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China is a country where netizens have to anticipate different kinds of online restrictions every day. The Chinese netizens can consider these restrictions in the form of websites region blocking and shutting down of Kids content i.e. Princess Elsa and Pegga Pig from their search engines. Therefore, this requires a VPN into China to access blocked content.

Whether it be unblocking of content or protection of your online activity, a VPN into China will do everything that is required. Further, a VPN into China will circumvent the strongest of restrictions i.e. The Great Firewall of China.

A VPN into China enables the Chinese netizens to unblock their desired video content outside the China hassle-free. Here is the list of best China VPN services that help you to tackle the online restrictions of Chinese government accordingly. The list of Chinese VPN providers includes:

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PureVPN- A VPN into China to secure your online freedom

PureVPN-for-China PureVPN is an online privacy provider Chinese netizens can opt to overcome issues such as region blocking within China. Through its 750 servers in 140+ countries worldwide, the service has all the right ingredients to be called as VPN into China.

The provider offers a comprehensive China IP address list that enables you to attain online freedom straightaway.

Pros of PureVPN

  • The service provides 24/7 365 days customer support feature to the users
  • The provider offers seven days money back guarantee benefit to the potential subscribers
  • The services also provides multi-login benefit to the users

Cons of PureVPN

  • The provider does not offer free trial feature to its users

To learn more about PureVPN, view our detailed PureVPN review.

NordVPN for China- another VPN into China service that has a huge potential

NordVPN-into-ChinaNordVPN is another VPN for China you can use to experience online anonymity and protection from the eyes of Great Firewall of China. In addition, the service offers 2245 servers in 56 countries of the world. The provider is compatible with all the leading platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Check out the detailed NordVPN China blog to explore more.

Pros of NordVPN

  • The service provides thirty (30) days money back guarantee benefit to the users
  • The provider offers different payment methods to the subscribers
  • NordVPN provides multi-login feature to the users

Cons of NordVPN

  • The service does not offer support for IPv6

To learn more about how NordVPN works, view our detailed NordVPN  Review

ExpressVPN for China – Expensive VPN into China provider

ExpressVPN-Expensive-VPN-into-China-Service ExpressVPN is a VPN service that allows you to perform the web surfing task anonymously within China. However, the service is expensive as compared to the other VPN services operating in the industry. The provider offers 145+ server locations in 94 countries worldwide.

Pros of ExpressVPN

  • Offers multi-login feature to the users
  • Provides compatibility for various platforms and devices
  • Offers excellent customer support feature to the users

Cons of ExpressVPN

  • Provides expensive pricing plans to the users

To learn more about ExpressVPN, view our detailed ExpressVPN review

 PrivateVPN – A VPN into China Service that has a promising future

PrivateVPN-A-VPN-into-China PrivateVPN is an interesting choice for netizens in China since it offers a dedicated China IP address list. Moreover, the provider has 100+ servers in 56 countries worldwide that allows you to experience an unmatched online freedom. The users can opt the service because the provider delivers pocket friendly pricing plans.

Pros of PrivateVPN

  • Provides 1Pv6 leak protection to its subscribers
  • Offers dedicated apps for platforms like Android, iOS and others
  • The service provides 30 (thirty) days money back guarantee benefit

 Cons of PrivateVPN

  • The provider should improve its servers network

To learn more about PrivateVPN, view our detailed PrivateVPN review.

Ivacy VPN for China- Affordable VPN into China service

IVacy-VPN-for-China Ivacy VPN is an affordable VPN service that offers 100+ server locations in 50 countries. In addition, the provider is compatible with various operating systems and devices that include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers and others.

Pros of Ivacy VPN

  • The service exclusively offers internet kill switch feature
  • The provider has seven days money guarantee feature for the potential subscribers
  • The service provides 24/7 365 days customer support benefit to the users

Cons of Ivacy VPN

  • Ivacy VPN has strict refund policy for the users

To learn more about Ivacy, view our detailed Ivacy review.

How to Get a Chinese IP Address

There are VPN into China services that offer a list of Chinese IP addresses to the users. From the list above, you can select your desired VPN service that provides servers in China. Here is the list of steps you should follow to get a Chinese IP address straightaway.

Step 1

Subscribe to a VPN service of your choice from the above list

Step 2

Download your desired VPN app from the official website

Step 3

You should connect to a VPN service in China to obtain a Chinese IP address

Step 4

After connecting to your desired Chinese VPN server, you are ready to explore your favorite content

This is how you can unblock and access your preferred Chinese websites like Youku, Tudou and Sohu instantly.


How to Get VPN into China on Android

Fortunately, you can get a VPN into China on your Android devices in China without any hassle. A VPN into china allows the Chinese netizens to gain access to their preferred blocked and geo-restricted sites outside the China. Here is how you can do to get VPN into China on Android:

  • Choose your desired VPN provider from the above list
  • After subscribing to the service, you should select a VPN package that serves your purpose
  • Go to play store and download the VPN app on your Android device
  • After downloading, install the VPN app
  • Open your VPN service and connect to the US server
  • You are free to access your desired streaming services on your Android device through VPN into China

Note: Here you will find a list of 5 best Android VPN.


Free VPN into China for Android

Surprisingly, not all the VPN providers offer free services in China. It means it has become a daunting task to circumvent the restrictions of Great Firewall in China. Therefore, users have to rely on VPN into China for their Android devices to achieve their objective instantly.

Through a VPN into China, you are able to secure your online identity to the next level. Furthermore, you can overcome the censorship mechanisms like IP blocking, DNS filtering, URL filtering and others.

However, you should not lose all your hopes being a Chinese netizen. It means you can still use best free VPN to access your favorite video streaming services in China anonymously. By selecting free VPN of your choice, you can use best free VPN for China for Android devices straightaway.

How Proxy into China can bypass Blocks and Filters

The netizens in China can use a method other than VPN into China. Yes, you read it correctly. Through a proxy into China, you can fulfill your streaming desires accordingly. Moreover, you can bypass the great firewall barrier without any hassle.

How Proxies Work


The netizens can assume proxies as web filters that allow them to unblock their desired websites. A web proxy service secures the users’ internet traffic by means of proxy settings. The users need to apply proxy settings into their internet browsers like Firefox, and others.

How to Use Proxy Server for IE and Firefox

Fortunately, you can use a proxy server to unblock your preferred sites in China without opting for VPN into China. Here is how you can use proxy server for IE:

  • Click “Tools”>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings>Choose “Use a proxy server for your LAN”>Advanced


Likewise, you can use proxy into China server for your Firefox browsers. Here is how you can do:

Click “Tool”>Options>Advanced>Network>Connections>Settings>Manual Proxy Configuration


Wrapping Up

We expect you would like our guide on VPN into China that allows you to unblock your desired sites and services hassle-free.  Through the guide, you will be able to circumvent issues like region blocking and enjoy streaming your favorite video services accordingly.

However, netizens need to figure out the online restrictions within China. This is because the official authorities are trying their best to curb the notion of online freedom by any means. Luckily, you have a VPN at your disposal that allows you to tackle the online limitations in the right manner.

If you find issues while installing VPN into China on your preferred devices, share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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