VPN.ht Review – Access Unlimited Sites & Services with Freedom

Pros of VPN.ht

  • Offers 127+ servers in 23+ countries
  • Offers OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
  • Available across Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS
  • Offers SmartDNS
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Offers Simultaneous Connections
  • Strict no activity logging policy

Cons of VPN.ht

  • No live chat support
  • Fewer countries offered

Introduction of VPN.ht Review

The Belize based privacy provider VPN.HT offers upright set of features for one-click privacy. While provider offers exclusive support for Popcorn Time, netizens find VPN.HT as a suitable solution for secure browsing and protected online experience. In VPN.HT review, we will inspect each offerings of VPN.HT that make it a popular among privacy-savy users. Read VPN.HT review to discover everything about provider.

VPN ht Servers Locations around the World

A VPN is generally judged on number of servers it offers. In VPN ht review, we have examined the provider and discovered that it offers 128 servers in 23+ countries. In addition, VPN.ht covers all main regions including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and South Africa. Also, VPN ht offers 23 servers in the Netherlands, which is a P2P friendly country and imposes lenient data retention laws when compared to other nations.

VPN ht Servers Locations around the World



Prices offered by VPN.ht

Who would not want to use a service that charges its users a meager amount or absolutely nothing at all? We might have ripped it apart for its lack of servers across the globe, but we have been caught off guard by its awesome pricing plans.  We would like to give full marks to VPN.ht’s marketing team for their strategy has successfully caught our attention at the first glance.

Although there is no difference in the two packages that it offers, the prices vary depending upon the duration of your subscription. If you are willing to give it a try on monthly basis, you would be amazed to see that they are offering the first month of the monthly package for $1 only. The price, however, will go up to $4.99/month from the second month, should you decide to continue the subscription.

Similarly if you decide to test out its annual subscription, you will only have to pay $39.99/year. Think of it this way, you are supposed to pay only $3.33/month to protect your account against the cybercriminals and malware. Apart from protecting your device from the harmful threats, you also get to access the websites that are restricted in your region.


Prices offered by VPN.ht

Protocols and Encryption Support

While the idea of multi-protocols fascinates many, we have always believed that even a single protocol can perform better, provided it is fully functional all the time. VPN.ht provides a diverse protocol support and much to our delight, it is fully functional all around the year. VPN.ht provides OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocol support to its clients, and we must say not even a single of them annoyed us with its slow speed or connection drops.

We couldn’t, however, find anything about their encryption support so we contacted their Customer Support and asked them how seriously they took the privacy of their users? The representatives were very helpful and told us that VPN.ht uses 64-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit ciphers and provides 2048-bit strong encryption to its users. Honestly speaking, we were absolutely amazed with the answer as well as the quick response from their representatives.

Since the competition is getting fierce each day, and the hackers are on the loose, we expect all the VPN services to provide at least 1024-bit encryption to ensure 100% online safety. But taking nothing away from VPN.ht, we think it is doing a tremendous job with the encryption support, and its encryption is good enough to hide you from the monsters (read: hackers, online spy agencies and malware) on the internet.

How to Set up VPN.ht on Windows

Since the VPN.ht does not provide a VPN Client for Windows, you might need to use your Ninja tech skills to set it up manually on your device. While we understand not everyone is a tech-savvy, setting VPN.ht up manually takes less than 5 minutes.

We are going to provide you with a pictorial setup guide to make things easy for you. In case you still it difficult, feel free to contact their support. They are always willing to help! Before you begin to download the VPN client for Windows, you will need to answer a short questionnaire, about the preferences and where will you be accessing the VPN service. Once you are done with it, a link to a file will be presented to you, depending upon your answers.

Since OpenVPN is the most common protocol to be used all over the world, we will be providing you the instructions of how to set up OpenVPN on your Windows devices.

  1. You will start the set up by downloading the OpenVPN Client which can easily be found on VPN.ht’s website. Since you will be setting it up manually, you will also have to download OpenVPN configuration file.
  2. Once you have finished downloading the OpenVPN client file, click on it and run the set up.
    VPN.HT review
  3. Click on ‘Next’ followed by agreeing with the terms.
    VPN.HT review
  4. Once you have selected to choose ‘I agree’, you will have to select the Components that you want to install.
    VPN.HT review
  5. Once you are done with the Components selection, click on the Install option that will appear in the next window.
    VPN.HT review
  6. After having selected the ‘Install’ tab, you will need to install the TAP driver. A window will prompt that will ask you for the permission, make sure to ‘install’ it otherwise it won’t work at all.
    VPN.HT review
  7. Wait for the installation to be completed.
    VPN.HT review
  8. Click on ‘Finish’ and you are done with installing the OpenVPN client.
    VPN.HT review
  9. Now do you remember the configuration file that you downloaded at the beginning of the set up? Well now, you will have to copy the file in: C:/Program Files/OpenVPN/Config
  10. Grant the administrator’s permission to copy the file in the directory.
    VPN.HT review
  11. Now check the system tray, an icon of OpenVPN would be visible there. Right click on it, and choose ‘Connect’.VPN.HT review
  12. Now you will need to enter the vpn ht login credentials that were assigned to you when you signed up with VPN.ht.VPN.HT review
  13. Enter your credentials and click on ‘Ok’. After a few minutes of loading, you will be notified that the OpenVPN is now connected.
    VPN.HT review

