Unblock Lifetime Network’s TV Shows and Movies with VPN

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Lifetime is an American cable and satellite TV channel which was originally launched in 1984. It has gone through various revamps since then. Lifetime broadcasts original content including TV shows and movies. Most of the shows on Lifetime aim to keep the female audience’s interests and issues in perspective.

According to the recent stats, as of August 2013, Lifetime is viewed in 86.03% of the American households. Internet users in America are also able to stream online the most popular TV shows and movies that run on Lifetime TV.

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Restrictions on Lifetime TV Shows and Lifetime Movies outside the US

Unfortunately, Lifetime TV shows and Lifetime movies are only accessible in the United States. The users who do not live in America or do not have American IP addresses cannot stream the contents of Lifetime online due to the geo-restrictions and limitations set on the content of Lifetime.

You will get the following message displayed on your screens if you try to access it from anywhere else other than the US (with your original IP address), unless you access it from a VPN.

lifetime network

Unblock Lifetime to Stream TV Shows and Movies

The question that is often asked by the masses upon seeing the above error is how to watch Lifetime TV outside the US? The answer to this and every other question that is related to blocked and geo-restricted content lies in three simple words. Get a VPN.

The Virtual Private Networks or VPNs help you bypass the geo-restrictions and let you access the full range of content from Lifetime at your ease while keeping you safe from cybercrime and online surveillance threats.

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Activating the VPN replaces your original IP address with one of the IP addresses that are available on the VPN server. Upon equipping your device with a VPN, you are assigned with an American IP which will enable you to unblock and watch all your favorite Lifetime TV shows and Lifetime movies at any time, from anywhere.


TV Provider’s Details to Access Full Premium Content

Once you have equipped your device with a VPN, you will only need to enter your TV provider’s login details and password to access the content that is exclusively available for audience in the US region. The premium content includes full episodes of TV shows and a large movie library.

You can even access lots of movies and video clips if you don’t find your TV provider’s name listed in Lifetime’s TV providers. Do not forget to check out “see more providers” option!

lifetime network

Equip Your Device with a Lifetime TV App

To make things easier for the users, Lifetime TV has launched its own Lifetime TV Android App and Lifetime TV iPhone App. The users can stay updated with all the latest Lifetime TV showsand Lifetime movies.

The applications are free and easy to download. Apps on their smartphones, tabs and iPads allow them to watch their favorite contents anywhere at any time.

The Lifetime smartphone app is compatible with iPad and iPhones running on iOS 5 or later. It runs on Android smartphones and tabs and it is also compatible with Kindle Fire HD. For those users who do not reside in the US and wish to access Lifetime, it is recommended for them to equip their devices with a VPN so that they can get full access to the contents of Lifetime.


Interaction of Lifetime with its Users over Social Media

Lifetime TV is one of those few TV channels that have a very active social media team. It has around 2.4M fans on its official Facebook page and has 182K followers on Twitter.

It initiates a very healthy chat session with its fans. And it also updates its fans with the latest developments of Lifetime TV Shows and Lifetime TV Movies.


Popular TV Shows and Movies on Lifetime

Lifetime has a list of popular TV shows and movies. It runs original as well as second run syndicated programs. The programs that were/are originally run on Lifetime include Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva, Witches of the East End and Devious Maids. All the programs differ from each other and tell us significantly about the approach of Lifetime towards the audiences.

The second run syndicated programs include the famous sitcom How I Met Your Mother. It also offers Grey’s Anatomy and Frasier to its audiences. However, the access to all these programs is limited to US only and you will need a VPN if you are trying to access the content outside the US.



Lifetime has gained huge popularity among the masses, especially among the women. With its approach of highlighting issues related to women, it has garnered appreciation from both men and women. People in America can easily watch Lifetime TV shows and Lifetime TV movies.

However, there are a few hurdles for the users who try to access it outside the US. They are unable to watch Lifetime TV even if they have Lifetime TV App in their smartphones, tabs and iPads. They use VPNs to overcome these hurdles and enjoy streaming their favorite content online on Lifetime.

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