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Free VPN for BET-plus-in UK

If you’re looking for a free VPN for BET+ in UK, we have the top 3 free VPN options for you. On top of the pyramid is ExpressVPN’s free trial with a US-based network for BET+ with over 3000 servers in 94 countries.

BET+ or Black Entertainment Television Plus is an online streaming service that features over 2,000 hours of top-notch content created by the best Black creators. It has everything from the greatest movies like ‘House of Payne’ to present-day favorites such as Tyler Perry’s ‘Ruthless.’

If you’re curious as to “what free VPN works with BET+ in UK?” As emphasized, we recommend ExpressVPN’s free trial instead of a free VPN app. ExpressVPN helps you get a US IP address with utmost ease and it offers perfect speed rates for streaming across its servers.

With the best free VPN, you can now watch Black culture: the TV series you enjoy, the films you remember, and the new shows you can’t get enough of. All in one platform with no commercials.

However, very notable is Windscribe which has also worked well during our tests for the best free VPN BET+.

Read on as we’ll emphasize our top picks’ VPN features and other important details to help you make an informed decision. Are free VPNs legal to use for BET? Are they risk-free? Let’s find out together.

Free VPN for BET+ in UK? [Quick Overview]

The best free VPN for BET+ in UK offers a consistent and no-cost connection in UK. Before finding the best one, in a quick rundown, let’s take a look at the important details and features of the top 3 VPNs among 70+ VPNs:

  • ExpressVPN – Most Recommended Free VPN for BET+ in UK: A fast and premium VPN with a free trial of up to 30 days. Also accessible via the 7-day free trial across iOS and Android.
  • Windscribe – Free VPN with Instant Unblocking to BET+: Stable US servers and FREE access to ten countries including the USA. Windscribe unblocks BET+ free via US-Central (fastest speeds).
  • ProtonVPN – Reliable Free VPN for BET+ in UK: ProtonVPN Free trial uses 256-bit key encryption for anonymous access to BET via a 300-server network in the US.

How We Tested Free VPNsFAQs

Why is free VPN required for BET+ in UK?

You should resort to a free VPN for BET+ in UK because you’ll be blocked from using the platform in UK. It detects your true location based on your IP, hence, you need a VPN to virtually alter your location to that in the US.

Without a VPN, you’ll see a white screen displaying an error message that ultimately tells you that you are in a region where BET+ does not operate.


You can’t access BET+ in UK unless you use a VPN.

You can get a reliable VPN with a free trial with the best ones that topped our tests. A free VPN to watch US Channels strategizes in workaround methods that are at par with recent IP monitoring system upgrades. Using a good VPN doesn’t only help you bypass restrictions on BET+ but also provides you access to a number of other geo-blocked websites.

Free VPN for BET+ in UK [In-Depth Analysis]

1. ExpressVPN – Most Recommended Free Trial VPN for BET+ in UK


Key Features

  • 24 American server cities
  • Available across 94 countries
  • Premium VPN with FREE 7-day and 30-day trials
  • MediaStreamer device support
  • Speed: 89.42 Mbps (Download)/84.64 Mbps (Upload)
  • Anonymous streams via AES 256-bit key encryption
  • FREE 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN, hands down, is the best choice when it comes to VPNs. There’s a plethora of reasons why. For starters, with ExpressVPN UK 7-day free trial, you can stream BET over what seems like a premium connection with no compromises as to its features. Yes, even with a free app, you can enjoy the features of a premium subscription with ExpressVPN.

Available in 24 US cities, you can get stream BET anywhere you are by simply connecting to a US server using compatible devices. We suggest connecting to ExpressVPN’s New York server for the most optimized speeds and connection.



We were able to stream All the Queen’s Men on BET+ in UK without data limits, no artificial speeds, and zero displaying ads.

Just as much as we enjoyed BET with this premium VPN, you can also use ExpressVPN with Netflix in UK, YouTube TV, Prime Video, Hulu, and Paramount Plus.

Our ExpressVPN’s speed test in UK recorded a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


With some of the fastest speeds available, ExpressVPN’s servers ensure seamless streaming.

You can use up to 5 connections at once across iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Windows, and Edge. It is also compatible with routers, smart TVs, Apple TV, and video players.

You can use ExpressVPN with Amazon, Roku, and Firestick in UK. Likewise, you can set up ExpressVPN with Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

For security, ExpressVPN uses the number 1 encryption standard employed by large corporations and governments. It abides by the strict no-logs policy, as well. You can also activate ExpressVPN’s kill switch in UK for dual security.

This BET+ VPN free trial is just about what you need to get through its content library. ExpressVPN premium subscription in UK offers extra features for only GB£ 5.44/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan).

We wrote an ExpressVPN review UK, to discuss more that we have to say about this VPN. Skim through!



