other VPN services.

The Avira Phantom VPN Pro APK app is available on Google Playstore while Avira Phantom VPN iOS app can be downloaded from iTunes.

The process of downloading and installation is straightforward. The provider only needs your email address and password to start using the service.

This way, you can secure your connection and start web surfing anonymously.


Comparison between PureVPN and Avira Phantom VPN

If you wish to differentiate between these two VPNs, consider reading this below-mentioned table:

FeaturesPureVPNAvira VPN
Price $2.91/mo $6.50/mo
Servers2000+ in 140 Countries38 Servers
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, Mac, Android &
JurisdictionHong KongGermany
Logging PolicyZero LogsKeep Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportFAQs
Trust Pilot Score4.8N/A
Website PUREVPN Avira VPN


Alternatives of Avira Phantom VPN

Here is the list of other VPNs reviews you can read if you don’t want to use Avira Phantom VPN:

Do I Recommend Avira Phantom VPN?

No, I don’t recommend Avira Phantom VPN.

The service is based in Germany and does not have a huge server spread like other VPNs.

Although it offers a free version but a 500 Mb data cap limitation is applied on the said version.  However, the service does not provide a crystal clear privacy for the potential subscribers.

Based on the above Avira Phantom VPN review, I would give the service 2.8 out of 5.0 stars rating overall.

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    think speed avira phantom VPN he French server had the best timings all ~10 seconds. The UK one was ~30 seconds.

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