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In the quirky legal world of So Help Me Todd, ambitious lawyer Margaret Todd finds herself caught between her unorthodox mother, the formidable Judge Todd, and her talented yet unpredictable son, Todd Jr. Stay-tuned for airing dates, cast, trailer info of season 1 and guide on where to watch So Help Me Todd.

Watch So Help Me Todd in UK on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

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Where can I watch So Help Me Todd Season 1?

You can watch Season 1 of So Help Me Todd on Paramount Plus in the USA. You better get ExpressVPN to unblock the streaming platform if you’re outside.

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What is the release date of So Help Me Todd Season 1?

So Help Me Todd Season 1 premiered on CBS on September 29, 2022, and concluded with its finale on May 18, 2023. It also broadcasts simultaneously on Global TV in Canada.

Wondering what time is So Help Me Todd on tonight. The series will stream at 9/8C on Paramount+, so make sure to get the best Paramount Plus VPN in UK for uninterrupted streaming.

What is the Storyline of So Help Me Todd?

So Help Me Todd plot revolves around Todd, a talented but aimless private investigator who reluctantly joins his mother’s law firm. The season stars Marcia Gay Harden, Skylar Astin, Madeline Wise, Tristen J. Winger, Inga Schlingmann, and Rosa Evangelina Arredondo.

Together, they tackle various cases, combining Todd’s investigative skills with his mother’s razor-sharp legal expertise.

What is the Cast of  So Help Me Todd?

So Help Me Todd cast features a talented ensemble, led by Marcia Gay Harden as the razor-sharp attorney Margaret and Skylar Astin as her scruffy yet talented son, Todd.

Here are the complete details of the cast:

Cast Role
Marcia Gay Harden Margaret
Skylar Astin Todd
Madeline Wise Allison
Tristen J. Winger Lyle
Inga Schlingmann Susan
Rosa Arredondo Francey
Clayton James Chuck Grant
Thomas Cadrot Chet Venables
Leslie Silva Beverly Crest
Jeffrey Nordling Gus Easton

There’s the casting crew of the fantastic series, read-on on for  So Help Me Todd. Read on to find out how many episodes are there in Season 1.

How many Seasons of So Help Me Todd are there?

So Help Me Todd currently has only season 1 with 21 captivating episodes. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of a potential renewal for additional seasons of this legal drama series. There is one update regarding So Help Me Todd season 2 that will be renewed for Season 2.

How many episodes are in So Help Me Todd?

So Help Me Todd Season 1 consists of 21 engaging episodes that follow razor-sharp attorney Margaret Wright and her scruffy but talented son, Todd, as they tackle intriguing cases and navigate their complex relationship.

Wondering how many episodes in season 1 of So Help Me Todd? Check out the table below for series 1 episodes and overview.

Episode Air Date Episode Name Overview
1 Sep 29, 2022 Pilot Razor-sharp, meticulous attorney Margaret Wright hires her talented but scruffy, aimless son, Todd, as her law firm’s in-house investigator.
2 Oct 6, 2022 Co-Pilot Working on two seemingly-unrelated cases, Margaret and Todd discover a key piece of information that could help Margaret’s high-profile client.
3 Oct 13, 2022 Second Second Chance Todd convinces Margaret to represent his childhood friend in a minor legal case.
4 Oct 20, 2022 Corduroy Briefs Margaret and Todd work to bring justice to an Olympic athlete who lost his leg in a plane crash due to a defective aircraft.
5 Oct 27, 2022 Let the Wright One In Margaret defends a former club employee accused of smuggling drugs while attempting to join an elite philanthropy club.
6 Nov 3, 2022 So Help Me Pod Margaret and Francey seek the help of a popular true crime podcaster to exonerate a client.
7 Nov 10, 2022 Long Lost Lawrence Todd tries to convince his brother, Lawrence, to come home while Margaret’s family helps crack a bank teller robbery case.
8 Dec 8, 2022 Big Bang Theories Margaret and Todd help Lyle’s niece, Angie, who is accused of a crime on her college campus.
9 Dec 15, 2022 Swipe Wright Margaret and Todd’s investigation into a wrongful termination case takes a complicated turn.
10 Jan 5, 2023 The Devil You Know Todd seeks help from his imprisoned ex-girlfriend when Margaret’s prominent case is at risk.
11 Jan 12, 2023 Side Effects May Include Murder Margaret mounts a creative defense to prove her client’s innocence, while Todd takes an experimental drug to find evidence.
12 Feb 2, 2023 Psilo-Sibling Margaret assists the governor’s sister, and Todd’s involvement makes Lawrence nervous.
13 Feb 9, 2023 Wall of Fire Todd stumbles into a case Margaret agrees to co-counsel with Gus.
14 Mar 2, 2023 Against All Todds Todd helps his former partner, Veronica, but realizes she may have ulterior motives.
15 Mar 9, 2023 Ivan the Terrible Margaret represents a gifted hacker, while Todd babysits the teen hacker during the trial.
16 Mar 30, 2023 Twelve Worried Persons Margaret and Todd work to exonerate a juror suspected of murder while sparks fly between Todd and Margaret’s sister.
17 Apr 13, 2023 The First Date Is the Deepest Margaret helps a client and goes on her first date with Gus while Todd investigates Gus for the firm.
18 Apr 27, 2023 Gloom and Boom Margaret and Todd deal with a bomb threat connected to a death row inmate’s case.
19 May 4, 2023 86’d Margaret represents Susan’s friend in a lawsuit turned murder trial at a fancy restaurant.
20 May 11, 2023 More Fang for Your Chuck Margaret defends Chuck implicated in a kickback scheme, while Lyle develops a crush.
21 May 18, 2023 Are You There Todd? It’s Me, Margaret During a critical negotiation, Todd steps in for Margaret, and Margaret and Gus share their first kiss.

Do you know how many episodes of so help me todd are there? Let us dive into the theme and genre of the series.

What type of Genre is So Help Me Todd?

So Help Me Todd delivers a perfect blend of humor, suspense, and drama, making it a must-watch series that offers a little something for everyone.

So Help Me Todd Season 1 – Trailer

So Help Me Todd trailer is here and ready to grace Global screens. Check the trailer below:

Wondering, where is So Help Me Todd filmed? The filming began in the vibrant city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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So Help Me Todd

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Marcia Gay Harden brings captivating charm and depth to her portrayal of Margaret, the strong-willed woman in the hit TV series So Help Me Todd. Make sure to get ExpressVPN to watch So Help Me Todd in UK on Paramount Plus.

Yes, Season 1 of So Help Me Todd has concluded its run. Season 1 aired from September 29, 2022, to May 18, 2023, consisting of 21 episodes.

Allison Grant is married to Chuck Grant on the CBS drama series So Help Me Todd. Make sure to get ExpressVPN to watch So Help Me Todd in UK on Paramount Plus.

So, CBS officially announced Help Me Todd Season 2, delighting fans with more captivating legal drama, hilarious humor, and intriguing family dynamics.

There you have the answer to is So Help Me Todd renewed for a second installment.

Wrap Up

Feel free to follow our simple step guide to watch So Help Me Todd in UK on Paramount Plus, and get ready to indulge in a legal comedy that knows no boundaries.

Conquer geographical restrictions and join the legal antics of So Help Me Todd worldwide with ExpressVPN, the staple for beyond-border binge-watching.