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Native Ukrainian traveling abroad or permanently residing outside their homeland, this article is for you! We will tell you how to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK because many streaming sites, such as Inter, ICTV, and TET, as well as sporting, and gaming restrict access outside of Ukraine.

The best way to get a Ukrainian IP address is by using a reliable VPN with multiple servers in Ukraine. A VPN masks your actual IP address with a temporary Ukrainian IP, so the services you’ll try to access will think that you are present in Ukraine. This way, even when you’re abroad, you can easily use your mobile banking apps and other region-specific services with a designated Ukrainian IP address in UK.

After testing more than 55 VPNs, we found that ExpressVPN performed better in all tests. It is without a doubt the best VPN for Ukraine for UK Users that offers top security features, reliable servers in Ukraine, and outstanding speeds. ExpressVPN is supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out risk-free. You can ask for a refund if you find the other better option.

Let’s have a look at the key takeaways on how to get a Ukrainian IP address and which VPNs are now at the top of the chart!

Key Takeaways of Ukrainian IP Address in UK

Here are some key takeaways regarding getting a Ukrainian IP address in UK:

  • A Ukrainian IP address can be useful for accessing geo-restricted content and services that are only available in Ukraine.
  • A VPN is a reliable and secure way to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK. There are several reputable VPN providers, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark, that offer servers in Ukraine.
  • It is important to use a reputable VPN provider to ensure your complete privacy and security. Free VPNs and proxies may not offer the same level of protection as paid VPNs.
  • Using a VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address is legal in most countries, including Ukraine. While proxy servers can be a viable option for obtaining a Ukrainian IP address, VPNs are generally considered a better choice due to their higher level of security, privacy, reliability, and functionality.

Overall, getting a Ukrainian IP address can be a useful tool for accessing online content and services that are only available in Ukraine. By using a reliable and secure VPN provider, you can enjoy a safe and secure online experience while accessing geo-restricted content.

Easy Steps: How to Get a Ukrainian IP address in UK

Here are the 5 easy steps to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK using a VPN:

  1. Choose a VPN provider that offers servers in Ukraine. (ExpressVPN is the best VPN with Ukraine server)
  2. Download and install the VPN software on your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to the VPN server in Ukraine. You will now have a Ukrainian IP address.
  4. Once connected, you can access geo-restricted content and services that are only available in Ukraine.
  5. If you find trouble accessing those sites, go to browser settings and clear your cache & cookies and try again!

However, be sure to choose a reputable VPN provider and follow any local laws and regulations regarding the use of VPNs.

Get a Ukrainian IP in UK with ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Quick Overview: Best VPN to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in UK

We’ve compiled a list of five effective VPNs to assist you in changing your IP address to Ukraine:

  1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN for Ukraine IP address. It has exceptional unblocking abilities, the highest level of security, robust encryption, and fast speeds.
  2. Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN to get Ukraine IP address. It offers several remarkable features at a price as low as GB£ 1.67/mo (US$ 2.05/mo) .
  3. NordVPN: Largest Server Network with Multiple Ukrainian Servers. It has a massive network of over 5500+ servers spread over 60 countries, 20+ of which are in Ukraine.

Check out our Testing Methodology & FAQs related to how to get a VPN Ukraine IP

Get a Ukrainian IP in UK with ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Best VPN to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in UK (Depth Analysis)

These best Ukraine IP address VPNs are selected based on various criteria, including security, unblocking, speed, and pricing.

Without further ado, let us go through our in-depth assessment of the Ukraine VPNs worth investing in to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK:

1. ExpressVPNThe Best VPN for Ukraine IP Address in UK


Key Features:

ExpressVPN is our top choice for getting a Ukrainian IP address in UK. That’s because it offers blazing-fast speeds, an extensive server network, and stringent security.

It has a vast network of over 3000 servers in over 94+ countries. Even though it has one fast Ukrainian server, it can unblock almost all geo-restricted sites in Ukraine.


ExpressVPN’s highly optimized Ukrainian servers make it a great VPN for Kyiv.

Widely considered the best streaming VPN in UK, ExpressVPN comes in handy for accessing Ukraine-based streaming services like HDrezka, Rezka, Filmix, and more. Moreover, you can also evade the geo-restrictions imposed by popular platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max with ExpressVPN in UK. ExpressVPN works with Netflix smoothly every time we tried to access it in Ukraine.

