Trust.Zone Review 2018 – Security & Accessibility Made Easy

We have had the pleasure of reviewing over 40 VPN services and we can easily claim that some of them brought out the best of us, while the rest failed to impress us. Before we wrote this detailed review, we dissected Trust.Zone VPN in order to give a final verdict based on our personal experience with it. Trust.Zone offers reliable performance with various servers to choices spread across the globe. However, lack of VPN apps on mobile platforms and no live chat feature are things we didn’t like after covering this review.

Is Trust.Zone Safe?

If you are thinking about, how safe is it to use Trust.Zone? Then, we skimmed different forums about provider and revealed surprising facts. Interestingly, Trust.Zone is based in Seychelles, which does not follow any mandatory data retention law. This makes it a worthy and safe provider than those who are located in regions with strict data retention regimes. In addition, it offers leading edge-protocols including OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, that ensure airtight data protection at all times. Review on Speed Optimized Servers

If you are someone who is fascinated by the notion of using VPN servers in major countries, you are definitely going to cherish your decision of using it on your device. Trust.Zone VPN provides excellent VPN server support to all its users and offers 135 VPN servers in 80 different locations.

The scattered server network all over the globe speaks volume for the diversity it provides to its users. With servers in Oceania, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, you can “trust” Trust.Zone VPN to get you connected to any of the VPN locations anytime.

If you are looking to break the shackles of restrictions in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany or Russian Federation, we advise you to download and install Trust.Zone VPN. The server load on all the aforementioned locations is less than 20% and guarantees you excellent online streaming experience.

While testing the performance of its servers, we kept changing its servers to check if there were any connectivity issues or speed drops, but to our genuine surprise, the connection was smooth and we faced no such issue. Performance wise, there isn’t any margin for improvement when it comes to servers, but it definitely has a room for improvement when it comes to VPN servers count.

Trust.Zone Pricing Plans Review

There is so much to admire about Trust.Zone VPN. It is a new VPN service, has done its homework and arrived well-prepared. Trust.Zone VPN understands the importance of flexible prices and packages; therefore it offers three pricing plans to its users. The packages, however, differ from each other in terms of time duration.

If you are visiting another country for a short period that has strong surveillance or censorship policies in place, we would suggest you to check out its Monthly package. The Monthly package is available for $6.99/month with the same features. Even though Trust.Zone VPN claims that its Yearly plan is its best offer, the crowd’s favorite package is the 3 Month Plan.

The 3 Month Plan can be subscribed for $4.95/month. Users get 30% off on the prices and pay only $14.85 in total for 3 months. However, the most effective package is its Yearly Plan which is available for only $3.33/month. With 53% discount, you get to enjoy all the services that are otherwise available at slightly higher prices for a comparatively short duration.

Judging by the packages and prices, we think Trust.Zone VPN is in the race for a long term. It will be great to see, however, if they make additional changes to their existing prices once they upgrade their service.

Trust.Zone provides a free from charges 3-day subscription plan to anyone who is willing to give its service a try. Even though there is a limitation of 1 GB set on Trust.Zone VPN’s free trial, it gives you access to 115 exclusive servers to test blocked content accessibility with it.

trust zone

Device Compatibility Review

Trust.Zone VPN service is no different from its competitors when it comes to providing its client assistance across different platforms. Most of the users tend to install the services that are fully compatible with their device. And Trust.Zone VPN with its vast device compatibility makes a great case for itself. It provides the users the margin they need to run its service on their devices.

Just to be clear, we are also writing in detail which devices/operating software can be fully functional with Trust.Zone VPN. You can install and get connected with Trust.Zone VPN on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tabs, Windows mobile phones, Linux, Windows PCs and laptops and Mac.

Trust.Zone Review on Unlimited Speed with Unlimited Bandwidth

The rising trend of online streaming has made people move towards the latest gadgets. Since mobility with high internet speed connection is what every other internet user looks for, it has become a rare commodity. Trust.Zone VPN, as its name suggests, provides its users the comfort zone where they can fully relax and use its services to stream and download movies and TV shows in HD quality.

It provides its users with unlimited speed and data bandwidth to ensure the users fully stream the movies and TV shows without encountering any interruptions due to slow buffering speeds. We ran a few speed tests with OpenVPN protocol as our primary selection.

We conducted a test first to make sure what our original speed was and what ping were we getting before we connected with Trust.Zone VPN service. Our initial tests indicated that we were getting a download speed of 12.50 Mbps and an upload speed of almost 3.29 Mbps.The ping was 166 ms.


Having noted down the initial test results; now was the time to test how good the service was and how it affected our speed and ping.

Hence, we connected to the Ukraine server of Trust.Zone.

Much to our delight, the results were quite impressive. We experienced a drop in downloading speed (usual after connecting with a VPN) and yet it was good enough to keep us connected.The ping only increased slightly.


To further evaluate the speed provided by the service, we tested out the server from Bulgaria.


The servers from the UK and the US also provided decent results but these two locations provided us the best speed.

Pay as You Like!

