How to Watch UFC 223 on Roku Khabib vs. Holloway Fight

Update: Max Holloway has pulled himself out of Saturday’s Main Event at UFC 223 after he was deemed medically unfit. The talks are, Anthony Pettis will compete against Khabib in short notice. The steps to watch UFC 223 for this guide remains the same.

Finally, the Ultimate Fighting Championship fans can take a big sigh of relief as UFC 223 is on its way to New York. Roku is providing all the UFC followers a massive opportunity to watch UFC 223 fights on their screens.

You can follow the main event as Khabib Nurmagomedov takes on another lightweight championship fight contender Max Holloway. The fight takes place on Saturday, April 07, 2018 at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, US.

Still, a catch may spoil your fun a great deal. It means there are different channels on Roku that follow the notions of geo-limitations in true letter and spirit. Hence, if you want to watch UFC on Roku without any interruptions, then you should use a VPN.

Through our guide, we let you the details on how to watch UFC on Roku from anywhere after bypassing all the online barriers.

How to Watch UFC on Roku

There are different ways you can watch the UFC fights on Roku. You can access the live streaming of the match through UFC TV app when subscribed. In addition, you have an opportunity to enjoy these fights by  subscribing to other broadcasting channels such as:

  • Showtime PPV
  • US TV
  • Fox Sports

However, various channels and fights on UFC TV are either geo-blocked or subject to blackout. This is where a VPN on Roku saves the day. A VPN will help bypass geo-restriction and blackout by changing your virtual location.

UFC on Roku

By connecting to a VPN server, you can enjoy live streaming of the fight from anywhere. Here are some VPN services for consideration:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$2.48Per Month
77% Off
2 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$2.75Per Month
77% Off
3 Year Deal
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$1.00Per Month
88% OFF
5 Year Deal

Watch UFC on Roku Through Fight Pass & Cheap Pay-Per-View

You can watch all UFC 223 fights on Roku through fight pass or purchasing a pay-per-view (PPV) with the help of a VPN. Each country has a different price set for UFC Fight Pass subscription. After using a VPN, you can bypass any form of geo-restrictions and avail the cheapest price for UFC Fight Pass.

UFC 223 on Roku Fight Pass


You can buy a UFC pay-per-view on discount. By changing your location, you can purchase UFC pay-per-view at cheap prices. For instance, the prices of PPV in UK are considerably lower than the prices available in the USA.

Therefore, a VPN allows you to save up to 49% on the original price of pay-per-view when you are connected to the UFC Philippines website. To know all about it check out cheapest ways to watch all major UFC fights online from anywhere in $32.


CountrySuper Fight PPV Cost in USDAvail it With
USA$ 34.99


$1.91 per month

Singapore$ 24.99

How to Bypass UFC Blackouts on Roku

Blackouts are a menace for many UFC fans. If a fight is broadcasted on local television, the event is subject to blackout. For instance, if local broadcasters televise UFC live event in US and you live in the UK, the fight will be blacked out.


Bypass UFC blackouts on Roku

In order to overcome blackouts on UFC fight on Roku, you will have to use a VPN. Its ability to mask your IP address will allow you to lift the blackouts and access UFC PPV.

Online Broadcasting Channels for UFC on Roku

Another way of streaming UFC fights on Roku is through various sports channels. You can access aps of various broadcasters to watch UFC online. However, some of these channels are geo-restricted. If you want to watch the match on Roku, then you must use a VPN to unblock these broadcasting channels.

Is UFC free on Roku?

UFC is a paid subscription service, either through its official app or through other channels. Therefore, you cannot watch PPV fights on Roku for free. You can use third party apps to access UFC free on Roku. However, we would not recommend this as it might use illegal means of streaming UFC fights. View our detailed guide of best free VPN of 2018.

How to watch UFC prelims on Roku?

You will have to subscribe UFC network channel first in order to watch UFC prelims on Roku. After subscribing, you can access the big fight with pay per view prelim fights. You can also access various replays of pay-per-views events and other videos from UFC archive.

Wrapping Things Up

Khabib vs. Holloway is the biggest UFC 223 fight for lightweight Championship that is coming our way on this Saturday. Through a VPN, you can watch UFC 223 on  Roku and enjoy fierce competitors fighting it out. By using a VPN, you can resolve the issue of geo-restrictions and blackouts. Furthermore, you can easily unblock your favorite broadcasting channels on Roku.

We have our fingers crossed to find out who wins this most-awaited fight. We expect a fierce fight between the two fighters. Drop us a comment below to let us know your favorite UFC fighter.





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