UK’s IP Bill Enforced: Here’s How to Protect Your Privacy

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The long debated ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’ has finally received royal assent from the Queen, extending UK’s state surveillance to new heights. After an approval from House of the Lords, the new surveillance regulations empower various authorities including police, tax inspectors, food regulatory officials and spy agencies to access Britons’ browsing history whenever they want.

However, the Investigatory Power Bill has put netizens’ data privacy at stake and left them into mere frustration.

According to Home Office, the UK’s IP Act 2016 will come into effect before December 31st, 2016. Now, if you’re resided in the UK and looking for a method to protect your data privacy, then this guide will show you how exactly to protect yourself from the prying eyes of different spy agencies.

Facts About of UK Investigatory Powers Bill 2016

The UK IP Bill has faced massive controversy since the release of its first draft last year. After examining the bill, here are some facts about UK Investigatory Powers Bill that you should know about:

  • ISPs, telecom providers, and mobile carriers will retain users’ data for 12 months
  • The retained data will contain the names of websites that you visit, but not individual pages
  • Metadata of online communications will be stored (who, when, where user used instant messenger)
  • Actual conversations of users will not be retained
  • Law enforcement agencies and other government departments won’t require a warrant for accessing retained data

How to Protect Yourself from State Surveillance

Since UK IP Bill requires telecom providers, ISPs & mobile carriers to retain Internet Connection Records (ICRs) of citizens for up to 12 months, law enforcement authorities would have full access to stored data.

To protect your data and confidential information, a VPN encrypts your entire network traffic, making your data unreadable & unidentifiable to ISPs, hackers and spy agencies. Thus, a UK VPN is an ideal and economical solution to achieve top-notch data protection and privacy.

However, not all VPN services offer strong encryption. When selecting a provider, chose a VPN that offers OpenVPN protocol along with AES 256 bit encryption. In addition, use a VPN service that operates from outside UK. This way your privacy and metadata will not fall into the hands of UK authorities. Best VPN Services To Protect Your Data Privacy

Following are the top VPN services which offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong encryption tunneling protocols, and zero activity log policy. By using one of these VPN, you will achieve one-touch data protection against those who want to eavesdrop on your online activities and data privacy:

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Final Words

The UK Investigatory Powers Bill has been passed! A large number of privacy influencers, journalist, tech geeks, security experts and online privacy watchdogs have criticized the bill and have dubbed the UK IP Act 2016 as a spy bill.

While millions of netizens are opposing the UK IP Bill, smart ones are equipping themselves with a UK VPN to achieve robust protection against prying eyes of spy agencies, ISPs, snoopers and other cyber threats.

However, we recommend netizens use preferred VPN services and explore internet with complete freedom without risking their data privacy.

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