Updates and Remodeling by Top VPN Providers in 2016

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The year 2014 is about to bid farewell to people all over the world in a few days. This year marks great importance for the VPN industry. The development that it witnessed and the progress that it made are beyond the imagination. Many of the VPN providers jumped in and made their debuts while the experienced ones further improved their services.

As the New Year awaits us, we will review some of the top VPN providers that have worked on their prices, plans, protocols, payment methods, applications and software in 2014. So grab a pack of snacks and sit tightly for we are going to explore the VPN world!


Induction of New VPN Servers

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about a VPN service provider? That’s right, you check out the servers at first and then the rest of the things follow. A VPN Server helps you connect to the internet services of different territories making you invisible to your ISPs and online surveillance agencies.

The leading VPN brands know how important this element is and therefore worked on it to enhance their VPN services. Following are the top VPN providers that have increased the number of their servers in 2014.

VPN ProvidersServers (2013)Servers (2014)
PureVPN300+ servers450+ servers
HideMyAss537+ servers744 servers
ibVPN70+servers80+ servers
IPVanish110+ servers139 servers
ExpressVPN50+ servers97+ servers
VyprVPN700 servers (40 countries)700+ servers (45+ countries)
Private Internet Access802 servers (10 countries)1949+ servers (12 countries)


VPN Providers Who Worked on Android & iOS Applications

Who doesn’t like mobility? Nobody likes to carry even laptops these days. The days of traditional PCs and laptops are gone, where you had to be at your home or office to use them. With smartphones and tablets by your side, half your business needs and internet streaming and surfing purposes are met on your fingertips.

They are not only easy to carry but prove out to be a great source of help for the users. Many of the VPN providers have introduced and repaired their iOS and Android apps this year. Scroll down below to see which VPN has done the best job in this regard.

VPN Provider

Mobile App (2013)Mobile App (2014)
PureVPNAndroid App & iOS appsAdded Football Pulp app to the existing library of mobile apps
NordVPNNo custom appWorking on to launch Android and iOS apps
VyprVPNBugs in iOS and Android appsFixed bugs of screen settings and login errors
Avast! SecureLine——Introduced Android and iOS VPN apps
TunnelbearOld iOS and Android appsUpgraded the interface of Android and iOS apps


Introduction of New Payment Methods

While choosing the best VPN service provider, one takes into account several elements that are directly associated with the VPN service. As absurd as it may seem, the buying decisions heavily depend upon the mode of payments.

Inarguably there are a few elements that are needed to be considered before getting a VPN service for your device including the payment method. We have listed below some of the VPN providers that have added more payment methods over the last year.

VPN ProvidersPayment Methods (2013)Payment Methods (2014)
SwitchVPNCredit Card, Web Money, Bitcoin, Western Union and Bank TransferAdded SKRILL Payment Method this year
CyberGhostVisa Card, Master Card, American Express and PaypalAdded Bitcoin to the payment methods
ShadeYouVPNVisa Card, Master Card, Discover Network, American Express, Paypal, Perfect Money and Web MoneyShadeYouVPN included Bitcoin to their existing mode of payments
ibVPNVisa Card, Master Card, Bitcoin, American Express, AstroPay and PayPalAdded the PaymentWall and OKPay as their new mode of payments
IPVanishCredit Card and PayPalWorldpay and Bitcoin
NordVPNPayPal and PaymentWallAdded Paysera and Bitcoin


VPN Providers Who Redesigned Their Websites

Never judge a book by its cover. That’s what we believe in, right? But what if we tell you this principle doesn’t work with the VPNs? Yes, we are talking about the outlook of the VPN website. Many of the VPNs have gained and lost their users because of the designs of their websites.

It plays an important role in garnering appreciation from the users. If the outlook isn’t good, chances are, the users will likely to switch to other VPN services. Many VPN providers have revamped the design of their websites to make it look more appealing to the users.
















Last but not the Least…

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the updates and remodeling as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Till next time. Ciao.

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