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Top 20 Available, new and Unblocked Games in 2016

We’re not even half-way through 2016, and things are already taking an enthralling turn in the gaming world. Let alone 2015, even the MMORPG franchises are prancing towards the next level. There are new game line-ups for you to await, new DLCs to download, and a new top 20 chart of available and unblocked games that you should definitely get into or revisit.

Get ready because here are the available and unblocked games, but also the ones that are yet to hit the shelves or are blocked in certain regions. Without further a due, let’s get down to listing some unblocked games for you to enjoy this year.


Battlefield 4

This title tops our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016. The Battlefield franchise is famous for its non-stop, heart pounding gameplay based on life-like warzone scenarios. Also, the Battlefield 4 online multiplayer gameplay is nothing less than a competitive experience that every gamer enjoys, as you face guns and artilleries in order to liberate the battle ground. No other game comes close as you drive tanks, fly helicopters and bombard enemies with fighter planes.

unblocked games

Although, you may face high ping due to server locations and the ongoing chaotic showdowns in online game play. Battlefield fans frequently  use DNS and VPNs to improve the gaming experience. Battlefield is definitely one of the best unblocked games available in the market right now.

unblock games

League Of Legends: G Arena Phillip

This might break a few hearts, but LoL: G Arena is one of a kind when it comes to MOBA franchise. It shouldn’t be in our list of unblocked games, but its difference from the original LoL is by a land slide. Limited to the SEA region, LoL: Garena only welcomes pioneers of the franchise to its lair.


Even though most of the players are aware about this region locked LoL edition and are out of ideas to access it, there is still a way you can turn this blocked game into an unblocked game. You can use a VPN software that will bypass all geo-restrictions imposed by the Garena client and access LoL: G arena without a hassle.


unblock games


Honestly, we’re not surprised! DOTA 2 manages to maintain its place in the hearts of hardcore competitive gamers, and we couldn’t resist from putting it into our list of available, new and unblocked games of 2016.

DOTA 2 Unblocked Games

Available for free on Steam,  Engage in the second installment of the most acclaimed MOBA franchise, and spit on the pride of your enemies by defeating them with the help of your skilled heroes. Also, “The Winter Battle Pass” is up on steam right now, so this reason alone should make you want to resurrect the fierce magical world of “Dota” Franchise again.
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You might be thinking “is counter strike still a thing?” Yes, it is! The critically acclaimed pioneer of FPS games is back for another round. What started off as a mod for the original Half-Life shooter by Valve is now the king of all FPS games, and only because of that we had to include it in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games of 2016.

unblocked CS game

Take part in the battle between counter-terrorists and terrorists with new weapons, characters, and updated maps that will surely replenish your love for Counter Strike. If you’re in for some “Log in, Kill a few, then log out”, then you should definitely buy “CS:GO” on Steam. We hope you actually play the game, rather than un-boxing expensive knives.
unblock games

Blade and Soul

Didn’t expect to see this one, did you? Based on a beautifully crafted Sandbox world, Blade and Soul takes you on a journey of honor, betrayal and redemption where your hope lies in martial arts and cold hard steel.

unblock Blade and Soul game

With six diverse battle classes to choose from, you can engage in a battle against foes that is completely dependent on combos, timing and individual skills. And if you want to spend some time away from the battlefield,  you can explore the beautiful, diverse world with the power of windwalk. A definite choice to consider when when you’re looking for unblocked games.
unblock games

Legend Of Zelda: Triforce Heroes (Region-Locked Online Multiplayer)

Legend Of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is a one-of-a-kind inclusion in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016. The game adapts the infamous “A Link To The Past” engine along with the addition of minor impressive tweaks. Join Link and his allies as they solve fun, complicated puzzles with the help of team work. Not just that, Nintendo even added the character stacking totem system to juice things up during gameplay, though you can still use the traditional bombs, boomerangs and switches like you used to in the previous Legend Of Zelda Installments. However, Nintendo did implement a region-locked online match making system that will definitely get on your nerves.

unblock Legend Of Zelda game

For example, if you’re looking forward to get down with your buddies that live outside your region, then you won’t able to play with them. Nintendo stated that this was built-in to make the game-play smoother and fun by reducing ping and rate of DCs, but it is quite annoying nevertheless. Not to worry though, you can still use a VPN to bypass this senseless region locks to enjoy your game by making it one of the many unblocked games that are popular amongst gamers around the world.
unblock games

Euro-Truck Simulator 2

Euro-Truck Simulator 2 presents a fascinating and engaging adventure. Euro-Truck Simulator 2 managed to nab a place in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016, on account of the unique gameplay that the game offers. It manages to captivate attention despite of the absence of traditionally popular elements like guns, race cars, planes, cops or robbers.

