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Watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK

The football fever is in the air and two top teams, Argentina and France, are all set to face each other. The match will be streamed on BBC iPlayer for all UK fans to watch. However, due to geo-restrictions, all football fanatics are curious to know how to watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK.

A promising solution to this predicament is ExpressVPN! VPNs allow users to access foreign websites discreetly by giving access to other servers, and ExpressVPN is pro-choice. So, get that game face on, and let’s see whether your Argentina vs France prediction of the match comes true or not!

Watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK – Easy Steps

To watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK, follow these simple and easy steps.

  1. Find a VPN, preferably one with multiple UK servers. Our strong recommendation is ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the chosen VPN on your device. This can be your phone, pc, laptop, computer, etc.
  3. Sign up using your email or google account and log in.
  4. Connect to a UK server
  5. Access BBC iPlayer and easily watch Argentina vs France FIFA world cup 2022.

Where To Watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK

Argentina vs France FIFA world cup 2022 live on BBC iPlayer. While BBC iPlayer is a great platform to stream sports, many people prefer watching their favorite popular sports on Fox Sports. If that’s what you prefer too, there’s good news that Fox Sports will also be live streaming Argentina vs France match.

Where Argentina vs France Match Is Going To Be Held?

Argentina and France will face each other for an intense FIFA world cup final at Lusail Stadium in Qatar. If group-stage matches such as Morocco vs Belgium were heart-racing for you, this final will require all the more strength to watch!

If you’re bummed about not being able to watch the match live in Qatar, perk up! With a trustworthy VPN in UK such as ExpressVPN, you can watch the FIFA world cup 2022 from anywhere! We are sure the experience will be wonderful – you’ll feel as if you are right there!

What Time Does Argentina vs France Kick Off?

Argentina vs France head to head final of the FIFA world cup 2022 will kick off at 18:00 hours local time, 15:00 hours GMT, and 10:00 hours ET, on Sunday the 18th of December. Be ready with high spirits and lots of snacks to support your favorite team!

What TV Channel and OTT Platforms is Argentina vs France on for live streaming?

A number of TV channels and OTTP platforms are live streaming Argentina vs France Final match. If you couldn’t stream FIFA world cup opening ceremony because you didn’t know about the live streaming channels and OTTP platforms, don’t worry, that won’t happen again!

You can catch the final match on TV channels such as Fox, BBC One, Telemundo, TSN 1, SBS, Sports 18, Now TV, RTM TV2, Channel 5, Sky Sport 7, etc.

Moreover, there are several OTTP platforms to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK. For instance, you can try apps such as BBC iPlayer, fuboTV, TSN site or app, Sky Go, JioTV, SBS On Demand, Astro Go, etc.

Argentina vs France Head to Head Record in FIFA World Cup

Argentina and France are both extremely strong teams that have won the FIFA world cup twice (each). However, Argentina holds a head to head edge over France with its greater number of wins against the French team historically.

Argentina and France have so far played 12 football matches against each other. Of those, Argentina has won 6 whereas France has only won 3 of the 12 matches. The remaining three matches ended in draws. 

What is Prediction for Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022?

With two football giants facing each other in the final, the score prediction for Argentina vs France FIFA world cup 2022 is a draw at 1-1. Following that, Argentina is predicted to win on penalties.

Where to buy Tickets for Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022?

Tickets for the Argentina vs France FIFA world cup final match 2022 can be purchased at the official website of FIFA World Cup, They are also available on websites such as LiveFootballTickets. The tickets are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis and their acquisition is subject to availability.

What is a ticket cost for Argentina vs France FIFA World cup 2022?

The tickets for the FIFA world cup final 2022 between Argentina and France are reportedly being sold at £2,550. However, some vendors are also selling tickets at £3,500. 

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK due to its heightened security, buffer-free streaming, and user-friendly experience.

ExpressVPN features more than 3000 servers in more than 105 countries allowing users abundant freedom to stream sites on their preferred server. Additionally, it maintains strong network connections for smooth streaming. So, you can readily access all your sports TV channels, apps, and websites such as BBC One to catch the FIFA world cup 2022 final on time!

Let’s dive deep and see what makes ExpressVPN the best VPN for FIFA World Cup 2022 .

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 Outside UK

ExpressVPN is the ultimate choice because in case a server is experiencing problems, you can instantly switch to another one without missing anything on your live stream.


Further, ExpressVPN ensures strict security for its users with its military-grade encryption. Staying true to its privacy protection policy, it does not maintain log files on users’ activities either.

You can easily download the app on your smart device whether it’s Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. The app also offers a user-friendly experience so you won’t have trouble setting it up either!

You can also unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms allowing you to stream HBO Max and watch your favorite titles on Netflix. ExpressVPN’s security features make it the best VPN for Amazon Prime, then ExpressVPN is your best choice.

There are three subscription packages for this fantastic VPN. You can avail yourself of ExpressVPN’s free trial package for 30 days. Or, you can opt for the 6-months subscription plan at GB£5.28/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan).

ExpressVPN’s ideal subscription package is their annual plan at $6.67 a month – although it is paid annually.


World Cup 2022 commenced with 32 teams including Qatar, Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Uruguay, Iran, Serbia, Tunisia, Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Wales, Costa Rica, Australia,  the Netherlands, England, USA, Senegal, Argentina, Poland, France, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Brazil, Portugal, Croatia, Australia, Spain, and Morocco.

Both Argentina and France have won the FIFA World Cup twice but Argentina hold the head-to-head advantage with six wins, three losses and three draws.

That said, of the 12 times these two nations have played one another in men’s soccer, Argentina has won six, with three matches drawn. France, though, won the most recent encounter.


To wrap up, you can very conveniently watch Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022 outside UK using ExpressVPN! It is the best VPN with extraordinary speed and many servers that unblock a number of tv channels and OTTP apps. So, you can readily access sports channels such as BBC iPlayer to stream the match live!