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True Detective is returning for a second season this summer and with it, are returning some heavily crafted dialogues that will reveal the darker side of the world. Who can forget Rust’s (Matthew Mcconaughey) speeches on various occasions where he was repeatedly asked by Marty (Woody Harrelson) to keep his mouth shut?

True Detective has a rating of 9.3/10 on iMDb and is a crime drama TV series that features different cast and has a different storyline in each season. The second season features Collin Farrell, Vince Vaughan, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch in the lead roles. By the look of it, the story seems to revolve around the cops with shady pasts and business tycoons.

How to watch it online for Free

True Detective Season 2 can be watched online for free via Popcorn Time. However, we must warn you that each country has a different peer-to-peer filesharing policy and you might land in trouble if you don’t take the preventive measures.

Since Popcorn Time upgrades its servers and uploads new movies and TV series on daily basis, you can get yourself a VPN and hide your online ID behind it to keep away the prying eyes of surveillance agencies and your ISP. A VPN can help you hide behind one of its many servers and can keep your online ID intact and safe to ensure you don’t invite any trouble.

Following are some of the best VPN services that will help you watch True Detective Season 2 for free.

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How to watch it online (Paid version)

Similarly you can watch True Detective Season 2 by subscribing to the services of HBO and HBO Go – the official channels that are broadcasting True Detective. In case they both are blocked in your region, you will need to unblock them with a VPN (which will also need a subscription) and then you will have to pay for the subscription of HBO and HBO Go additionally to be able to watch True Detective season 2.

Why You Should Watch True Detective Season 2

Revealing the dark side of the lives of detectives and the realities of humanity, True Detective is a must watch TV series for those who love the idea of slow and progressive TV series. It uncovers the battles and struggles of the cops who have had shady pasts and are forced to face the consequences of the mistakes they have made in their lives before.

The second season of True Detective went on air on 21st June, 2015 and as expected it received mostly positive reviews from the critics and the viewers. Some might argue this season’s premier is not as good as the season 1, but we still have a long way to go before we make any judgments. The official trailer gives us goosebumps and we are ready to be bombarded with a TV series full of mindboggling dialogues.

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