UnoTelly Review 2017 : Unblock Channels and Streaming Services

Many of you might not be familiar with UnoTelly’s VPN service but it does exist and is actually doing a pretty decent job. While UnoTelly is widely popular for its DNS services, there is absolutely no shying away from the fact that the UnoTelly VPN is garnering a lot of appreciation from its users all over the world.

Today we are going to review UnoTelly VPN and UnoTelly DNS and how they are facilitating the common user. The focus of this review will be evaluate UnoTelly VPN as per the standards set by best VPN service.

The Difference between UnoDNS and UnoVPN

We have used both and we liked the latter the most. We are not taking away any credit from UnoDNS for what it is doing, but when it comes to accessing more websites and streaming services of UK and US, UnoVPN is the best solution.

Many of you would be wondering how is UnoDNS different from UnoVPN, well, with UnoDNS you get access to all the channels that are supported by UnoTelly. With UnoVPN, you get to unblock all the channels of UK and US even if they are not supported by UnoTelly.

Apart from this being the major difference, there are also some other notable differences as well. You can use UnoVPN to unblock the websites as well, whereas the UnoDNS is only used for unblocking the channels and services that are limited for viewership in UK, US, Netherlands and Canada only.


Pricing Plans of UnoVPN and UnoDNS

UnoTelly has kept pricing plans simple as possible, where subscribers can select from either Premium Plan or Gold Plan. While Premium plan is charged at $4.95/month, it allows users to select location in one of the thirty countries. On another hand, Gold plan costs $7.95/month and offers the best to subscribers. In addition, Gold plan users get an option to connect to UnoTelly VPN servers in the US, UK, Canada and Netherlands.

On top, subscribers of both plans can cancel their service and request for a refund within 14 days after subscription. That said, we consider it a generous aspect of their service in UnoTelly VPN review.

UnoTelly VPN setup iPhone and iPad

While creating this UnoTelly VPN review, we were shocked with the fact that UnoTelly doesn’t offers an in-house client even for popular platforms. That said, iOS users need to download OpenVPN client on their devices. Afterwards, OpenVPN can be configured manually to be used as UnoTelly VPN. Fortunately, provider has offered step-by-step guides about OpenVPN setup on iOS devices in the support section available in profile of registered users.

UnoTelly VPN Setup Android

Similar to iOS devices, Android users are deprived of an official client of UnoTelly VPN. It means that subscribers need to download OpenVPN Connect from PlayStore for using UnoTelly VPN in their Android phones and tablets. After downloading OpenVPN on your Android device, you can configure OpenVPN by following detailed setup instructions present in the support section of provider. Upon, successful installation, you’re all set to explore internet with complete online freedom and anonymity.

How to Set up UnoVPN on Windows

It is common for a VPN provider to provide its users with custom VPN clients for different devices and operating software. But before you think of running the UnoVPN in your machine, you should know that you will have to set it up manually as it does not provide the VPN Client for Windows or any other device for that matter.

We are going to give you a pictorial guide that will help you in setting up the UnoVPN on your Windows.

First of all, you will need to click on “Start” followed by “Network”

unotelly review

A new window will pop up, look at the top bar and click on “Network and Sharing Center”

unotelly review

Under the Networking settings, click on “Set up a new connection or network”

unotelly review

You will now be presented with five options to choose from. Select the fourth one, “Connect to a workplace (setup a VPN)” and now click “Next”

unotelly review

Now click on “Use my Internet Connection (VPN)”

unotelly review

The sixth step will want you to fill up the internet address. Your internet address will comprise of one of the IP addresses of UnoVPN servers. You can easily find the IP address on UnoTelly’s website. When it comes to selecting the Destination name, it is recommended to choose a name that is easier for you to remember. For e.g. UnoTelly VPN for US Server

unotelly review

Finally you will be required to fill in the credentials that were assigned to you by UnoTelly. Enter your “username” and “password” and click on “Connect”

unotelly review

Once the connection has been established, you will be presented with this window, indicating your VPN Connection and your original Wireless Network Connection.

unotelly review

In case you are wondering where you can choose the protocol from, click on VPN properties and change the type of VPN to OpenVPN if you want.

unotelly review

Our test result indicates that UnoTelly VPN does a fine job in granting you the access to the content and websites from the UK, US, Netherlands and Canada. What we liked the most while using the UnoTelly VPN is the fact that it comes equipped with UnoDNS. So you are not only using it to remove the barriers of censorships on websites but you are also using to watch thousands of TV shows and movies online!