Unblocks BET via 24 US city servers

Fast BET+ streaming speeds

30-day free trial


Live chat support needs improvement

2. Windscribe – Free VPN with US servers to use for BET+ in UK


Key Features

  • Us servers FREE for BET+
  • Available across 63 countries
  • 65.21 Mbps download speed and 34.75 Mbps upload speed
  • Provides a 10 GB FREE data bandwidth
  • Secures via a 256-bit key encryption

Windscribe is a free VPN that connects users to up to 10 countries including the US. Windscribe unblocks BET+ in UK by providing an open-source static IP address.

Windscribe FREE trial in UK was able to connect us to BET in just one go. You can trust that we will do the same for you, or even better! Depending on your location, you may be redirected to a better server location and faster speeds.

We were able to access BET+ via Windscribe’s Atlanta server with utmost ease.


Windscribe’s Atlanta server unblocked BET+ in UK within seconds

Using the free app, you are only limited to using up to 10 GB of data. After consuming the data limit, you may not be able to use the service. Hence, conservation is the key…. Or shall I say UPGRADE?

Nonetheless, Windscribe has been effective in unblocking geo-limits across services. Windscribe works on Disney Plus and Windscribe Netflix in UK too. If you’re a subscriber of these giants, you can switch from one to the next and you’ll never see any access errors or white screens.

While Windscribe does not provide the complete US city list for its users’ perusal, you can simply choose to connect via its US data centers.

We ran a Windscribe speed test in UK and recorded download and upload speeds of 65.21 Mbps and 34.75 Mbps, respectively, while connected to US servers.


Windscribe’s US servers offer impressive upload and download speeds

You can download Windscribe-supported devices like iOS and Android devices. It also works with Windows, Chrome, and Linux. Windscribe for Firestick in UK also gave an easy setup. Additionally, Windscribe also works with Roku in UK.

Via the highest-strength 256-bit key encryption and no-logs policy, Windscribe puts forth your security first. You may also use Windscribe’s split-tunneling, and R.O.B.E.R.T features for security upon security.

Use Windscribe FREE VPN for BET+, open to 10 countries and up to 10 GB of data. Switch to the premium plan and connect to 53 more countries. Windscribe PRO starts at $5.75 per month (one-year subscription.)

You may ask to Cancel windscribe in UK if you wish to cancel. You can also check out this Windscribe review in UK to know more about what this free PVN has in store


FREE VPN that has US servers for BET+ in UK

Speeds was okay

Solid server connection to the US for other platforms like Netflix


Does not work with other platforms

Data limits

3. ProtonVPN – Reliable Free VPN for BET in UK


Key Features

  • FREE connection to US servers
  • Available in 67 countries, stands at 1937 servers
  • 2265 Gbps capacity
  • AES-256 bit-key encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth via a single connection
  • Free forever app

ProtonVPN is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for a reliable free tool. ProtonVPN’s free trial in UK is a reliable choice for streaming BET+ in UK. This free VPN provides open access to its US Network with over 300+ servers. Hence, finding an available network and subsequently getting a US IP address are basic tasks for ProtonVPN.

Aside from the US, you can effectively use its free servers in Japan and Netherlands. Currently, it has multiple servers in 67 countries, but you must switch to the premium version to unlock the other countries.

For BET+, however, ProtonVPN through its US server, is available for FREE. You can maximize ProtonVPN’s unlimited bandwidth, No Ads, and 2265 Gbps capacity.

We recommend connecting to any of ProtonVPN’s free US servers as they gave us the fastest access, without redirecting us to another server location.


Unblocking BET+ with ProtonVPN’s servers in UK is a cinch!

For the ProtonVPN speed trial in UK, we are impressed that it does not show off artificial speeds as it can reach up to 48.45 Mbps and 51.11 Mbps for upload and download speeds respectively.


ProtonVPN free US servers speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

You can enjoy the most out of these speeds by using other platforms. While ProtonVPN was not able to unlock all streaming giants, it sure did unblock Netflix with ProtonVPN in UK.

ProtonVPN free app is easily downloadable online. With just a click, you can have a free app on your Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Other notable supported devices are gaming consoles and video players. You can install Roku with ProtonVPN in UK to watch more titles and enjoy an Ultra HD connection.

ProtonVPN provides a free service that also gives a premium to your security. You’ll be protected by its Secure Core Servers, Stealth Network, 256-bit key encryption, and data protection compliance with Swiss Laws.

Check out our ProtonVPN review in UK or more insights.

Get started with ProtonVPN FREE and access BET+ in UK. To unlock the features within the ProtonVPN ecosystem, you can buy a subscription to a Premium ProtonVPN for only $ 4.99 per month (monthly discounts of up to 50% apply!) If you’d like to request a refund in UK, ProtonVPN makes the process easy.


