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VPNTraffic arrived at the scene of online privacy in the world including UK in year 2010. The brand proudly claims that it unblocks Netflix and other streaming services in no time in UK.

This is the reason I performed a detailed VPNTraffic review in UK to know about the reality of the above-mentioned claim.

Also, I discovered some of its major pros and cons, including other unknown facets of the service.

There is no denying VPNTraffic is relatively an unknown VPN service in UK, but if you want to find out some of the most popular VPNs in the market, read an exclusive VPN reviews guide.

Let’s start without further ado.

  • Offers 60+ servers worldwide US, AU, CA, RU, Italy, Japan, Korea, HK, etc in UK
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Routers, Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
  • Delivers an anonymous payment option in the form of Bitcoin
  • Supports torrenting

  • Based in the US
  • Provides a paid trial feature
  • May leak your IP address

VPNTraffic Review in UK: What I liked about VPNTraffic

VPNTraffic offers five different kinds of pricing plans to its subscribers in UK. Likewise, it has included one of the safest and anonymous payment options, Bitcoin, in its armory.

I liked other aspects of VPNTraffic, which I will elaborate on in this section thoroughly. These are:

Pricing & Plans in UK

This VPNTraffic review in UK unveils that subscribers can purchase five types of pricing packages straightaway. You can contemplate these packages such as three days, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and two years as well.

After paying £1.73, you may evaluate the reputation of the brand systematically. If you want to secure your online privacy for a month, you need to pay £4.34.

Similarly, you will need to pay £8.69 to avail quarterly pricing plan. In case you want to buy their 6-monthly or yearly packages, all you have to do is pay £15.64 and £30.41respectively.


Find more VPNs that cost cheap in UK, even under £1.74/m, with great service in UK.

Payment Methods

Conversely, VPNTraffic does not provide an expanded list of payment options to users in UK. Still, these payment options are enough when it comes to paying all kinds of dues securely in UK.

Here is the list of different payment options in UK  that include:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (Powered by Stripe)
  • Bitcoin, BCH, LTC, and ETH

Money-Back Guarantee / Refund Policy

This VPNTraffic review in UK discloses that users may find it difficult to get information about refund policies or money-back guarantees. I hope that the brand will provide all the details about its money-back guarantee or refund policy on its sites categorically.

Server Locations

At present, the US-based online security provider is delivering its services in all the world’s major countries through 60+ servers US, AU, CA, RU, Italy, Japan, Korea, HK, etc in UK. I expect VPNTraffic to surely raise its bar in the server’s network to grab potential users’ attention shortly in UK.

VPNTraffic Servers Review


VPNtraffic is compatible with all the famous operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Surprisingly, you can download and install the brand to accomplish your gaming craving as it has impressive for gaming consoles.

It also allows you to secure your desired device in UK as you can set up VPNTraffic on your router.

VPNTraffic Compatibility

Customer Support in UK

During my VPNTraffic review in UK, I explored the provider’s dedicated sections in the shape of Contact Us, Setup Guides, and FAQs. When you want a detailed answer to your questions, you can send an email to

Thus, you can get the answer to all your related queries through email promptly in UK.

Sadly, the provider does not have its official email address which shows they have to do a lot of work to become a customer-centric service in the coming years.

Through FAQs, you can get quick answers that relate to general troubleshooting and other issues in UK. On the other hand, VPNTraffic does not have a live chat feature.

However, I am quite helpful that I will be reviewing the above-described feature in my next review.


IP Leak & DNS Leak Tests in UK

Unfortunately, VPNTraffic may leak your actual IP addresses in UK. When I tried to connect to its US server, it connected me to its French server.


I anticipated the same scenario while conducting a DNS leak test.


Speed Test in UK

In terms of speed, I received average connection speeds from the VPNTraffic France server in UK. Not to forget that I tried to connect to its US server, but I was connected to the French server in UK.

Here is the screenshot of my speed test given below:


Note: I used a 30Mbps internet connection for conducting a speed test.

Torrenting in UK

The service allows you to fulfill your streaming desires in UK. You can download any torrent file of your choice and watch your favorite media stuff stress-free.

But, users should bear in mind that the headquarter of VPNTraffic is based in the US. Hence, you should avoid downloading copyrighted material at any cost in UK. Otherwise, you may become a victim of copyright trolls and DMCA notices in UK.

Netflix Support in UK

VPNTraffic is not the right option if you want to access the US Netflix media library from anywhere. You will have to search for other VPNs to attain your mission on your own terms.

You can find the list of working Netflix VPNs for Android or Windows and access your favorite content from any location around the world.

VPNTraffic Review in UK: What did I not like about VPNTraffic?

I will explain different attributes that I did not like about the service in UK. These are:

Free Trial in UK

Accpording to VPNTraffic Review in UK, VPNTraffic provides a paid trial feature to its users. You can avail of such a facility after paying £1.73 once.

This way, you can check the service’s performance for three (3) days without any hassle in UK.


Logging & Privacy Policy in UK

As I already mentioned, the service mainly operates from the US jurisdiction. Therefore, the parent company has to abide by US data retention laws.

When you explore their official site in detail, you would be surprised to know that VPNTraffic has not explained its logging and privacy policy.

Without reading the logging and privacy policy, you cannot judge the intentions of any VPN service. The provider should clearly mention its data collection procedure and its implications on its official site as soon as possible.

This way, they can obtain the trust of their existing and potential users appropriately in UK.

Protocols and Encryption in UK

VPNTraffic will have to work quite hard to add an industry-standard tunneling protocol OpenVPN in UK. The brand has different sorts of protocols such as PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec.

I was expecting to see SSTP and other tunneling protocols, but sadly, it was not the case. In the case of encryption, I did try my level best to find some information about encryption.

However, I could not get success in achieving my objective.

The multi-login feature is not available in UK

VPNtraffic should have offered a multi-login feature in UK, but users can only protect their one device at a time.

The service must allow users to secure their multiple devices simultaneously in UK. Otherwise, they may face issues while increasing their existing customer base.

Alternatives to VPNTraffic

To use VPN service other than VPNTraffic in UK, explore our list that consists of:

VPNTraffic Review in UK: Reddit Review

Reddit has become one of the most sought communities that provide updated feedback regarding numerous products and services.

But, I did not get any clue about VPNTraffic on such a famous social media platform in UK.

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VPNTraffic Review in UK: Twitter Review

Twitter is another source like Reddit that delivers unbiased reviews about different VPNs instantly. However, I faced the same situation like Reddit, as I could not explore customer mentioning about VPNTraffic Reviews in UK.

VPNTraffic Review in UK: Final Verdict

Now, I have to conclude this VPNTraffic review in UK. To cut a long story short, the brand exists in five-eye countries, not a good sign for its users.

They have existed in all the world’s crucial countries as they are delivering their services through 60+ servers US, AU, CA, RU, Italy, Japan, Korea, HK, etc in UK.

On the other hand, VPNTraffic has been working in the domain of online privacy since 2010. Therefore, I assume they would have added various value-added features like live chat, GDPR compliance, etc.

Yet, the brand is still a relevant choice for new netizens as you can get an idea about online privacy in UK and its consequences. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.