Device Compatibility

We have tested the UnoVPN and UnoDNS on different devices and it has worked magically on all of them. When it comes to a VPN service or a DNS service, the device compatibility always comes into question for obvious reasons. A good service serves the users who use all kinds of devices and operating software.

Coming back to UnoVPN and UnoDNS, you can configure it on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Gaming Consoles, Chromecast, Blu-ray Players, Google TV, Smart TVs, Routers and Cisco/Linksys.

With such amazing device compatibility, one is only expected to make the most of UnoVPN and UnoDNS considering he knows how to set it up on different devices. The fact that UnoTelly provides both these services across all the above mentioned platforms, one can enjoy surfing the internet and watching the amazing TV shows and movies on different devices.

View our detailed guide of Apple TV VPN to secure online streaming.

Payment Methods

Albeit the fact that UnoTelly is considered as world’s largest DNS service provider, if not the largest VPN provider, it still offers lesser payment options than its competitors in the VPN and DNS industries. It does accept Master Card, Visa Card and Paypal as mode of payments but it remains unclear why does it not increase its payment options to facilitate the users.

This is where we think UnoTelly falls behind other service providers. While the trick may seem to be working for it at the moment, it might only haunt it in the future due to lack of payment options.

Logs Policy

UnoTelly makes it clear on its website that it does not monitor your activities on the internet. However, like most of the VPN service providers, it does keep an eye on when you are logging in and when you are logging out using UnoVPN.

One other element that should be enlightened here is the fact that it does NOT put a cap on your bandwidth while recording the bandwidth you used. Like all other services, it keeps the meta-logs to further improve its services.

UnoTelly VPN Alternatives

UnoTelly VPN is one of the best VPN services in VPN industry, It supports various platforms live Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad but if you want to use alternatives due to any reasons. You can check out its alternatives.

Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

No other service provider beats UnoTelly when it comes to offering the best VPN free trials to the users. Imagine having an 8-day free trial for an unblocking-streaming service that literally has the potential to give you access to hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows. UnoVPN gets ahead of everyone and offers an 8-day free trial regardless of your geographical location.

We have to admit that it has definitely put in a lot of efforts in the USPs it is offering to the users. Apart from the 8-day free trial, it is also offering a 7-day money back guarantee to all the users. What does it mean? Well, if it does not live up to your expectations, you can always ask for a refund, provided you contact them within 7-days of activation of your service.

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Reviewing UnoTelly was not an easy job. We had to take different things into account. Unlike different VPN providers, we had to actually give the utmost importance to the fact that it is primarily a DNS service provider. Still we went on to judge it on various features that distinguish a service from the others.

While using UnoVPN had its own perks, we will admit that we had more fun using the UnoDNS. Yes the UnoVPN did unblock quite a few websites and services that are restricted within UK, US, Netherlands and Canada, it would be cruel to compare it with other VPN providers.

They have more VPN servers than UnoVPN and stronger tools to protect your online security. But we have given the benefit of the doubt to UnoVPN because it is in its growing stages and to see it performing this way in its initial stages, one can only wonder where it will be after three to four years. UnoDNS on the other hand was a pure joy to use. In short, UnoTelly is highly recommended to the readers by our experts.


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  1. Mark Nicholson says:

    Please take this review down. UnoTelly commited fraud and theft by blatantly advertising Netflix geo unblocking on their front page of their website to lure and entice new customers to sign up for the service. Subsequently, they removed the advertising and the service and no longer offer geo unblocking for Netflix. They refuse to refund the money, even though they didn’t deliver the service. Your endorsement of this company misleads the public. UnoTelly are not an ethical company.

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