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IsoHunt is a popular torrent search engine and website that indexes torrent files of different genres. It first surfaced in 2003, when it operated under the domain ‘isohunt.com’. Over the years, isoHunt has built a reputable community and gained followers from all over the world. Sadly, this popularity has come at a price; numerous countries block isoHunt.

The fight against piracy and the continuous battle between copyright holders and torrent websites has led isoHunt to be blocked. Not only this, users who indulges in downloading illegally obtained digital contents can get themselves in serious trouble. Torrenters have been fined for thousands of dollars in the past therefore definitely use torrent vpn to bypass this issue and stay safe on the internet.

However, there are different ways you can use to unravel isoHunt. In our guide, we will explore each these methods and look at the regions where isoHunt is unreachable.

Why would you like Isohunt Torrent site?

Many people around the world are very frugal in nature and do not like spending on unnecessary stuff especially when it comes to digital contents. Everyday new content is added which makes the older version obsolete; therefore, it can be wise to not pay a lot of money for them.

Isohunt is an amazing torrent site that allows you to download, stream or share any content of your choice be it games, movies or music for absolutely free. This makes getting expensive paid digital content without paying a dime.

All the content on Isohunt is available in high quality and you can download them either through magnets, hashes or normal torrent files. This makes torrenting through this site extremely easy and reliable. Isohunt has a very decent and professional looking interface with an online community for requesting new torrent files.

Methods for Unblocking isoHunt

There are two ways to access isoHunt from anywhere:

  1. Use a VPN Provider
  2. Use a Proxy

So, which method should you use? Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Option 1: Unblock isoHuntwith a VPN

The second method for unblocking isoHunt is by using a VPN service. From a technical viewpoint, a VPN acts just like a proxy but with added benefits. A VPN offers numerous servers located in different parts of the world. When you connect to anyone of the servers, you form encrypted tunnels with the server and adopt the server’s IP address. This functionality is helpful in unblocking isoHunt.

unblock isohunt

The added benefit of using a VPN is that no one can eavesdrop on your internet activities. The encrypted tunnels created by a VPN are like capsules through which your data travels and is converted into alphanumeric characters. Therefore, if you connect a VPN while using isoHunt torrent for movies, copyright holders or your ISP can’t identify your location or monitor your downloads.

Some VPNs such as PureVPN are P2P optimized. They offer servers located in torrent friendly regions. These regions don’t object the use of P2P file sharing via BitTorrent protocol and don’t have any regulations that will require VPN services to hand over user information to the authorities.

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Option 2: Unblock isoHunt using Proxy

The first method to unlock isoHunt is by using a proxy service. You can choose from paid or free proxy services. Each of them will help you access isoHunt instantly from anywhere.

A proxy service works as an intermediary between a client and servers where the information rests. In the presence of a proxy, you don’t communicate with a server directly. Instead, a proxy intercepts yourrequest for a website and routes it through its own server. Therefore, if you access isoHunt from Australia using a proxy service, your original IP address is masked and the address of proxy service will be visible.

Here are some proxy services you can use for unblocking isoHunt:

isoHunt Crackdown by Authorities

When it comes to exploring the history of isoHunt, you will come across numerous cases where the website has been shut down by the authorities. Last year in Australia, ISPs block populartorrent websites, including isoHunt. A Federal Australian Court ordered the crackdown on different torrent sites after a long-standing battle to curb piracy.

In India, many torrent websites, including isoHunt, faced a similar fate. A court ruling ordered the blockage of different torrent websites. In addition to the blocks, anyone who accessed these websites for downloading or sharing copyrighted material would be finedand jailed for three years.

Similarly, isoHunt has been fighting its own battle with multiple lawsuits. In 2013, it came to a settlement with MPAA over allegations of copyright infringement. isoHuntsettled the lawsuit for $110 million worth of damages.Likewise, isoHunt settled another 10-year lawsuit with Canadian music group worth $66 million.

All these lawsuits put a halt to isoHunt. However, the website is now operating under a new domain, www.isohunt.to. You can also use different isoHunt mirror websites to download torrent files. And, if you face any restrictions in accessing isoHunt, then use anyone of the above mentioned methods.

Final Words

isoHunt is a popular torrent website that you can use to download movies, shows, games, software, books, and much more. Unfortunately, the website is blocked in different countries. To unblock isoHunt, you can use either a proxy service or a VPN.

Both these methods are useful in unlocking the website. However, if you were to choose between the two options, we would recommend a VPN. You not only unblock isoHunt using a VPN, but also secure your privacy from copyright holders. Its IP cloaking ability and data encryption algorithms will protect your from DMCAs and lawsuits.

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