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It would not be wrong to say that nothing is secure in this online world. The famous question and answer site was hacked on Tuesday, December 4, according to its official blog. Therefore, nearly 100 million users have been affected.

The hackers have tried to access users’ account information that consist of usernames, email addresses, passwords, hashed passwords, and “data imported from linked networks when authorized by users”. Public content including questions along with answers, comments, upvotes have also been compromised.

Quora recognized the data breach on November 30, but was unable to confirm when did the actual attack happened. They are in the process of notifying their users through email. As a precaution, they are logging out all users of Quora who have been suffered.

quora hacked

They are also cancelling their passwords in case they sign in with the help of passwords.  In the meantime, they have tried their level best to address the issue at the earliest. The official claim suggests they have identified the major cause of data breach and already taken necessary steps to make security improvements.

Quora has created a help center you can visit through this link. They also assure that the incident will not result in identity theft since they do not collect users’ personal information like credit card and others.

As a security measure, users must change their passwords of other accounts where they apply the same password as on Quora. This is because hackers may gain access to users’ other account through the same password and access sensitive financial information.