Unlocator Review 2017 – Is Your Privacy really Private?

Comparison: PureVPN vs Unlocator

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Servers500 Servers in 140 Countries16 Countries
Multi Login5Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee7-Days14-Days
Encryption Level256 bit256 bit
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What is Unlocator?

Unlocator belongs to the Dutch based solution provider “Linkwork ApS”, founded in 2011. The company provides Custom Computer Programming Services and released its SmartDNS service in 2013 to cater the accessibility and unblocking needs of netizens around the world.

Along with DNS service, unlocator comes packed with an amazing feature Unlocator VPN. However, unlocator is widely considered as an unblocking tool rather than a robust online security solution.

Certainly, it does not lists among the best VPN service but there are other reasons to consider this service.

In our unlocator review, we will scrutinize every offerings of unlocator including server destinations, subscription plans, unblocking abilities, accepted payment modes and most importantly level of security.

After reading unlocator review, you will grasp all the information required to decide if unlocator is a suitable solution for you.



  • Broad range of servers in 16 countries
  • Compatible across a wide range of platforms
  • Offers an Instant access to 215+ channels
  • Free trial version offered
  • High speed connectivity
  • 7-days money back guarantee


  • Fewer support channels
  • VPN service lacks secure tunneling protocols

Unlocator Pricing Plans & Payment Options

Being a fresher among VPN services, Unblocker keeps its pricing plans economical as possible. At the moment, Unlocator is offering three premium plans segmented into monthly, semi-annual and one-year plan. Interestingly, no discrimination among service offerings in all plans. Fortunately, subscribers can utilize various devices along with all server locations through any Unlocator plan.

Unlocator Review

The monthly plan is charged about $4.95, six-month plan at $27.50 and one-year plan at $49.95. But, subscribers can save a great deal of money with long-term subscriptions, as six month plan saves up to 7% and yearly plan saves up to 16%.

Unlocator Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods, Unlocator VPN accepts payments from all leading credit cards. Subscribers can make payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. While making Unlocator review, we were happy to find that Unlocator accepts bitcoin payments, as not many providers accept anonymous payments. That said, Unlocator is a safe solution for those who wish to keep their identity undercover.

Unlocator VPN Server Locations

Unlocator chiefly serves to unblock leading-edge entertainment services. The provider has its servers spread across France, Canada, USA, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden,  Switzerland and Middle East. However, Unlocator hasn’t disclosed exact number of servers, but we have tested their VPN service in our Unlocator review. After conducting our tests, we successfully accessed NBC Sports Live Extra, CNBC, NBC, UFC, HBO Now and more services

Unlocator Review

Unlocator VPN Encryption Protocols

Unlocator hasn’t revealed about offered protocols. But, for our Unlocator review, we dropped off a query on their support system to enquire about tunneling protocols. The support agent confirmed that Unlocator is only offering PPTP and L2TP at the moment. However, both protocols are unsecure for online data protection, but performs well for streaming and unblocking purposes. The provider can add secure tunneling protocols like OpenVPN to enhance online privacy of subscribers.

Unlocator VPN Privacy and Logging Policy – is Unlocator Safe?

Unlocator is based in Netherlands and is subjected to European Data Retention Law, that make Unlocator’s logging policy a bit suspicious. However, we decided to examine privacy policy of VPN service in our Unlocator review, and found that Unlocator logs some user data including email id and credit card information for billing and service delivery purposes.

In addition, Unlocator maintains a generic activity report of subscribers, but doesn’t shares this report with anyone. The report is stored for only 24 hours to ensure that subscribers comply with terms of service.

Customer Support System

In Unlocator review, we analyzed their customer support channels, and to our surprise we found no live chat support, ticking system or any help line. The only mode of support is the FAQ section, that offers solution to basic queries of users regarding VPN service. In Unlocator review, we consider it a huge drawback for a VPN service to not offer 24/7 live support system, as subscribers face frequent issues during run time and billing process.

Unlocator Knowledge base Section

The knowledgebase section of Unlocator provides in-depth guides and tutorials about installation, compatible devices, account management and DNS configuration. Also, knowledgebase section serves as sole channel for support at times of issues. In addition, knowledgebase section provides instant solution to commonly faced technical issues of VPN service.

Unlocator VPN Compatibility across Various Platforms

When it comes to compatibility, Unlocator takes an edge over many paid VPN services with its compatibility on a range of platforms. Unlocator is available across iOS, Android, tablets, Smart TVs and many gaming consoles. However, the only drawback of Unlocator VPN is the lack of client app. That said, Unlocator offers no in-house client app for any of the supported platform. Subscribers can manually setup Unlocator VPN on iOS, Android and Windows by referring to setup manuals in support section.

Unlocator SmartDNS and VPN for Windows

As mentioned earlier, there’s no dedicated client of Unlocator for Windows. Users need to enter the details of DNS server manually. You can easily configure Unlocator on Windows by reading step by step installation guides here. After connecting to Unlocator you will be able to access Fox Go, Hulu, Vudu, CNBC, NBC and more streaming services through Unlocator SmartDNS. Below is a snapshot of Unlocator on Microsoft Windows:

Unlocator Review


Unlocator Netflix – Can I use Unlocator to access Netflix?

Many users have inquired on internet that if Unlocator helps into unblocking Netflix? The answer is no. We have tested the service in Unlocator review and successfully accessed Hulu and Vudu. But unfortunately, we weren’t able to unblock Netflix US and UK libraries with Unlocator. Happily, we didn’t face any restrictions while accessing other streaming services.

Additional Features

Free Trial Version

Unlocator offers a generous seven day free trial version, allowing subscribers to test the service at its best prior to making payment. The free trial version of Unlocator doesn’t requires any credit card information. Interestingly, netizens can enjoy each and every service feature of premium version through Unlocator free trial version for seven days. Best Free VPN 2017 for streaming safely.


As a SmartDNS service, Unlocator offers a lot more than other DNS providers. Let it be unblocking, streaming or exploring media on internet, Unlocator performs well in all three areas. However, when it comes to reliable online protection, Unlocator is definitely not a preferred option. In our Unlocator review, we have tested their VPN service and discovered that it lacks secure protocols like OpenVPN. Unlocator can add optimum privacy features to cope up with modern-age cyber threats. In Unlocator review, we give their DNS service a 3/5 star and an average 2/5 star to Unlocator VPN service.

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