Euro-Truck Simulator 2

In this open-world driving simulator, you start off as a low tier truck driver who takes haulage contracts from dominant moving companies. As you proceed further into the game, you’ll be able to buy your own first yard, along with your own new truck –  And that’s where the real fun begins. Regardless of how much of a country truck driver you might feel while playing this, it’s still a fun game to pass your idle time with.

unblock games

GTA: Online

If we say that this game needs any brief introduction, then that would be an understatement. This online sandbox replica of Los Angeles was already on top of the league; however, its ratings have been skyrocketing since the last “Lowrider” update.

Grand Theft Auto Online Game unblocked

Use new weapons, vehicles and multi-player modes to take over syndicates and dangerous con-artists. We gave Gta:Online a place in our list of top 20 unblocked games in 2016. We already bought a mansion on Vinewood Hills, did you?

unblock games


Without any doubts, Tera has revolutionized the way we look at MMORPG games. Its refined aiming  and dodging mechanics, and tactical timing strategies makes it a spellbinding challenge for any

online role-playing games fan. Not only that, the immersive in-game crafting system makes Tera unparallel when it comes to MMORPG franchise.

unblocked games

Also, there’s plenty of fan-service for the players, so we think men won’t have any problems getting used to Tera. And just for these reasons alone we had to include Tera into our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016. However, if you’re not from the U.S, you won’t be able to play it. Sorry, but that’s the real world, partner!
unblock games

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

Well, since Call Of Duty is everybody’s favorite FPS game franchine, we were inclined to put Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016. Call Of Duty is back with the same old kill farming and chat raging experience you can’t live without.

unblocked Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

To make things more spontaneous and fun, Activision added the new parkouring manouver, so you bring ruckus on the opposing team. If you’re not up for the fascinating multi-player combat, you can hop in the “Zombie mode” and get ready to blow some brains out. We hope you have the cojones to withstand the monstrosity that exist in the online game-play.
unblock games

Planetside 2

When it comes to inter-galactic warfares, Planetside 2 gives it a different twist. The developers at Daybreak Games really revamped the concept of intense futuristic warfares with their new soft of balanced game-play. Like all traditional warfare games, you have different classes to choose from, ranging from light assault to engineer, etc. Apart from that, the game really digs deep into the strategies of an actual warfare, meaning that your played-out infiltration methods are no of use.

unblock Planetside 2

Moreover, the addition of fighter planes, tanks, and mountable turrets makes the battle even more intense. Although you may find the rewarding system a bit too slow; however, the lust of new powerful artillery will make you want to stack credits non-stop. Even if this game follows the pay-to-win fundamentals, it still didn’t stop us from throwing it into our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

Guild Wars 2

This game is one of our personal favorites when it comes to MMORPG genre. Guild Wars 2 story line revolves around the five races that were enemies of each other at first, but after the awakening  of mighty beasts and their leader Zhaitan from their millennial sleep, the  five races must form an ally to decide the fate of their beloved world of Tyria.

unblocked Guild Wars 2 games

Besides this diverse, cinematic storyline, the game also consists of in-depth crafting system, balanced combat engine and interesting strategically initiatives that players can involve their selves into. We tried but couldn’t resist from including this game into our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

Marvel Heroes

In Marvel Heroes, play the role of your favorite Marvel super-hero and bring the bad guys down to their knees. Moreover, it’s a MMORPG,  which  makes it more exciting and fun. Yes, we’re aware that this game was tire some at first, but after the recent updates, things became quite uplifting.

Marvel Heroes game

Inclusion of new moves, new costumes, and new bad-guys every now and then makes this game worth the try. It may not be a top tier contender, but it still was impressive enough to make it into our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a 2D-browser adventure game that feels like doing acid before watching a children’s show, although this game doesn’t lie under the category of unblocked games. With many famous Youtubers, like Dashiexp, giving it love more than it deserves, it has climbed up the charts of popularity when it comes to fun browser games.

