Trustpilot Review

Mike Moore United States

Easiest 5 stars ever!

This has been a great service. I signed up 4 years ago and it was a little spotty then, but has steadily improved and they update their system frequently. Currently it is nearly flawless and I’m very happy with it. It has helped with not only overall security on my internet use but also my ISP doesn’t throttle my usage when it is encrypted. Highly recommended!

Richard Wilk United States

Works everywhere I have tried it

Works everywhere I have tried it. Fast and reliable.

Maria Martin New York, United States
Published on 16th-October-2018

Fabulous Service!

Nice Services By Pure VPN. Loved it!Great VPN. I chose to buy the Premium setup which works well. I have no issues accessing any sites, streaming and file sharing. Cheers!Put simply, it just works!Works whithout any problem and easy to use on different equipement.

Ryan Donahue United States
Published on 18th-October-2018

Allowed me to watch uk netflix from us

Allowed me to watch uk netflix from us. Support was very nice and Stephen James helped me and treated me very well. Very satisfied and 10/10 would recommend.

Angela R. George United States

I’ve recommendeded PureVPN to everyone I know!

I’ve recommendeded PureVPN to everyone I know. It’s reliable, cost effective, and easy to use. PureVPN provides you with the safest ways to stream, download, and do what ya do on the the internet. Thank you for helping me stretch my dollas!!!

PureVPN User: purevpn0s4589960

Toby Blackwell United States

Flexibility, Security and Ease of Use

There are many locations to choose from. I like having that variety available. It’s easy to use and II feel secure when I download my tv shows.

lurdosei lurdissimo United Kingdom
17th June-2018

stream abroad tv

useful for streaming from abroad

Del Ohatcoin United Kingdom
30th June-2018

purevpn has been the best VPN service I…

purevpn has been the best VPN service I have used and never had any problems that were not sorted in no time, great helpful staff, they seem to know everything and always sort out any issues straight away have never let me down and I would not use any other provider even if they were cheaper because you get 100% quality service from purnvpn so I will never leave as long as they provide such excellent service 10/10 every time

C Capital Brunei
14th July-2018

Love this VPN!

It works on all my devices! I feel secure while surfing and streaming!

Sophie Bradburn United States
17th July-2018

Easy and fast

Easy and fast! I find this VPN to be very easy to use, and for my internet needs, (whether it’s chrome, watching streaming videos, or playing an MMO) I haven’t noticed an effect on speed!