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Channel 9, commonly known as Nine, is an Australian commercial free-to-air television network. It has been in the TV industry for almost six decades. It was launched on 16th September, 1956 and has its headquarters in Willoughby, New South Wales. Nine Network or Channel9 has made its mark as the most significant channel out of all the commercial channels in Australia.

The Nine Network offers all sorts of programming to its viewers and has often been noted for providing infotainment to the masses. The channel broadcasts various original programs from Australia and reruns of popular American shows.

It broadcasts Cricket, National Rugby League, Tennis and Golf under the brand of Wide World of Sports. It also offers news and several reality TV shows to its viewers.


Restrictions on Channel 9 Australia

Even though some segments of Channel 9 are available for streaming outside Australia, most of them are geo-restricted due to copyrights and advertising issues. You will not be able to watch Channel9 live if you do not happen to live in Australia or if you are travelling outside Australia.

The Nine Network has limited the access to its content to make sure that the quality of its content is not compromised. Even if the viewers try to watch Channel 9 Australia online or on their TV sets, they will be denied access due to their geographical location.

Channel 9


How to Watch Channel 9 from the Restricted Areas

People often fall prey to the restrictions and limitations set on TV channels. Rarely has it been seen that all the contents of TV channels are available to the people of different regions without any restrictions.

Channel 9 also falls in the category of TV channels that restrict their content to a particular region. However, if you wish to watch Channel9 News online or Channel9 Sports for that matter, you can use a VPN.

A VPN will replace your original IP address with one of its own (simply select an Australia VPN server to acquire an Australian IP address) and will make you eligible to watch your favorite TV shows, reality shows, sports programs and news from anywhere in the world.

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Watch Channel 9 News Australia

Channel 9 has been one of the top ranked commercial Australian news channels for years. It produces news-bulletins and talk shows and also rebroadcasts American TV network ABC’s news and current affair programs. The channel provides all the latest happenings of the world to its viewers.


Popular TV Shows of Channel 9

Channel 9 on-airs Australian as well as American TV and reality series. We are sharing a few trailers with you for your convenience. Have a look at them and decide for yourself.

Married at First Sight

Australia’s most dramatic TV show is back! Married at First Sight season 2 is available to watch on 9Now. The dating show has gained popularity among the fans due to the nature of its content. Meet the couples who have been married using the bizarre social matching experiment. You can catch the full episodes of Married at First Sight on 9 Network.


Get any of the above listed Australian VPN providers to unblock 9Now using an Australian IP address and watch Married at First Sight outside Australia from any corner of the world.


The latest addition to Channel9’s library of TV series is Gotham, an American crime show based on the famous comic Batman. The show depicts the stories of not just Batman, but also of all the Batman Villains.


Big Brother

Watch Australia’s own version of Big Brother where contestants compete with each other to earn the prize money of $200,000. Nine Network is currently on-airing the eleventh season of Big Brother.


The Block

The Block is an Australian reality TV show that features four or five couples who are given a task to renovate houses and to sell them at auction for the highest price.


Channel 9 is a good source of entertainment and infotainment for Australia viewers. The diversity that it offers in its content is unmatchable. From news to reality TV series, everything is available on the Nine Network but sadly all the contents come with restrictions.

Viewers from other regions are denied access to its contents. However, a VPN can help them access all the blocked and geo-restricted contents by masking their real IP address with one of its own. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows and sports program while not having to worry about your online security

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