Unblock African Nations Championship

Unblock African Nations Championship

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The African Nations championship starts on the 16th of January 2016. Football fans can now enjoy the complete fourth edition of African Nations championship online. The championship is going to be held in Rwanda. 16 teams will be battling each other. Out of which only one team will take the 2016 African Nations Champion title home.

Geo-Restrictions on Watching African Nations Championship Online

However if you are located in the geo restricted region outside of Africa, then you might run into geo restrictions. When you try to access the African Nations Championship you will face an error message indicating that geo-restrictions are in place.

Once you activate a VPN, your IP is changed with the one where there is no geo restriction policy. In result you get access to the championship easily. With the VPN you can get the ease of your mind and enjoy the fascinating tournament flawlessly.

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The above VPN services have been praised by VPN users and streaming lovers for their streaming friendly servers. Almost all VPN services promise to bypass geo-restrictions, but very few have the network architecture and software support required to ensure an uninterrupted streaming experience.


How Streaming Websites block African Nations Championship Online

The moment you access the African Nation Championship the site determines your IP address. Your IP address holds important information (including your location and country of origin). As a result, you see the geo restriction error message. This is the point where VPN comes into play. With VPN on your side you can enjoy the championship without any limitations.


Qualifiers & Matches of the African Nations Championship Online

A hard-hitting competition took place to qualify for the African Nations Championship. Unfortunately, Libya The 2014 winner failed to qualify for this year. Yet, 16 outstanding teams showed their tremendous efforts and qualified for the tournament.

Team Rwanda qualified for the tournament automatically as it is hosting championship. While fifteen qualification rounds took place for the remaining teams to prove themselves.

The qualifying teams include Dr Congo Winner of 2009 Championship, Guinea, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mali, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Gabon, Zimbabwe and The 2011 Winner Tunisia.

The match list for the Africa Nations Championship has been added for your convenience.  Be sure not to miss it:

DateMatch 1 (at 15:00)Match 2 (at 18:00)
16-JanRwanda vs. Ivory CoastGabon vs. Morocco
17-JanDR Congo vs. EthiopiaAngola vs. Cameroon
18-JanTunisia vs. GuineaNigeria vs. Niger
19-JanZimbabwe vs. ZambiaMali vs. Uganda
20-JanRwanda vs. GabonMorocco vs. Ivory Coast
21-JanDR Congo vs. AngolaCameroon vs. Ethiopia
22-JanTunisia vs. NigeriaNiger vs. Guinea
23-JanZimbabwe vs. MaliUganda vs. Zambia
24-JanMorocco vs. RwandaIvory Coast vs. Gabon
25-JanCameroon vs. DR CongoEthiopia vs. Angola
26-JanNiger vs. TunisiaGuinea vs. Nigeria
27-JanUganda vs. ZimbabweZambia vs. Mali

All times are presented in local Central African Time (CAT).

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