That said, we did not encounter any buffers or lags while streaming Ukrainian TV channels with ExpressVPN.


This VPN with Ukraine server can easily bypass Kanal 5, a Ukrainian TV channel, from abroad.

With ExpressVPN strict no-log policy in UK, your private data is never shared with anyone. This VPN provider’s headquarters is located in the British Virgin Islands, which has no data-retention law.

Its security features include Trusted Server Technology, Lightway Protocol, ExpressVPN’s Kill Switch in UK, AES-256 Encryption, and Split Tunneling.

In addition, it supports five simultaneous connections and a wide array of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and macOS. This means you can install ExpressVPN on Amazon Firestick, AppleTV, gaming consoles, Chromebook, etc.

Moreover, you can set up ExpressVPN on routers in UK to protect more than 5 devices of your home or work Wi-Fi network at the same time.

That’s everything you need to know for the ExpressVPN Ukraine combo. ExpressVPN cost in UK for its best subscription starts at GB£ 5.43/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan) with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out our detailed ExpressVPN review in UK to learn more about its features and capabilities.

ExpressVPN speed test data

The speeds of ExpressVPN in UK on its Ukrainian server were great when tested. It delivered a download speed of 87.18 Mbps and an upload speed of 52.13 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection.


With ExpressVPN’s Ukrainian servers, we did not face any significant speed drop.

  • Downloading and streaming speeds are really fast
  • Unblock popular video streaming websites
  • Famous Ukrainian TV channels like M1, Novy, and 5 Canal can be accessed.
  • Easy to use applications
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency
  • Service offerings are more expensive than competitors
Get a Ukrainian IP in UK with ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. SurfsharkBudget-friendly VPN to get Ukraine IP address.


Key Features:

  • 3200 servers in 100 countries with optimized servers in Ukraine
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Ultra HD streaming
  • 81.32 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Live Chat Support: Yes
  • 7-day free trial for mobile users

Surfshark is one of the most affordable VPNs to get a Ukrainian IP address, offering excellent services and enhanced features at better prices starting from GB£ 1.67/mo (US$ 2.05/mo) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan).

With over 3200 servers in 100 countries, this VPN provides a wide coverage area. It offers one server in Ukraine to allow you access to region-specific content only available in Ukraine.

Surfshark servers

Surfshark’s budget-friendly plans have multiple servers in Ukraine that are good for streaming.

We tested its provided Ukrainian IP for unblocking Ukrainian streaming services like ICTV, Rada TV, Ukraina 24, OstWest, and more.

Similarly, we tried all popular global streaming services such as HBO Max, Crackle, Hulu, American Netflix, Amazon prime with Surfshark in UK, and Disney+ with Surfshark and got commendable results. Also, using Surfshark with Netflix UK can let you access all of its libraries at much less expense.


With the Surfhark VPN Ukraine IP accessing Netflix was not a big deal

Surfshark Camouflage Mode in UK, Private DNS, Multi-hop, and Kill Switch are among the advanced services offered by this VPN.

Well-known for being the best multi-device VPN in UK, Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections. This allows you to set up Surfshark on Android in UK, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

You can also use Surfshark on Roku in UK, Samsung TVs, Smart TVs, Android TVs, Kodi, Firestick, and other desired devices using the installation guidelines on its website.

Because of its low pricing and quality features, it is considered one of the cheap VPN UK in the industry that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, users of iOS and Mac devices have the advantage of using Surfshark’s free trial in UK with all of its features.

Check out more features of this VPN in our Surfshark review in UK.

Surfshark speed test data

When tested, the Surfshark speed test in UK was quite satisfying. After connecting to its Ukrainian server, we got a download speed of 81.32 Mbps and an upload speed of 76.12 Mbps on our 100 Mbps connection.


We encountered a slight dip in uploading speed, but it was negligible.

  • Services at a low price
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Reliable servers in Ukraine
  • No data logging policy
  • Payments with Bitcoin are allowed
  • It takes time to switch servers
Get a Ukrainian IP in UK with Surfshark30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3. NordVPNLargest Server Network with Multiple Ukrainian Servers


Key Features:

  • 5500 servers in 60 countries, 1inluding 10 different servers across Hungarian cities.
  • 83.82 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 6 Simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Ultra HD streaming
  • 30- day Money-back guarantee
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Live Chat Support: Yes
  • 7-day free trial

NordVPN has the largest server network for getting a Ukrainian IP address. In total, it boasts about 5500+ servers in 60 countries, including 20+ servers in Ukraine alone.


