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You can watch Cooks vs. Cons on Hulu in UK with the help of a Hulu VPN like ExpressVPN. Since Hulu is only available in UK, thus in this guide, we have covered the ways of using a VPN to access Hulu in UK easily.

Due to copyright issues and licensing agreements, Hulu has geo-blocked content in other regions of the world other than USA. But now, you can access it everywhere including UK, and watch Cook vs Cons on Hulu live with our easy solution.

The plot follows two professional chefs and two amateur cooks competing in a culinary competition, and the judges try to figure out which thing is cooked by whom i.e., the amateur cook or the professional chef. You can watch Season 2-4 of Cooks vs. Cons which is releasing very soon on 15th January 2023.

Let’s move to the depth of the guide to watch Cook vs Cons online free in UK.

Easy Steps – Watch Cooks vs. Cons on Hulu in UK

You can watch Cooks vs. Cons on Hulu in UKby using a VPN:

  1. You need a subscription for a premium VPN app. ExpressVPN is our top recommendation.
  2. Download the VPN service on your device and install it.
  3. Log in with your ID and Password.
  4. Connect to a US server (Recommended – New York server).
  5. Navigate to Hulu, and you are all set to watch Cooks vs. Cons season 2 and other seasons.
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Where to watch Cooks vs. Cons on Hulu?

You can watch Cooks vs. Cons streaming online on Hulu. The show is about professional and amateur chefs who take part in a cooking competition. If you reside in UK, you can use a premium VPN to watch Cooks vs. Cons on Hulu in UK.

When is the Cooks vs. Cons Season 2 and 4 release date on Hulu?

Luckily, The Cooks vs. Cons release dates of season 2 and season 4 are on the same day, their release date is 15th January 2023. You can watch both in UK with the help of a VPN service.

What is Cooks vs. Cons about?

The latest season of cooking competitions is hosted by Geoffrey Zakarian and poses the following dilemma: Could a skilled home cook defeat a professional, or do true professionals possess abilities that no amateur could match?

Only a blind taste test will determine who has the finest food when all cooks are on an even playing field and nobody knows who is who. The cook or con who prevails after two rounds will receive a $10,000 prize.

What is the Cooks vs. Cons casting?

Here is the list of the Cooks vs. Cons casting, Cooks vs. Cons judges, and Cooks vs. Cons contestants list:

  • Geoffrey Zakarian – Host
  • Aarti Sequeira – Judge
  • Daphne Oz – Judge
  • Carla Hall – Judge
  • Richard Blais – Judge
  • Amanda Freitag – Judge
  • Anne Burrell – Judge
  • Ted Allen – Judge
  • Jet Tila – Judge
  • Aarti Sequeira – Judge
  • Curtis Stone – Judge
  • Katie Lee – Judge

How many episodes do Cooks vs. Cons Season 2 have?

Cooks vs. Cons season 2 has 12 episodes. Here are those:

  • Episode – 1: Doughnut Derby
  • Episode – 2: Surf and Turf Showdown
  • Episode – 3: Shrimp and Grits Gridiron
  • Episode – 4: Pancake Pandemonium
  • Episode – 5: Chicken Wingin’ It!
  • Episode – 6: Beer Bedlam
  • Episode – 7: Pie Fight
  • Episode – 8: Crab Cake Crazy
  • Episode – 9: Chowder Chowdown
  • Episode – 10: Ballpark Snack Attack
  • Episode – 11: Pizza Pizzazz
  • Episode – 12: Fish and Chip Championship

How many episodes do Cooks vs. Cons Season 4 have?

Cooks vs. Cons season 4 has 13 episodes. Here are those:

  • Episode – 1: Burrito Incognito
  • Episode – 2: Gone Bananas
  • Episode – 3: All About Alfredo
  • Episode – 4: Patty Meltdown
  • Episode – 5: Season 4
  • Episode – 6: Season 4
  • Episode – 7: Season 4
  • Episode – 8: Season 4
  • Episode – 9: Season 4
  • Episode – 10: Season 4
  • Episode – 11: Season 4
  • Episode – 12: Season 4
  • Episode – 13: Season 4

Is there a trailer of Cooks vs. Cons?

Yes, there is a trailer for Cooks vs. Cons. Let’s watch the promo:

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The Cooks vs cons Season 2 winner is Wingin it’s Andrew Cook. The Cooks vs Cons winners list of season 2 is not very long, the winner is only one, but it is worth watching.

Yes, you can watch Cook vs Cons online free with Hulu free trial in UK using a premium VPN service. Other than that you can watch popular series and documentaries on Hulu.

In this most recent competition, the judges are judges Graham Elliot and Daphne Oz who are looking for the mac ‘n’ cheese that distinguishes professional chefs from home cooks.

Wrap Up

You may now watch Cooks vs. Cons on Hulu in UK. Due to content distribution laws, Hulu is region-restricted; therefore, you must sign up for a high-end VPN service like ExpressVPN and select one of their pricing plans.

Fortunately, you can watch the episodes during the 30-day free trial and even choose to end your Hulu account. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you’re in UK. Start streaming right now!