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A successful business is built on providing good customer service. The quality of customer service can make or break a product’s market share. We will examine IPVanish customer support in UK in-depth.

IPVanish is a highly-rated VPN service that offers a comprehensive solution for online privacy and security in UK. For users who want quick, dependable connections for streaming, torrenting, and gaming, IPVanish offers advanced features like LAN blocking and OpenVPN scramble, ensuring a safe and secure online experience.

But what happens if you require assistance using this service in UK? Fear not, IPVanish has a dedicated customer support team available round-the-clock to assist you with any issue or query you may have, whether it is about a bug you are facing or if you want to cancel your IPVanish subscription in UK.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at IPVanish’s customer support in UK and provide a step-by-step guide on how to reach them quickly and easily.

How to contact IPVanish Customer Support in UK via Live Chat

Among its many customer support options, IPVanish chat support in UK is available 24/7 and is usually the most time-effective option. Here is how you can reach IPVanish customer support in UK via Live chat:

  1. Go to the IPVanish website in UK

Go to the IPVanish website. On the upper right side of the homepage screen, you will see the Help button.IPVanish-customer-support-help-in-UK

  1. Open the help window:

Upon opening the Help window, you will see a little green box in the lower right section of the screen with the word “Help.” Click that little button. A window will open up and ask you to type in your query. This is the chat robot, not live chat support. Entering your question here will only cause the robot to suggest links that it thinks will answer your question. Do not type anything in this window.


  1. Switch to live chat

In the bottom right corner of the pop-up chat window, you will see a white bubble that says “Get in Touch.” Click on that button. When you get a reply asking, “How do you want to get in touch?” select Live Chat.


  1. Enter the required information and state your query

A form will pop up that will ask for your name, IPVanish login email / social sign-in option, the department to which you want to address your query, and an empty space to type your question. Fill in this information, and you will be immediately connected to a chat representative who will help you with your problem.


How to contact IPVanish Customer Support in UK via Support Center

If you want to see how many different options the IPVanish customer support in UK team has made available for their customers, try perusing the Support Center for a more comprehensive list of customer care options.

Here is how you can contact IPVanish customer support in UK via IPVanish.com Support Center:

1. Go to the IPVanish website in UK

Go to the IPVanish website in UK. On the upper right side of the homepage screen, you will see the Help button.


2. Click on “Help” to access the Support Center:

Click on the Help tab in the upper menu to access the Support Center.

3. Choose your preferred support option:

There are several options available in the support center. You can enter your inquiry in the designated field labeled “How can we help you?”

If you prefer email communication, click the Email Support button to send a message to the customer support team. Additionally, you can save time by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if your question has already been addressed. You can also peruse the Support Categories to locate information related to your issue.


How to contact IPVanish Customer Support in UK Directly

IPVanish offers multifaceted customer service in UK through different avenues. You can reach out to IPVanish customer support in UK directly through email, and phone.

Many customers ask, “Is there an actual number for IPVanish customer support in UK?” The answer to this is yes, there are several IPVanish customer support phone numbers you can use to reach IPVanish Customer Support in UK via phone. Phone support is limited to weekdays within office hours (9 am-5 p.m.), while email support requires a maximum waiting period of 48 hours.

How to contact IPVanish in UK via Email Address

Customers can contact IPVanish customer support in UK via email, and the company actively encourages this.

Emails to the customer support team can only be sent via the email form that opens up when you click the large green “Email Support” button at the bottom of the Support Center webpage. There is no separate IPVanish email contact address in UK.

The company advises that effective care can only be delivered if the correct username is used while filling out the email form in order to reconcile your account details from their database.

They promise to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours of the request being made, but they also acknowledge that occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may cause a delay. So, if you’re facing IPVanish not working in UK issue, fixing it through an email may not be an option.

They advise customers to check their spam or junk folder in the event that they do not receive a response within the promised time frame. If the problem continues to persist, the team advises the customer to try with another separate email address.

How to contact IPVanish in UK via Phone Number

Customers can contact IPVanish customer support in UK via phone, and the company actively encourages this. Direct phone customer support is available from 9 am to 5 pm (Central Time) (UTC -6) on weekdays (Monday to Friday) via the following numbers which you can use to call IPVanish customer support in UK:

Country Phone number
United States of America 1-800-591-5241
Mexico +525541652627
United Kingdom +442039660521
Spain +34919490509
Australia +61251335555
Brazil +556140427858

IPVanish Prominent Features in UK

IPVanish is a reliable VPN service in UK that has several distinguishing features to its name. Here are a few key details about IPVanish that make it a good choice for those users who want a VPN that offers a balance of quality, affordability, and reliability:

  • Servers & Locations: IPVanish offers 2000+ servers spread across 75+ countries around the world.
  • Security & Privacy in UK: IPVanish offers many well-established security features that include AES-256 bit encryption, multiple modern protocols, and a kill switch, all of which ensure your security online.
  • Streaming & Torrrenting in UK: IPVanish’s SOCKS5 proxy tool, as well as P2P compatible servers, make it a good option for peer-to-peer file sharing and torrenting with IPVanish in UK.
  • Device Compatibility: IPVanish has across-the-board compatibility and works on devices running all of the common operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
  • Speed & Performance: On the IPVanish local servers, we experienced quick speeds. The speeds were also dependable for long-distance ones.
  • Advanced Protocols: IPVanish offers a diverse range of tunneling protocols, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and IPSec protocols.

For a more detailed look at IPVanish’s features, refer to our complete IPVanish Review in UK.

FAQs – IPVanish Customer Support in UK

You can reach out to IPVanish 24/7 Customer Support in UK via live chat, email, or phone, all of which can be accessed through their Support Center at https://support.ipvanish.com/hc/en-us.

If you can not log into your IPVanish account in UK, it might be due to a server problem. Try resetting your password, and if that does not work, contact IPVanish customer support in UK for more assistance.

Here is how you can recover your IPVanish password in UK:

  1. Go to the IPVanish login screen and click “Forgot Password.”
  2. In the next screen, enter the same email address you used to create your account.
  3. You will receive a link in your email inbox.
  4. Click the link in the email to set a new password.


IPVanish customer support in UK offers many ways through which you can reach them. You can try getting in touch with a chat representative, through email or phone. If you want to explore more options, try perusing the IPVanish Support Center in UK.

We found its customer support really helpful, giving us prompt and comprehensive responses. Every time we reached out to them via email or live chat, we got our desired response promptly.

There’s also an extensive list of informative articles to go through in case you’re tangled with any technical issues. Its live chat feature is also very efficient, as they instantly responded to us without making us wait in the queue.

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