Play browse levels load level - Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is quite simple; you constructed level, and finally come out victorious right before you’re about to suffer from a cardiac arrest (yes, it’s that difficult at times). Not only the game play, but the level editor is also fun to mess around with. Happy Wheels meets all standards set generally for something to be labeled outrageous and retarded, but we all know that one famous saying: The crazier the game, the more fun it is. And without any further inspections, we will give happy wheels a place in our top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate NinjaStorm 4

In Naruto Shippuden Ultimate NinjaStorm 4, engage in the exciting adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, along with new features like Change Leader System and Wall-run.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate NinjaStorm 4

This games rehabilitates the original Naruto Shippuden story line with the help of top notch graphics, offering players an experience like never before. Regardless, this game has a special place in our hearts and in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.

unblock games

Peria Chornicles

We saw, we played, and we had to include it in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016. Adapting that refreshing anime-like visuals, Peria Chronicles is one step ahead in the world of MMO Games.

Peria Chornicles game which you can play free

You can create enchanting characters, shape and construct towns and landscapes, and even engage in battles that are fun and challenging. It’s in Korean language for now as per our knowledge, so it’s really not an unblocked game. However, if you’re willing to learn Korean and play a fun game at the same time, then Peria Chronicles is the best choice for you.

unblock games

Rocket League

Not really a new or an unblocked game, but it’s super fun nonetheless. Adding jets to cars and making them play soccer surely sounds like a diabolical plan of a 10 year old, but it’s still insane enough to work. Rocket League is a game that revolves around little cars playing soccer with the help of rocker power.

unblocked Rocket League game

It’s fun, hilarious and a good game to pass some quality time with your friends online. Things don’t just end up on that, there are multiple cars for you to unlock, multiple stadiums and multiple games modes for you to choose from. It’s crazy, fun and impulsive which convinces us enough to put this game in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

Black Squad

Including this in our list top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016 was a must for us. First of all, you don’t have spend a dime to play this, because its free. Plus, it’s gruesome and competitive combat engine makes this game stand out in the world of FPS games.

Black Squad

Also, the variety of lethal weapons in the game will make you wet yourself. We can imagine you having a good time already with your friends on Black Squad’s online multiplayer mode. This game is a must pick for anyone looking for available and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

Darkest Dungeon

Focused on the hardcore players of MMORPG genre, Darkest Dungeon raises the bar in terms of fundamental game mechanics and in-game strategies. In Darkest Dungeon, you are not only responsible for the skill sets of the four characters, but also their health and sentiments as well.

This game puts all players to the test and checks their might in order to determine the survival of the fittest. Not just that, the game’s mechanics are so vast that you’re characters might even suffer from PTSD after engaging in horrific battles. The details and difficulty alone made us include Darkest Dungeon in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.
unblock games

One Piece Online 2: Pirate King

One Piece Online 2 takes you on a journey of a pirate named Luffy, who wants to become the Pirate King and find One Piece. Even though this game is not officially licensed by the creators of the original Manga and Anime, it still does justice to the franchise on quite a good level and intertwines it with the addictive characteristics of a MMORPG game.

In this unofficial installment, players engage in an adventure where they face challenging pirate battles, find handsome loot, and meet their favorite characters from the series along the way. Plus, players can choose their characters from the four classes available, and also recruit other players into their battalion. As we are huge fans of the One Piece franchise, this game earns a place in our list of top 20 available, new and unblocked games in 2016.

unblock games

What if I can’t access some of these unblocked games?

Even though a lot of these games are already on the list of unblocked games, if you’re still facing region locks or something else in the same regard, then we have the perfect solution for you. You can use a VPN software like PureVPN, ExpressVPN , IPVanish, etc. And turn these blocked games into unblocked games.


Is High-Ping An Obstacle In Your Unblocked Games

Even if you have access to most of these unblocked games, you might still face high ping which ruins the gaming experience as a whole. With the help of a gaming VPN, you can have ping reduction for up to 60% and enjoy most of these unblocked games in peace and harmony.


In A Nutshell

There you go! We have deliberately listed down the top 20 available, new and unblocked games of 2016. These new, unblocked games will definitely knock the socks off you and keep you occupied until someone calls you to ask if you’re still alive. Game on, Comrades!

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