Use China VPN for Gaming To Get Rid of Lag & Ping Spikes

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Gaming has become a mainstream medium of entertainment around the world. Gone are the days when gaming was an unsocial activity. At present, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) stands among the first choice for gamers, where you can play with anyone at any time of the day.

However, if you’re located in a country with aggressive censorship measures such as China, then your online gaming may suffer from extreme lags, latency spikes, packet loss and even unavailability of  traditional games. But thanks to the China VPN, you can say goodbye to strict censorship laws and enjoy an ultimate fast, smooth and restriction free gaming from within China.

Following China VPN for gaming are thoroughly tested to circumvent the Great Firewall of China (GFW). These Chinese VPN services offer a range of top-tier VPN servers, a robust mix of tunneling protocols, zero activity log policy and supports Bitcoin payment method for a reliable and top-notch gaming experience.

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Using one of the VPN as mentioned earlier, you will not only achieve an unobstructed connection but a high protection against every cyber attack that can destruct your online gaming.

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Why Use Best China VPN for Gaming ?

China has the biggest video games market across the globe which is worth over $13.5 billion. More than 368 million internet users actively play online games in the Mainland China. However, the government prohibits content, website and game that goes against the State’s interest. The Great Firewall of China uses rigorous censorship techniques to monitor, detect and block games which promote violence, hatred and pornographic material. Examples of blocked games include:

  • Heart of Iron (for damaging China’s sovereignty and norms)
  • G.I.-2, Covert Strike (for blackening the image of Chinese army)
  • Command & Conquer Generals – Zero Hour ( for smearing the image of Chinese establishment)
  • Battlefield 4 (for endangering national security)


While some fantastic games are blocked in China, countless fabulous games can be played in China including Dota, LOL, Blade & Soul, World of Warcraft, Dragon Valley and more. But, not to forget that similar censorship measures apply when you try to enter the world of online gaming.

To get around with the restrictions, a VPN masks IP address of a user and reroutes entire network traffic through an overseas server. This allows a gamer to bypass the imposed censorship measures and enjoy a top-end gaming experience with zero ping issues, connection drops or congested servers. Here’re some advantages of using VPN China for gaming:

Less Lags & Throttling

If your bandwidth usage is higher than expected in online gameplay, the ISP will throttle and reroute your connection to less optimized networks. But a VPN will allow you to bypass the congested networks and evade ISP throttling through a range of encryption tunneling protocols and optimized servers.

Play Latest Games Early

Various game titles are released with different launch dates across the world. Luckily, with a VPN you can connect to one of the desired overseas servers and enjoy hours of newest video game titles even days before they launch in your country.

Protection Against DDoS

DDoS attack is a nightmare for gamers. Have you ever noticed during an online game that suddenly everything slows down and boom, you’re dead? This is due to DDoS attack that throttles your internet connection speed by sending a huge number of requests to your IP/Server. Meanwhile, a VPN protects you from DDoS attacks by masking your IP address with one that has DDoS protection enabled. A VPN is surely an ideal solution to keep things safe, fair and competitive.

GTA V China VPN for Uninterrupted & Seamless Gameplay

GTA V is the most popular action-adventure game around the globe. The game is based in Los Santos and the surrounding neighborhoods. You can either play through missions or roam freely with a realistic in-game experience. The game has sold over 2 billion dollars worth of the title and is available for Windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam as well.

GTA Online server locations? from GrandTheftAutoV_PC

The online mode of the game supports up to 30 players per server. However, due to a large number of gamers, users from China report frequent lags, dropping connections and DDoS attacks. To get around with devastating experience, a GTA V China VPN allows you to pick an IP address which is near to the GTA V gaming server. This allows you to enjoy the game with fewer lags, hi speed connection and reliable protection against DDoS attacks.

Final Words

Internet in China is slower than any other country. The restrictions are not limited to games only, the government has blocked industry giants like Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Instagram and many more. The restrictions have left users with no other option except to use a VPN for playing with competitors from different countries.

The China VPN for gaming offer state-of-the-art servers distributed across various regions of the world. They deliver smooth, uninterrupted and lag-free gaming experience that gamers deserve. In addition to this, these services provide multiple servers in China, which allow users from Europe, US, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong to play local Chinese games hassle free from their region.

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