NordVPN Ukraine servers deliver a fast and consistent connection.

You can circumvent any geo-restricted services worldwide, including BT-Sports, Disney+, ESPN, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video with NordVPN. Also, unblocking BBC iPlayer with NordVPN in Ukraine was super quick with NordVPN UK servers.

Similarly, by changing IP address with NordVPN in UK using its optimized Ukrainian server, we had no trouble unblocking our Netflix with NordVPN in UK to Ukraine and streaming geo-restricted titles abroad.

Nord servers

Most of these servers were tested to be stable, fast, and could easily unblock Netflix Ukraine.

Based in Panama, NordVPN’s no-log policy ensures maximum privacy for its users to enjoy safe browsing and streaming from anywhere.

NordVPN is considered the best secure VPN UK in the industry. With basic features like a Kill switch, it is also equipped with advanced security features like NordLynx Protocol, Onion Over VPN UK, AES 256 GCM encryption, and Obfuscated Servers.

It supports a broad range of operating systems like iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows, as well as devices, smart TVs, Firesticks, smartphones, and routers. Mobile users can get NordVPN’s free trial in UK and try its premium features free for 7 days.

Gamers can use NordVPN on Playstation and Xbox. Also, the hardcore streamer can get NordVPN on Firestick in UK to enjoy streaming on big screens.

You can subscribe to NordVPN at GB£ 2.84/mo (US$ 3.49/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan) and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out more features of this VPN in our NordVPN review UK.

NordVPN speed test data

NordVPN speed test in UK results speak for themselves that it is one of the fastest VPNs UK, delivering a download speed of 83.82 Mbps and an upload speed of 44.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


These speeds were great for streaming all our favorite Ukraine content.

  • A massive network of servers in Ukraine and abroad
  • Versatile and simple to use apps
  • Double VPN and Onion Over VPN
  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • Windows app takes a lot of screen space
Get a Ukrainian IP in UKwith NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Should You Use a VPN to Get a Ukrainian IP Address in UK?

A VPN should be used to get a Ukrainian IP address because it encrypts and routes your traffic through an intermediary server in Ukraine, assigning you a local IP address until you disconnect. This adds an extra layer of security to your connection, ensuring complete anonymity and freedom for internet browsing.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK:

  • Accessing local websites can be a bit challenging while living overseas. However, with a Ukraine IP address, you will be able to access Ukrainian streaming services, banking services, and more.
  • ISP throttling: ISP throttling or bandwidth limitation is another factor that emphasizes IP change, especially when you are abroad. Usually, travelers activate international roaming, which automatically limits the internet plan. In such cases, connecting to a reliable VPN for Ukrainian IP can override the ISP throttling problem so you can access Ukrainian TV channels freely.
  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi: Almost all public wifi networks are not secure. This is why using VPNs and hiding your IP address on a public network is the go-to solution to overcome this problem.

VPN for Ukrainian IP Address in UK – Testing Methodology

There are a variety of VPN services offered online right now. However, sorting through the details of each app in order to make a choice is practically impossible. As a result, we investigated over 50 VPN providers before narrowing the list down to the top 5 VPNs for acquiring a Ukrainian IP address in UK.

We did not study these applications arbitrarily; rather, we considered security, performance, price options, and network size.

  1. Servers in Ukraine: It is pretty obvious that you can’t get a Ukrainian IP address if the VPN provider doesn’t have a dedicated server in Ukraine. We assessed each VPN and preferred only those with a significant server network in Ukraine and globally.
  2. Speed: We regularly test VPN speed performances to ensure which is presently outperforming and how it has improved with the passage of time. On this basis, we recommend services capable of handling almost any task users throw at them – be it changing your location to Ukrainian IP and accessing services.
  3. Security and privacy: Ukrainian users face legal consequences or are forced to self-censor quite often. For this purpose, the significance of privacy shines. All of the VPNs we have mentioned above have a strict no-logs policy, military-grade encryption protocols, kill switches, and data leak protection of all sorts.
  4. User-friendly apps: The overall functionality of a VPN sounds pretty complicated. For this reason, we just recommend VPNs that have dedicated applications on all major OS platforms and are easy enough to navigate for complete beginners.
  5. Pricing: This is probably the most important factor to consider when purchasing a subscription plan. Therefore, all the VPNs we’ve recommended offer good value for money.

