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Discovery Channel UK is a subordinate of Discovery Networks. The channel started its operation in UK & Ireland in 1989 and is popular for becoming the first instance in history where where Discovery Channel extended its services outside the United States. The channel now supports two picture formats, SDTV and HDTV.

Discovery Channel UK offers several programs to its viewers that are both informative and entertaining in nature. The channel has long remained a popular source of infotainment for the audiences of UK & Ireland. It is a satellite and cable channel, and is available on several cable providers and Sky UK and Sky Ireland.


Cutback in Transmission of Discovery Channel UK

Viewers in UK can easily watch Discovery Channel on their TVsets,or they can stream Discovery Channel UK at their ease on their computer systems/smart devices. But the real problem arises when viewers outside the UK try to access it from any other region. Due to copyrights infringement and advertising issues, the channel limits its access to UK only.

Restrictions and limitations do not allow viewers outside the UK to access its programs. They have to either wait for the programs to be made available on DVDs or opt for downloading the pirated version of the shows (which is a cybercrime punishable by law).


Watch Discovery Channel outside the UK

You should refrain from downloading the pirated versions of the shows as they can land you in trouble. Discovery Channel live TV can also be accessed via VPNs that give you access to all the blocked programs.

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VPNs replace your original IP address with one of their own (from the UK servers) and thereby allow you to stream Discovery Channel UK from your computer system, smart TV and/or smartphone. VPNs also make sure that you are safe and secure from the spying eyes of online agencies and cybercriminals.


Programs You Want To Watch on Discovery Channel UK

The channel provides quality programming to its viewers and they can watch all of them either directly from the UK or with the help of a VPN on Discovery Channel live TV. Here are the trailers of a few programs that are widely popular among the viewers and are definitely worth watching.


Discovery Channel Android App

With the Discovery Channel Android App you can watch all your favorite shows on smartphones and tabs. You can share all your favorite clips with your friends on social media with the app. It is free and easily available on Google Play.

The app, however, is subjected to work where the transmission of Discovery Channel UK is available. If you happen to live in a region where the exclusive transmission is not available, you will be required to activate a VPN on your device. Once the connection is established successfully, you will be able to stream Discovery Channel UK from your region with ease.


Discovery Channel iPhone App

You can watch full episodes of selected TV shows with the Discovery Channel iPhone App. It gives you access to tens and thousands of free video clips that are available on its server. The App is available on iTunes App Store and it requires iOS 5 or above to run on your iPhones and iPads.

But the app, however, limits access to UK only. You can bypass these restrictions with a UK VPN. It will assign you a new IP address with which you will be able to watch Discovery Channel UK on your iPhones and iPads and will also make sure your device is safe from malicious software and hackers.




Discovery Channel UK is a popular source of entertainment for those who live in the UK. It serves the two objectives of entertaining and educating people at the same time. With shows like Mythbusters, it succeeds in attracting audiences in large numbers.

The only thing that comes in the way of creating a global fan following for Discovery Channel UK is that the shows are limited to the UK only. To get exclusive access to these shows, you need to have a VPN installed in your laptop and other devices. It will not only unblock the shows for you but it will do so while keeping you safe from cybercriminals and online agencies.

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