As stated above, if you have any problem in setting up your VPN.ht we would advise you to contact the Customer Support as soon as possible. You can also find out about setting up other VPN protocols by visiting its Support page.

Get Your Free SmartDNS with VPN.ht

VPN.ht keeps giving us good reasons to give it the benefit of the doubt. Who does not want a free SmartDNS service along with a VPN subscription? With an extra layer of added security provided by the VPN, we were absolutely over the moon when we used its SmartDNS service.

While using its SmartDNS service, unlike the traditional services, we were actually able to unblock more than Netflix and Hulu. We also unblocked some of the top channels of US, and enjoyed unblocking some of the top networks like WWE, ESPN and HBO Go.

We wouldn’t lie here when we say that its SmartDNS service works on all the devices to make sure it supports the unblocking feature across all the platforms. We therefore believe VPN ht DNS service as an exceptional feature for hi-speed streaming and elite online experience. You can find more about ht VPN SmartDNS on their official website.



VPN ht Popcorn Time – Is Popcorn Time Safe with VPN ht?

Popcorn Time is a great way to stream best of the time movies, show, videos, music and more media on different devices. Watching videos on Popcorn Time is a trouble-free activity, but beware, as copyright sharks are at hunt against subscribers of Popcorn Time. This is due to infringing nature of service, as Popcorn Time utilizes torrent links for fetching movies. That said, accessing Popcorn Time without a VPN can result in facing legal notices and copyright trolls.

But, fortunately, VPN ht is the safest and reliable solution to access Popcorn Time anonymously. In essence, VPN ht encrypts your entire network connection, spoofs your location to a foreign country and assigns you a different IP address. As a result, copyright owners and ISP becomes unable to identify your details and location. So, in our VPN ht review, we consider popcorn time vpn ht service as a preferred solution for safe streaming experience.


Frequently Asked Questions about VPN ht

VPN ht is one of the leading VPN services in market. With over thousands of subscribers, VPN ht has received mixed reviews from users around the world. But, some users have expressed their concerns and queries about VPN ht on different social platforms. Thus, we have created this section to answer the most frequently asked users’ queries with simple and straight-forward solutions.

Below are some of the commonly asked users’ questions about VPN ht:

  • VPN ht invalid credentials: Many of the subscribers have felt into VPN ht connection issue, where they’re struck with a message of “VPN ht invalid credentials” when they try to login. This issue can be resolved by contacting email ticketing system of VPN ht.
  • VPN ht Safe: As far as safety and privacy is concerned, VPN ht offers a strict no logging policy. Also, the provider doesn’t shares any information with third parties. Therefore, it is entirely safe to use VPN ht.
  • VPN ht Status: VPN ht offers a status section to provide detailed and in-depth information of status of VPN servers. The server status area requires a user to log into his account first.
  • VPN ht Promo Code: There’re countless sites that offer promo codes of various VPN services including VPN ht. That said, you can find VPN ht Promo Code here and redeem unbelievable discounts.


VPN ht Free Account

Unlike traditional VPN services, VPN ht doesn’t comes with a free trial version. Instead, it provides a 30-day risk free money back trial. That said, subscribers are provided with a one-month time frame to decide for or against VPN ht. Therefore, in VPN ht review, we suggest users to subscribe for one-month plan of VPN and evaluate offerings, speed, connection, stability, security and privacy features of VPN ht.

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Popcorn Time Integration to Facilitate You

As a streaming lover who loves to stream and download the latest TV shows and movies, Popcorn Time is the first platform we think of to make sure all our downloads are of fine quality. Since Popcorn Time is a Bit Torrent application to make downloads easier than ever, it has some loopholes as well.

When you land on its homepage, it prompts you with a notice, justifiably so, about the illegal downloading of torrent in your region. In case you are living in a region where the downloading of torrents and streaming from such sources is illegal, we will advise you to check VPN.ht’s fully integrated Popcorn Time app.

With VPN.ht encrypting your traffic and data and protecting your downloading ID, you can choose to download as many torrents as you like. We may have ruled it out at first, but it has slowly and surely impressed us with all the features that it is offering as of now.

Multi Logins and Money Back Guarantee

We would like to call VPN.ht a slow starter for it gradually grows on you. It might deceive you with its low-profile image, but tell you what? It is as good as any other VPN service in the industry right now. It offers three multi logins to all its users to make sure they can get it working on their laptops, computer and smartphones.

