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Maybe, she didn’t say, “yes” because God has better plans for you. If you’re a bachelor, then there is no need to feel sad.


Singles day? You ask. To celebrate the pride of being single, Chinese people celebrate Single’s Day or Guanggun Jie, which literally means Single Sticks’ Holiday. The day is celebrated on November 11, precisely because number 1 signifies an individual, hence being single.

It started very small occasion and eventually become popular to a point where the whole country started to celebrate it. This later translated into one of the largest shopping day across the world. Popular stores, be it online or offline, put up massive discounts and deals on this auspicious day.

So if you wanted to buy a VPN but can’t wait for cyber Monday VPN deals or black Friday VPN deals, you just got lucky! We’ve got some really amazing Singles Day deals lined up just for you.

Let’s get started!

1. PureVPN– Exclusive Deal 73% Discount


Being a standout amongst the most budget friendly VPN services, PureVPN works to perfection at offering iron clad security and quick streaming experience.

Typically their month to month plan keeps running for $10.95 per month and the least expensive plan they as of now offer is a 3 year plan which runs for about $3.29 with a 70% markdown.

Presently… trust me, these costs are as of now extremely lowest, if you take quick action, you can benefit an astounding 73% markdown. Rather than paying $10.95, you will just need to pay $2.99 per month for 1-year bargain.

Think this service is justified, despite all the trouble…

Well reconsider:

  1. PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN supplier, offering features likes Kill Switch, DDoS Protection, NAT Firewall, and Split Tunneling
  2. It offers wide range of servers (2,000+ in 190 locations)
  3. Other than that, it even offers a 31 days unconditional money back guarantee
  4. It is one of the few VPNs that works with Netflix

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2. NordVPN– Mind blowing 75% Discount


Nord is another monster that has been squashing the discount rate wars!

You can avail a three year plan which translates to a 75% discount. That is a crazy rebate! Rather than paying $11.95 or $6.99 per month, you just need to pay a minor $2.99 per month subscription fee to benefit for an entire 3-year coverage.

Why do you like NordVPN? Precisely because of these features:

  • NordVPN has the biggest server spread of any VPN service in the business by offering 5100 servers
  • It offers strong security conventions and supports P2P
  • Unblock streaming services like Netflix and Hulu
  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Delivers blazing speeds and amazing performance

NordVPN apps are the best in the industry and are very easy to use.

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3. Surfshark VPN – Enjoy 80% OFF!

surfshark vpn

This new entrant is surprising the VPN industry. Surfshark knows how to sidestep the incredible firewall of China. Which only a couple of VPNs figure out how to do. Massive respect for that!

Surfshark celebrated the Singles’ Day an extraordinary deal. With coupon code “singlesday80off” you can get Surfshark VPN with 80% discount and pay just 56.78 USD for a 2-years membership. Isn’t that amazing!?!?!

Here’s why I advocate Surfshark;

  1. Not 5, not 6, not 10, Surfshark offers unlimited device connection. Surfshark gives you a chance to interface with the same number of gadgets as you wish with just a single account. It’s an ideal VPN for all the entire family.
  2. Blazing fast speeds. Surfshark is a beginner and isn’t swarmed by a great number deal of users that makes it run extremely quick, so quick you wouldn’t even feel you’re using a VPN. You won’t see that you are utilizing a VPN.
  3. The UI of Surfshark is easy to the point that everybody from your grandpa to a 7-year old will know how to operate it. With just a single click you can achieve online security and anonymity.
  4. Friendly to stream. Surfshark is ideal for streaming HD videos without lags. With Surfshark you can watch Netflix, HBO, iPlayer and other streaming sites with no issue.

Visit SurfShark 


4. Ivacy VPN – Offers 86% Discount


Ivacy has been around for quite a while now. It’s a popular VPN service that performs up to the industry standards whilst offering budget friendly plans for you!

Ivacy too, hasn’t forgotten you on singles day and is giving a smashing discount on the plans. A discount of 86% is no small deal, it almost makes your purchase free.

Here’s why I support Ivacy as well;

  1. P2P advanced servers in numerous nations including US, UK and Canada
  2. Absolutely no caps on transfer speed
  3. 256-bit encryption keeps all your communication hidden from prying eyes
  4. Enjoy multi logins all the while on up to 5 devices
  5. Get unlimited speeds once you are connected with any of Ivacy’s 450+ servers
  6. Ivacy has optimized servers across over 100+ areas in 50+ nations
  7. Ivacy’s “Internet Kill Switch” feature cuts your web connection when your VPN connection drops

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5. ExpressVPN – 35% Discount Deal


ExpressVPN is one of those providers that offer discounts or limited time bargains rarely.

However, as the discount season is just around the corner, ExpressVPN too has some deals, even though not as much as others. It is offering a 35% discount, which lowers it prices to $8.32 per month, which is mind blowing.

ExpressVPN is among the most premium VPN memberships you can get. Normally their plans are somewhat pricier than its rivals. For example, their month-to-month plan keeps running for $12.95 and their half-yearly arrangement costs $9.99. Presently both of these plans are in no way, shape or form shoddy.

But with the 35% discount, ExpressVPN offers great savings.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some points to consider:

  • Offers excellent server range with consists of 2000+ servers across the world
  • Unblocks streaming services and websites including Netflix
  • Works in China, which very few VPNs manage to do
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Fast speeds without any limitations or data cap

Visit ExpressVPN 



We’ve got you the best VPN deals for Singles Day out there, so don’t wait, get one of the recommended VPN service.

Cyber security is an increasing concern as we penetrate deeper into the digital age. To make sure your data is safe and you are able to access any website across the world, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity as VPN services rarely offer discounts.