What are the Other Methods to Obtain a Ukrainian IP Address in UK?

If you don’t have a VPN app and want to get a Ukrainian IP address regardless, you can do that with two other methods. These methods include Tor and Proxy Servers.

  • Tor: The Tor network reroutes users’ internet traffic via remote servers operated voluntarily by entities. Eventually, the data packets are sent to different servers, and your data gets at risk of being exposed. It is an unreliable method as you will have no privacy at all.
  • Proxy server: A proxy server UK operates by channeling your internet traffic through a web of servers to make it appear that you are located in a country other than your real location. However, the data isn’t encrypted in this method either, and your data travels through different unknown and unprotected servers. VPN apps are the best and most convenient ways to get a Ukrainian IP address.

FAQs – Get a Ukrainian IP address in UK

Yes, getting a Ukraine IP address in UK by using a VPN is totally legal in the majority of countries. Simply install our VPN app, ExpressVPN, and connect to its Ukrainian server. The VPN conceals your actual location and shows to the web servers that you are accessing from Ukraine. This allows you to access Ukrainian content from anywhere.

In general, any VPN provider with Ukrainian servers can get you a Ukrainian IP address in UK. However, there are multiple other things to focus on. Your selected service might not be optimized for streaming or might not deliver you the satisfaction of protection required for secure browsing. You must always download Ukraine VPN that’s high-quality and reputable, such as ExpressVPN.

Therefore a VPN works wherever you are across the world. This means that you could be in a country like the US and still browse the internet using a Ukrainian IP address in UK. And since your traffic is encrypted, it’ll be unreadable to hackers, snoopers, and ISPs.

Yes, it is possible to use a free VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK, but it is important to be cautious and do your research before using a free VPN. However, it’s hard to find a free VPN Ukraine IP address because they have limited server options. And even if you find one you might have to deal with slower speeds, which can impact your ability to access content that is only available in Ukraine.

Also, free Ukraine VPNs may not offer the same level of security, privacy, and reliability as paid VPNs, and some free VPNs may even compromise your online safety by selling your data to third parties.

Therefore, if you are considering using a free VPN to get a Ukrainian IP address, you should try ExpressVPN’s free trial for 7-days on your mobiles. It offers a fast server located in Ukraine and has a good track record of protecting its users’ privacy and security.

Yes, you can watch Netflix with a Ukrainian IP address in UK, but the available content may vary depending on your location. Netflix uses geo-restrictions to limit access to certain content based on the user’s location.

If you are in Ukraine and have a Ukrainian IP address in UK, you will be able to access the content that is available in Ukraine. However, if you want to access content that is only available in other countries, you may need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to change your IP address in UK to one that is located in a different country.

Please note that using a VPN to access content that is not available in your region may violate Netflix’s terms of service, and the company has been known to block VPN usage in the past.

ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN all have Ukrainian servers. While there are more providers with Ukrainian servers, the ones mentioned have some advantages, like no bandwidth limitations, lightning-fast speeds, budget-friendly plans, and robust security.

Yes, you can get a Ukraine IP address on your phone in UK. ExpressVPN offers apps for iOS and Android phones. This way, you’ll be able to change your IP address just like you do it on a computer.

Follow the steps below to get a Ukrainian IP address for free in UK:

  1. Choose a VPN that fits your needs (We recommend ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee instead).
  2. Once you’ve subscribed to it, download its native app on your device.
  3. Connect to a Ukrainian server.
  4. Try unblocking geo-blocked Ukrainian content.

If you’re keen on using a free VPN Ukraine, then let us tell you that the free options are mostly pretty unsafe and barely offer Ukrainian servers. This is why instead of searching for the best free VPN for Ukraine, you should stick to ExpressVPN.


Getting a Ukrainian IP address in UK is relatively easier with the help of a VPN than other methods.

The VPNs we have mentioned as the best VPNs to get a Ukrainian IP address in UK are all capable enough to spoof your location in Ukraine while delivering fast speed, impenetrable security, and outstanding unblocking capabilities.

All of the VPN services we’ve thoroughly analyzed are remarkable, but ExpressVPN consistently comes out on top regarding product quality and overall performance.