Cheapest Ways to Watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor Live Online

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The Wait is Over! After a long wait, MMA fans get their reward for the biggest fight ever in UFC history. The return of Conor McGregor after the bus incident, he takes on the Undefeated, Undisputed, UFC Lightweight Champion of the World Khabib ‘The EAGLE’ Nurmagomedov.

The match takes place at T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas on Oct 6th Saturday Night. This fight is not to be missed, that’s for sure. But what if you get 73% OFF on PPV?? I have created this guide to bring you cheapest ways to watch UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor cheap pay-per-view (PPV) using a VPN.

UFC PPV prices vary according to different countries. Some countries have the cheapest PPV prices that you can avail using a VPN, and that is what I am going to show you!


All Tickets are Sold Out, that’s obvious! It is speculated to sell 2 Million PPVs that has never been done before. Stylistically, this is the perfect match that could ever be made. Khabib is the best *Grappler* in the entire UFC and he’s going against a guy that has the best *Stand-up* in the entire UFC. This is going to be epic!

How to Watch UFC Live Stream at Cheap Prices 73% Off

As an international sport, UFC has varied PPV prices in different countries. Notably, a person living in Philippines may get UFC PPV at a significantly cheaper rate than a person residing in the US.

To come up with the cheapest destination for UFC 229 PPV, we conducted an experiment, where we used a VPN to spoof our location.

After completing the survey, we discovered that Philippine is the cheapest destination to avail discounted UFC passes. Below are the results of varying UFC PPV prices in different countries:

CountryPPC PriceChange Your IP

for $3.54

USA$34.99IpVanish – $4.87
Singapore$24.99NordVPN – $3.99
AustraliaAUS $71.49ExpressVPN – $8.32

Disclaimer: I have calculated the price of each PPV as of September 07, 2018. Hence, they may be subject to fluctuation due to currency exchange rate.

You see how UFC 229 PPV prices change over different countries. A VPN will allow you to grab the same UFC PPV by saving up to 73% off on actual PPV prices.

Simply use one of the recommended VPN, connect to a Philippines server, visit official UFC 229 PPV page and avail the discounted PPV at first place. Moreover, we have listed simple steps below that will guide you in getting UFC PPV at a cheaper rate.

Simple Steps to Get UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor Cheap PPV

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a VPN, you are just a few steps away to access unlimited UFC entertainment.

Here is how to watch UFC live stream from different countries with Cheap PPV:

Step 1: Subscribe to one of the recommended VPN services from table above

Step 2: Download VPN app on your device

Step 3: Launch VPN, go to servers list and connect to a server located in Philippines

Step 4: Go to official UFC site, click on UFC PPV and witness a considerable drop in UFC PPV price

Step 5: Finally, enjoy watching favorite UFC event from any country in the world at an incredibly discounted PPV price

Before connecting to VPN:



After connecting to the Philippine server:


After connecting to Singapore server:


After connecting to Pakistani server:


Stream UFC 229 Online through Different Channels

Official broadcasters for Khabib vs McGregor hasn’t been announced yet, but it is obvious that broadcasters will remain the same as previous fights. If you are a die-hard fan of the two most destructive fighters in UFC history, then read further to know broadcasting channels. There are various broadcasting channels those would be bringing all the live action of UFC 229 for viewers globally.

However, local audience will take full advantage of Khabib vs McGregor fight’s live coverage. The online broadcasting channels include Fox Sports that will cater the US audience. In the UK, BT Sport will thoroughly entertain the local UFC fans.

Likewise, you can watch GLOBO if you are living in Brazil to catch all the live action. The Japanese fans should access WOWOW to watch the most eagerly awaited UFC encounters. Likewise, Russia 2 and Match TV will cater its local Russian viewers by broadcasting all the UFC action live and exclusive

What to do if UFC 229 Matches are Not Available in your Country?

