US Postal Service Falls Prey to Hackers

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If you were thinking that the cyberattacks won’t take place till the next year, YOU WERE WRONG! The US Postal Service aka USPS has been the latest victim of the online security breach. It seems that the hackers have decided to wage a full throttle war against the institutions of US.

Earlier this year, many of the popular stores, online services and banks were targeted in cyberattacks including Home Depot, Apple and JP Morgan Chase. According to the initial investigations, the hacking was not focused on getting the customer’s credit cards info. Rather it was more oriented towards targeting the employees.


Some sources claim that the hackers got access to all the information of 80,000 employees of USPS including their names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers. Even though the primary targets of the hackers were the USPS employees, investigations suggest that some of the customers’ card information may have been stolen.

The breach was discovered in mid-September by USPS but it took the officials two months to disclose that their servers were compromised. When they were asked about the delay, they said that it would have put the put the remedial process is serious jeopardy. For now we can tell that the USPS is offering a close credit monitoring to its employees for free for a whole year.

The cybercrimes in US is already up by 77% from what it was last year. Many of the tech giants (read: Yahoo and Google) are already working on to nip the hacking problem in the bud, but at the moment, the solution appears to be vague. Undeniably, the world of internet is not safe anymore. It’s important we take the online security in our hands, before we fall prey to the cybercriminals.

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