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The youngest team to reach the finals of FIFA World Cup, Croatia is back this year with their best player Luka Modrić. They are aiming for the same win as the 2018 World Cup. If you are wondering how to watch Croatia vs Canada World Cup 2022 outside UK, this article is for you.

Group F matches are going to be held from 27th November 2022 all matches will be live-streamed on BBC iPlayer outside UK.

However, for people outside UK, things might be difficult because geo-restrictions block their access to these channels. And that is why we bring you ExpressVPN to surpass these restrictions. Read this article and find out more about it!

Watch Croatia vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK – Easy Steps

Here are simple steps for you to get your own ExpressVPN so you can easily watch all your matches live without any difficulty:

  1. Download ExpressVPN
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  5. Go to BBC iPlayer to watch all the matches.

Where to Watch Croatia vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK?

To watch Croatia vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK, go to BB i Player to stream the match at any place outside UK. They will be airing the entire match with complete coverage and match analysis.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 for Free?

You can stream all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022  you need to tune in to BBC iPlayer. However, make sure to connect to your VPN. Otherwise you might face “Network Unavailable” warnings.

Where is Croatia vs Canada going to held?

Croatia vs Canada is scheduled to be held at Khalifa International Stadium stadium, Doha city, Qatar. This stadium is also known as the National Stadium and is used for multiple purposes in Qatar.

What time does Croatia vs Canada kick off?

The kicking off time for Croatia vs.Canada is going to be 16.00 standard GMT time. It is going to be 11.00 AM EST and 8.00 AM PST.

Croatia vs Canada Head To Head Record in FIFA World Cup?

Croatia and Canada are both put together in Group F of the Fifa World Cup 2022. Currently, Croatia is ranked third and Canada holds 2nd place in intergroup rankings. Both of the teams have never faced each other before hence their head to head statistics are difficult to calculate.

What is the Croatia vs Canada Odds?

The betting lines are currently full with the bets for the upcoming thrilling match of Croatia vs Canada. The odds of the teams are said to be


Win and Over: 2.5. +190

Tie and Over: 2.5. +1300


Win and Over 2.5. +750


Win and Under 2.5. +260

Tie and Under 2.5. +340

FIFA World Cup 2022: Croatia vs Canada- Where to buy tickets?

The tickets for Group F match of Fifa World Cup 2022: Croatia vs Canada, is available on the official website of the Fifa World Cup. Their online ticketing portal has been open since 27th of September 2022 for the booking and purchasing of all the tickets.

How much is a ticket to Croatia vs Canada, World Cup 2022?

The prices for Croatia vs Canada World Cup 2022 are divided into four categories based on the seats. The price range for group matches lies between $105 to $210 or €68 to €213.

Who will win the Croatia vs Canada Match?

High expectations are from Croatia to win in the Croatia vs Canada group match on 27th November. Croatia has been the 2018 World Cup finalists. Their dominant skills in football has led them to climb the FIFA rankings to 12th position. 

How to watch the Croatia vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2022 on TV?

If you wish to watch Croatia vs Canada Fifa World Cup 2022 matches on TV, go to Fox Sport or BBC iPlayer. You can also use Sling TV by connecting it to your TV. However, you will be needing a VPN to gain access to these channels.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Croatia vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for BBC iPlayer outside UK to watch Croatia vs Canada FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK because of its fast speed that goes up to 100 Mbps. On average, it gives a minimum download speed of 89.38 Mbps.

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Croatia is a better player than Canada with 12th ranking in FIFA overall.

No, this is the first time these teams are coming face to face in the Fifa World Cup.

Final Thoughts

To watch Croatia vs Canada World Cup 2022 Outside UK you will be needing an efficient and reliable VPN that gives you full coverage at the most promising prices. ExpressVPN fulfils all the criteria’s so make sure to get yours today to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2022 with full zeal and zest.