Among the worst nightmares for UFC fans stand the blackouts. UFC is televised through official broadcasters in different parts of the world. Interestingly, if you happen to live in an area where UFC fight doesn’t have a local broadcaster, then there’s a problem. But how to overcome?

To access official broadcasters mentioned above, you must use a VPN. It will change your location to another region, thereby giving you access to watch UFC event freely. By connecting to a VPN service, you can easily watch your UFC 229 in regions where it is blacked out.

UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor: Statistics



So, here we begin! Khabib, the best grappler UFC has ever seen faces McGregor who is has the best stand-up game in the UFC. When we see the fight from Khabib’s perspective, we know once he gets you on the ground there’s no way you’re getting up. He’s proved that over and over again against Michael Johnson, Edson Barboza, Abel Trujillo, and many others. He’s currently 26-0!

People argue that he’s never face a decent opponent in his entire UFC career. To all those critics, I daresay Khabib won against Barboza, RDA, and Michael Johnson, who were at the time ranked as top 5 in Lightweight division.


However, experts reveal that he exposes chin which could give way to Conor’s left-hand and make him sleep. Also, Khabib has been under the radar for not completing many fights. Out of his 10 UFC fights, he has only been able to finish his opponent 4 times. Although all of his fights have been dominant, but Khabib will need to finish Conor if he has to win.

Looking at the fight from Conor’s perspective, he is returning to Octagon after 2 years break. Although he had a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather last year, but we do not know how good is Conor McGregor in terms of his cardio and conditioning against Khabib.

Conor has the best left-hand that only a few fighters in UFC possess. Daren Till also had a left-hand finisher but that didn’t go well for him against Tyron Woodley as he easily countered it with his right-hand.


But Conor has proved his worth against the best opponents. He defeated Aldo who was undefeated for about 10 years, he moved up the division for the first time and defeated Eddie Alvarez. He became two division champ simultaneously, but hasn’t defended his title yet.

Despite the odds, he will enter the Octagon as an underdog as he was against Aldo, Alvarez, and many others. He always has a knack of surprise everyone. Let the better man wins!

UFC 229 Main Card Fights


It was good on the UFCs part to remove Derrick Lewis from the co-main event draw becuae of what had happened last time Lewis fought in Las Vegas against Francis Ngannou. The great part is, we get to see Tony Ferguson again after the backstage collapse at UFC 223.

It will be exciting to see Ferguson, Khabib, and Conor share the same Octagon. It is always a debate as to who is going to defeat who in a vicious trio of these fighters. Only time will tell.

How to Watch UFC 229 on Kodi

Kodi/XBMC brings you UFC matches live without subscription. With over millions of users, Kodi offers the widest range of media library where fans can explore blockbuster hit movies, TV series, documentaries, videos, and more media.

In addition, a sleek interface, robust streaming, and top-of-the-line media offerings honor Kodi unmatched reputation among entertainment hunters. Over and above, you can watch UFC matches on Kodi absolutely free!

To watch UFC on Kodi, you can install many great Kodi add-ons with zero subscription fee. Likewise, you can catch all the action on your screens through Just Sports and cCloud TV add-on for free. You can also watch UFC 229 on Roku if you have a Roku device.

UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor Promo Trailer

Here is the Khabib vs McGregor promotional video trailer. The Lightweight Champion, The Russian Bear will be competing against the Former Double Champ, the Notorious Conor McGregor on Oct 6th, 2018 in UFC 229.

The Wrap Up

I hereby wrap this guide on how to watch Khabib vs McGregor UFC 229 at cheaper rates from anywhere worldwide. UFC has varied PPV prices for different countries and we have told you exactly which countries offer you the least PPV price. To change your country region, you require a VPN. As a result, you can save up to 73% when buying the PPV from Philippines.

In addition, a VPN will not only help you get cheap PPV, but it will allow you to bypass blackouts on various matches. That said, a VPN is the easiest and fastest solution for escalating UFC streaming experience to the next level.

Want to add something to the story, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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