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1. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for Apple TV. In fact, I’m using ExpressVPN on my router as we speak. It offers one of the fastest and best setup experiences in my opinion.

It offers 3000+ servers spread across 90+ countries. Because of these servers, it qualifies as one of the best VPN for streaming on your Apple TV! It works the best with all the popular streaming services. ExpressVPN Apple TV essentially offers a 3-step installation process. You don’t need to try and mess around with hacks.

Just choose a plan, get yourself a compatible router, and install the VPN onto your router using the super simple setup steps. As far as server selection goes, you get to choose from 3000+ servers in 94 countries.  That’s more than enough to unblock any geo-restricted content in the world.

As far as user experience goes, it’s absolutely great. I’m currently using ExpressVPN and I can tell you first hand, there’s no streaming service ExpressVPN cannot unblock for my Apple TV.

The setup procedure is also fairly easy, you can either install it on your router, configure your DNS or share a connection through your Mac or Windows computer.

That said, ExpressVPN is a bit expensive and will cost you around $6.67/mo But ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so test away!

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2. Surfshark

Want a powerful and fastest VPN service for your Apple TV, perhaps Surfshark is the right VPN for you.

It is by far the cheapest VPN you can get right now. For only $2.49/mo , you get industry-leading features such as a Kill switch, powerful encryption, support for your router, and much more.

Speaking of router support, You can find Surfshark’s router configuration tutorials here: AsusWRT, DD-WRT, & Tomato.

As far as servers are concerned, Surfshark offers around 1000+ servers. Their server park might seem small, however, since Surfshark is relatively new, you can expect phenomenal connection speeds.

Overall, I highly recommend Surfshark if you’re running on a strict budget. If you want to know about this provider in detail, check out the Surfshark review.

3. NordVPN


Another awesome VPN service you can consider for your Apple TV is NordVPN. Similar to ExpressVPN, you can easily configure a VPN on your router or purchase a pre-configured router as I showed you above.

One thing NordVPN offers way better than ExpressVPN and pretty much any VPN in the industry is servers. If you’re all about numbers, NordVPN has you covered.

You get access to over 5500+ servers. Since geo-lock bypassing is about servers, having a large server park is definitely a perk on its own. So, if you use a VPN with Apple TV, NordVPN can easily take care of geo-blocks.

Another thing NordVPN offers is simultaneous connections. You can secure up to 6 devices at a time. Even if you install it on your router, you can still secure 5 other devices you might have in your household.

User experience is also phenomenal, no issues whatsoever using it with my Apple TV. Installation wise you do get the same option as ExpressVPN, either configure it on your router or share a connection. No VPN provider offers dedicated, VPN apps for Apple TV.

As far as pricing is concerned, NordVPN is among the most affordable VPNs in the industry. It’ll only cost you $4.13/mo . It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test it for a full month!

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4. PureVPNIf you prefer a perfect blend between features and pricing, PureVPN is the one to get. Right from the get go, PureVPN offers a fast and refined VPN experience.

With other lesser-known VPNs, you typically experience a major speed drop, however, with PureVPN,  connection speeds are actually quite impressive. Similar to ExpressVPN, PureVPN also offers 6500+ servers. Again, having a large server park means ultimate freedom.

One thing I really like about PureVPN is their setup guide for Apple TV. No matter what method you want to go with, PureVPN has easy setup guides for all of them. And once you connect Apple TV to VPN, you’ll be able to gain access to restricted content previously unavailable to you.

Using a VPN on Apple TV is a flawless experience with PureVPN. Not only that, the price of $3.33/mo a month makes it the best low-cost VPN for Apple TV.

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5. Ivacy

Another really popular VPN you can consider for your Apple TV is Ivacy. Price-wise Ivacy is similar to NordVPN but still slightly cheaper. Unlike ExpressVPN which costs $1/mo , Ivacy only costs $2.45/mo. Performance is where things get crazy.

I can’t believe how good it is. Connection Speeds are really fast and I didn’t notice any lags while streaming content on my Apple TV. Server selection is also pretty good, at the moment Ivacy offers about 2000+ VPN servers in over 100 locations worldwide. Due to these amazing features, it’s also ranked as #1 in our best torrent VPN list.

Usability is also great, you can either piggyback a secure connection from any device that supports hotspot sharing or configures Ivacy directly on your router for your Apple TV to use. It also comes with a no-logs policy and a 31-day money-back guarantee. If you want to check out all the features of Ivacy, make sure you check out our detailed Ivacy review.

6.  CyberGhost

Last up on this list of best Apple TV VPNs, we have CyberGhost. This is a Romanian VPN service that comes with a ton of powerful security features like DNS leak protection, Kill Switch, and much more. CyberGhost is also one of the safest VPNs out there. With over 6600+ secure servers and even SHA-2 authentication mechanics, CyberGhost is perhaps the most secure VPN you can have for your Apple TV.

That’s not all, CyberGhost also comes with an extensive 45-day money-back guarantee and easy configuration for routers, and a no-logs policy. Find out more about this VPN in our in-depth CyberGhost review.