Reliable and free VPN forBET+ in UK

Fast speeds

The free plan is FOREVER


Does not support all OS

Testing methodology for Free VPN for BET+ in UK

Our team uses standards pertinent to encryption, servers, speeds, and price in ranking the best free VPNs for BET+ in UK. Here’s our methodology:

  • Media-streaming feature

The best free BET+ VPN in UK offers easy setup via its MediaStreamer feature. Hence, you can very well access BET on your smart TVs, gaming consoles, desktops, and video players.

  • Can unblock BET+ in UK

These BET FREE VPNs were ranked based on their American servers and ease of unblocking BET+. ExpressVPN is dispersed in 24 US cities as compared to the free apps that only cover 2 or 3 cities.

  • Should Have No logs policy

Reputable VPNs provide strict no-logs policy assurance to their users. This is important to ensure that no data will ever be leaked out from your VPN transactions, especially your payment details.

  • Have fast speeds

We tested the speeds of free VPNs for BET in UK and recorded zero network buffers and noticeable overlaps. We also updated our fastest VPN in UK list following our tests.

  • Must be free or have at least a free trial offer

With the free VPN for BET in UK, you can get cheap VPN services in UK and access unrestricted content for no cost. When using free trials, the ExpressVPN refund process was quick.

Risks of using a free VPN for BET+ in UK

There are dangers when using a free BET VPN in UK that was not tested and proven for reliability, encryption, and security. Here are some of the risks:

  • Limited security features

One of the risks of using a free VPN is that they do not provide a secure infrastructure for your streams.

  • May not encrypt your data properly

Free VPNs employ low standards for encryption which get easily broken by malware.

  • May retain and sell user data

Free VPN for BET may retain your data and trade them to large companies that profit from your preferences, activities, and details.

  • Frequent ads

While seeing ads may be normal at best, free VPNs just bombard you with displaying ads from time to time which may include viruses.

  • No policy against logs

They retain data and do not delete them even after the transaction is over which is clearly detrimental to your privacy.

  • No 24/7 customer support

Free VPNs often offer only email support and not 24/7 live chat support.

NOTE: We noted that the best VPNs that we recommend above never get these risk factors and are overall reliable and risk-free for access to BET+. Highly recommended is ExpressVPN’s free trial.

VPNs to avoid while accessing BET+ in UK?

The following VPNs ticked the boxes for the wrong reasons. They have almost every risk factor when using a free VPN.

  • Hoxx VPN

Our Hoxx VPN review UK after a series of tests showed that HoxxVPN cannot unblock BET+ in UK due to poor network infrastructure. No dynamic IP is provided and you put yourself in a huge danger when using HoxxVPN.

  • Hola VPN

Using this VPN, based on our complete Hola VPN review UK, is like using a proxy. Hence, you can’t expect privacy and extensive security tools as it only operates to provide you with an IP address – that’s it!


Our review UK after testing 70+ VPNs showed that it’s among the bottom players. This VPN lacks the US server for easy access to an open location. Plus, this VPN does not unlock Netflix and Hulu, aside from BET.

FAQ – Free VPN for BET+ in UK

YES, but with caution. Not all free VPNs are safe for streaming BET+ in UK. Free VPNs often have limitations in terms of data usage and could also be a little slower than paid tools. We advise using Windscribe’s free version or subscribing to ExpressVPN for up to 30 days of free trial. These options give reliable, fast, and secure access to your streams!

The free VPNs that work with BET+ in UK as per our tests are Windscribe and ProtonVPN. These options have US servers that facilitate borderless access to BET. You can also enjoy its content library without error through ExpressVPN’s free trial. Remember to choose a secure VPN like the ones listed in this piece.

YES. You can safely use a free VPN for BET+ in UK without any legal consequences. VPNs are recognized in most online activities as a reliable tool, and this applies to streaming. While streaming may be subject to copyright laws, using a VPN is completely ethical and legal as its purpose is to secure online data.


From the latest music videos to the most recent piece of juicy celebrity gossip, BET+ has it all. However, BET+ is bound by geo-restrictions that block users from accessing the service just anywhere. Enjoy a diverse range of entertainment content by your favorite Black creators and get a free VPN for BET+ in UK equipped with features for streaming with workarounds that promote fast connections across platforms. Although there are many options out there, we recommend ExpressVPN’s 7-day or 30-day trial because you’ll be secured over a premium connection with no compromises as to security. Why ExpressVPN? Well, for starters, it’s the most secure VPN in the market, hands down. It allows users to browse with privacy, offers full encryption and even comprises the option to pay anonymously.

Not all VPNs are created equal, so make sure to go for a well-reviewed network like ExpressVPN to ensure that your online privacy is well protected.

If you also want to bolster your online privacy and rest assured by using a VPN, then make sure to check out ExpressVPN’s free trial to watch BET+ in UK today.