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“Does PureVPN Work with Hulu in UK?”. Fortunately Yes, PureVPN is one of those products that you could call a “jack of all trades”. Apart from its privacy features, the VPN works exceedingly well for the purposes of unblocking many popular streaming services in UK, Hulu included.

However, when it comes to Hulu, we have to be absolutely sure that the VPN in question can actually unblock Hulu in UK. The majority of VPNs fail to unblock Hulu because of the anti-VPN technology it uses, which is even stronger than Netflix. Check out the best VPN services in UK tested by us.

So, I tested PureVPN with Hulu to see if it works in UK. The result? PureVPN is definitely working with Hulu in UK. I’m going to show my test results below.

Does PureVPN Work with Hulu in UK? Steps for Unblocking Hulu with PureVPN in UK

Step 1: Download and install PureVPN on your device after purchasing a subscription.


Step 2: Launch PureVPN and click on the “Popular Websites” button, then search for “Hulu“.

Selecting- PureVPN-Hulu-server-in-UK

Step 3: Connect to the server then visit the Hulu website.


Step 4: Pick any show or movie to watch and enjoy streaming in UK.


Does PureVPN Work with Hulu in UK?: Testing PureVPN with Hulu in UK

Before starting to test PureVPN in UK, I first reached PureVPN customer support and inquired whether the service works with Hulu. They answered in the affirmative:


While the answer seems a little cryptic, I’m pretty sure they meant to say that PureVPN’s special “Hulu” servers will allow me to access the streaming service in UK. As I have shown in the video below, I found a “Hulu” server after searching for it in the “Popular Websites” option in the PureVPN app’s main server selection screen.

This immediately worked and I was able to in UKstream Hulu right away with PureVPN :


PureVPN remained very stable throughout my testing. As you can see for yourself in the video above, PureVPN was able to unblock Hulu streams in UK with minimal buffering and standard picture quality.

I am sure you could get higher quality as well with a faster Internet in UK, but unfortunately, I only had a poor man’s connection available for this testing which is why the picture quality isn’t extraordinary.

For the best experience, simply select the “Stream mode” from the main PureVPN app screen and it will allow you to connect to the best-optimized streaming servers for a great, uninterrupted Hulu experience in UK. By the way, PureVPN offers thousands of servers all over the globe. It even offers VPN servers in Mexico.


Since PureVPN automatically selects the best server for you after “Hulu” is chosen in the “Popular Websites” option, we can’t control which specific server to connect to.

Nonetheless, our PureVPN speed test results (which were conducted on a high-end Internet connection unlike mine at present) for the US servers in UK looked something like this:

  • Ping: 299 ms
  • Download: 51.67 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 65.42 Mbps

While these speeds are pretty average, these are still pretty good for HD-quality streaming, provided your base connection is fast enough. Indeed, you could even download torrents quickly with PureVPN in UK with the same level of speed as obtained by us.

Does PureVPN Work with Hulu in UK?: PureVPN Hulu Proxy Error in UK? Try These Fixes

While PureVPN generally works well with Hulu in UK, you can still receive errors from time to time. If you’ve had the misfortune to experience these issues, try the following fixes:

Solution #1: Try changing PureVPN to a different “mode”. Usually, “stream mode” works best for accessing Hulu in UK.

Solution #2: Connect directly to a US server from the “Locations” menu rather than connecting Hulu from the “Popular Websites” option.

Solution #3: Flush your DNS by accessing “Command Prompt” and then typing in ipconfig /flushdns > Enter.

For other connectivity issues, check our guide about PureVPN not working in UK.

Does PureVPN Work with Hulu in UK?: PureVPN’s Free Trial in UK

PureVPN does not exactly offer a free trial. Rather, it’s a low-cost option of trying PureVPN for 7 days. If you continue to use it beyond those 7 days, you will be charged the full amount of your chosen subscription plan. But if you cancel PureVPN within 7 days, you’ll only lose $0.99. This guide explains the whole PureVPN free trial business at length.

The trial comes with the full set of features that the paid subscription offers. For instance, you get the 10 multi-logins which will allow you to set up PureVPN on Firestick, Kodi, as well as Roku in UK.

Wrapping Up

PureVPN works brilliantly with Hulu in UK. The setup process is extremely simple and only involves connecting to the special “Hulu” servers to unblock the streaming site in UK.

The excellent unblocking strength of PureVPN enables access to Netflix as well, so it’s not only Hulu that the VPN is good for. Overall, PureVPN is one of the best value services you can have to access Hulu anywhere in UK, free of geo-restrictions.

For more information about the VPN in general, see our PureVPN review.

Does PureVPN Work with Hulu in UK? Yes, try out PureVPN to access Hulu in UK? I’d love to hear what your experience was like in the comments below.