Similarly it also provides a 30-day money back guarantee to all its users and states on its websites that it will refund anyone who is unhappy with its services. You will have to mention a valid reason to get your money back. Like any other VPN service, the USPs that it is offering are as good as being offered by the others.

VPN.ht Android App Review

VPN ht offers an exclusive application for Android users. With VPN ht apk installed on your Android phone or tablet, you’re all set to bypass the geo-restrictions and access thousands of entertainment sites and services from anywhere in the world. Also, top-grade online privacy is an exceptional advantage of using VPN ht app on your mobile. On top, VPN ht apk comes with a free SmartDNS service that allows you connect to specifically optimized servers for hi-speed streaming.


VPN ht Android

VPN ht iPhone

Similar to Android users, VPN ht offers a sleek and elegant app for iOS users. When equipped on your iPhone or iPad, VPN ht iOS app encrypts your entire network traffic and protects you against preying eyes of hackers, privacy invaders, ISP monitoring and state surveillance. Also, VPN ht iPhone app gives access to popular geo-blocked sites and services including BBC iPlayer, Fox Go, CNBC and many more. The official in-house app of VPN ht iOS can be downloaded from PlayStore.

VPN ht iPhone

How to Use VPN on a Mac OSX

VPN ht has taken a step forward and offered VPN service for Mac OSX users. Subscribers can freely install VPN ht on Mac OSX and explore internet with complete online freedom. Also, VPN ht offers one-touch access to unlimited geo-blocked sites from schools, colleges, airports, workplaces and more locations. In addition, subscribers can achieve impregnable online protection with VPN ht and perform online transactions safely and anonymously from anywhere on Mac OSX.


How to Use VPN on a Mac OSX


No Logs Policy and Active Customer Support

We live in an age where everything we say or perform on the internet is tracked and recorded by the online surveillance agencies. Even a few VPN services are also involved in keeping a record of your online activities, while they do protect you, they keep your record for security purposes. But with VPN.ht, you are safe because it does not store any logs. It allows you to do or perform whatever you want on the internet freely.

As far as the Customer Support is concerned, you may have already noticed our euphoria when we talk about it. It provides a relentless 24/7 Customer Support that includes Ticketing system, Live Chat and Teamviewer assistance. All your queries are not only answered but are very well handled.

VPN ht Comparison

A large number of subscribers have searched on internet about main differences between VPN ht and other popular providers in market. Therefore, we have created a detailed section that highlights the main attributes of VPN ht and other providers.

Here’s a head to head comparison of VPN ht and other leading edge providers:


VPN htPIAAirVPNHide.me
Servers23+ countries24+ countries14+ countries23+ countries
Money Back Guarantee30 days money back guarantee7 days money back guarantee3 days money back guarantee14 days money back guarantee
CompatibilityMac OSX, Linux, Windows, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers, ChromeLinux, Mac OSX, Windows, Android, iOS, RoutersMac OSX, Windows, Android, iOS
Customer SupportTicketing System, FAQLive chat, FAQs, tutorials, knowledge base, email ticketsForum, E-mail TicketingLive Chat, Email Ticketing
Payment MethodsCredit Card, PayPal, BitCoinPayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, CashU, PaymentwallBitcoin, American Express, PayPal, VisaBitCoin, PayPal, American Express, Visa/MasterCard
Privacy Policy No Activity logsNo Activity logsNo Activity logsNo Activity logs


We have had mixed feelings while reviewing VPN.ht. On one hand, we felt that it lacked the basic features that are usually offered by other VPN services (a basic VPN client), on the other we thought it covered its weaknesses by offering Popcorn Time VPN integrated service and free SmartDNS. While it may not be the best at the moment, we won’t be surprised if it captures the market within a short period of time.

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  1. Rene says:

    VN.HT is off the air, I am quite concerned, does anyone know what’s going on?

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Rene,

      They had faced major outage last days on their DNS servers , all should be fixed now.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Paul says:

    VPN.ht and OpenVPN are utter garbage. I have repeatedly installed their software and when I activate the VPN all of my internet access is blocked. I followed their instructions multiple times and even tried to disable my firewalls but the route is not setting. Technical support got ahold of me and then disappeared. Their chat lines refer me to an email support line where I opened a ticket and was told to wait 24 hours for service.
    This is an awful company and I wouldn’t trust them at all.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      It is quite unfortunate that you experienced such issues with VPN.HT.

      According to users reviews, we have compiled the list of top 5 VN services here and they all offer best customer support 24/7 with excellent VPN services. Check out these best 5 vpn services here http://www.vpnranks.com/

      Hopefully, these providers will help you out and let you to access all geo-restricted content without facing such issues.

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