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AVG for Netflix-in-UK

AVG is a popular antivirus program in UK. The brand now offers a lot more than just antivirus and has a standalone VPN service as well known as AVG Secure.

You might be wondering if AVG is a good solution for unblocking Netflix shows in UK since it offers a few servers dedicated for streaming purposes only.

I did the testing to find out if AVG can be relied upon for Netflix in UK. Unfortunately, the answer is no; AVG does not unblock Netflix in UK. Check more tested VPNs that work so well with Netflix in UK.

Testing AVG with Netflix in UK

Following my usual custom of first reaching out to customer support and inquiring what they have to say about their VPN and its ability with Netflix, I reached out to AVG’s live chat support in UK.

Unfortunately, the chat was unavailable. I checked multiple times within a space of 4 hours and I got the same message i.e “chat unavailable”.

So, in this case, I don’t know what AVG’s official stance is about Netflix in UK. But I put the VPN to the test to see first-hand if it is any good for Netflix at all.

Unfortunately, it failed. After connecting to its special streaming servers from the US, I visited Netflix to find some US exclusive titles. I tried multiple times but none of the movies/shows that I know to be exclusive to the US could be found:

AVG VPN doesn't work with netflix-in-UK

No Results found for the movie “The Shaft”, a US exclusive title on Netflix in UK

I tried the same with other streaming servers of AVG Secure, but all my attempts ended in failure.

While my testing brought negative results, I encourage everyone to do their own testing. This is easy to do because AVG VPN offers a free trial in UK that doesn’t require any credit card or other information whatsoever.

Simply download the VPN and test it for yourself. And while you’re at it, I’d really appreciate it if you could report back on your experience and findings in the comments below.

As a last resort, you can either cancel AVG VPN and request a refund in UK or check out our list of VPNs for Netflix in UK or if you are on a budget you can check free VPNs for Netflix in UK.

AVG VPN Speed for Netflix in UK

It’s a shame that AVG VPN is so unreliable for Netflix in UK because when it comes to speed, AVG VPN is actually quite impressive. In our speed test results, AVG delivered fast speeds in most cases.

When connected to an AVG Canada server, the provider reached a download speed of 58.92 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection as shown in our latest AVG speed results in UK.


Although AVG VPN usually won’t work for Netflix in UK, you can still download torrents with AVG in UK at good speeds.

Why AVG Is Unreliable for Netflix in UK?

It would be unfair to blame AVG for its lack of Netflix support. We must understand that unblocking strong firewalls that are designed to block VPN traffic is not part and parcel of a VPN’s job, which are essentially IP-masking tools that allow you to spoof your location as a consequence.

Services that are deliberately targeting VPN traffic are extremely difficult to bypass for VPNs in UK. Netflix is one such service that has been fighting against VPNs for the past 4 years, getting stronger with the passage of time.

Not all VPNs have the resources to continue providing access to Netflix and in some cases, it is not even a priority for the provider. For one reason or the other, AVG Secure is on the losing end of the battle against Netflix, which has probably blacklisted most IP addresses associated with AVG in UK.

So What Are My Options on Netflix with AVG in UK?

If you’re really that frustrated with the regional discrimination that Netflix imposes when it comes to the availability of content, it would be much more fruitful if you choose VPNs that have a proven history of working with Netflix and which have vested interests to ensure continued functionality with Netflix.

Here are some of the alternatives to AVG that are powerful for Netflix:

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AVG VPN Netflix Alternatives in UK


AVG Secure, unfortunately, is not a VPN you should use if you want to unblock Netflix in UK. In my testing, the VPN failed to unblock Netflix in all the regions that I tried.

While AVG is not reliable for Netflix it does have some uses as noted in other articles focusing on different attributes of the service. For instance, you can use AVG with Kodi in UK for private streaming or configure AVG VPN for Roku in UK for the same purpose. If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, you can see this guide regarding AVG VPN not working in UK.

You can learn more about this VPN in our AVG VPN review in UK.

Have you tried using AVG VPN for Netflix? What was your experience like? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!