With more than 10 payment methods up its sleeves, it provides the users the room they need while paying for its service. Trust.Zone VPN accepts payments made by PayPro Global. You can always choose to pay through Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Paypal, QIWI Wallet, Web Money, Bank Transfer and

We would really like to give the credit where it is due. Trust.Zone VPN makes an extra effort and adds a whole different value to its service by providing various options in the payment methods.

Fortunately, the users can avail “Bitcoin” an excellent anonymous payment option. If you opt Bitcoin as an anonymous payment option, Trust.Zone VPN offers 10% exclusive additional discount.
trust zone

Easy to Use Custom VPN Client for Windows

The users of Trust.Zone VPN can exhale a breath of relief because it is not difficult and very easy to use. We have very rarely seen VPN clients with such easy and self-explanatory options. Trust.Zone VPN definitely provides a VPN client for our liking and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple yet a strong VPN service.

To run it on your Windows device, you have to download its basic client from its website. The downloading and installation is easy and hardly takes 5 minutes to be done with. Once the client is successfully installed on your device, run it and enter your credentials on the Home screen.

trust zone review for windows setting

Once you have entered the credentials, check out the list of the servers. windows setup server list

Click on anyone to establish a connection. In our case, we connected with one of the servers of the United States. The VPN Client will redirect you to a different screen indicating that the connection is being established.

your current IP

Once the connection is established, you will be notified that you have paired a successful connection.

connected to trustzone

You can also click on the “Status” tab to check the connection details.

windows setup VPN Status

You can also check the settings to explore the other options in detail. You can configure your VPN as you like.

Trust.Zone VPN provides an excellent custom VPN client for its Windows users and puts in a lot of efforts to make sure the users don’t go haywire with managing its VPN client.

Interestingly, the subscribers can enjoy the appealing MUI support benefit. It means you can access the official website of Trust.Zone VPN in three different languages. These three distinct languages are:

  • French
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Trust.Zone VPN Review for Android Phones

Although Trust.Zone has impeccable compatibility, it does not offer exclusive apps for each platform. Sadly, that’s the case on Android operating systems, as there are no apps of Trust.Zone VPN for Android phones. However, you can setup the VPN service manually on Android devices.

This was a disappointing aspect of Trust.Zone review. For any new VPN users, configuring the service manually for the first time can be tricky. An app is much easier to setup and use. Same is the case on iOS and Mac devices, as Trust.Zone only offers a VPN client for Windows platform.

Simultaneous Connections & Free Trials

With three simultaneous connections on your back, you are definitely going to enjoy Trust.Zone VPN on your mobile phones, laptops and consoles – all at the same time. The simultaneous connections also mean that you can use a single login ID on three different devices at the same time without paying even a single extra penny for the service you are using.

Unlike some of the big names of the VPN industry, Trust.Zone VPN looks very keen on providing a fair chance to the users to test its services. This is probably one of the reasons why it is offering a 5-day test period to anyone looking for a reliable VPN service. The free trial, however, provides you with data limit of 5GB and one VPN connection.

Use Trust.Zone VPN to Download Free Music

Trust.Zone VPN offers numerous servers spread across the globe. For users looking to download and listen to their favorite music, Trust.Zone VPN could come in handy. With official music services such as Pandora and Spotify, you can listen to unlimited music. However, both these services are only accessible in the United States.

Similarly, other music streaming and downloading services are geo-restricted and inaccessible to users located in different regions. If you are thinking of downloading free music using torrents, then think twice. Copyright infringements could lead to hefty penalties, DMCA notices, lawsuits and even jail time. One way of securing against such threats is by becoming anonymous using a VPN. Therefore, you can use Trust.Zone VPN to download free music from anywhere in the world.

Trust.Zone Review on Reddit

Trust.Zone reviews on Reddit are a mix bag. There are many positive reviews by Reddit users, but there are a few negative comments about the VPN service. Users that have praised the service are pleased with its overall performance. In addition, many users have unblocked streaming services using Trust.Zone VPN.

Some users on Reddit commend Trust.Zone for its inexpensive service.

On the other hand, some users remain skeptical about the fact that Trust.Zone offers dedicated IP address.

However, it should be noted that the service has a clear policy against logging. Moreover, it is based Seychelles which is far from the reach of many known vigilant agencies.

Protection against DNS Leak and WebRTC Leak

Apart from providing protection against the DNS Leak and WebRTC Leak, what’s more intriguing is the fact how Trust.Zone VPN educates its users about the consequences of these two. Trust.Zone VPN makes sure that your browsers do not let your ISPs know your real IP address and disables the WebRTC option and offers you protection against DNS Leak.

Likewise, the service provides DNS leak protection feature by offering its own dedicated DNS servers. Thus, you are able to secure your online privacy from your ISPs to another level straightaway.

With a handful of services offering such features, it is safe to assume that Trust.Zone VPN is very keen on protecting its users from all kinds of snooping and online surveilling activities. Trust.Zone wins our vote for providing good online security to its users.


To put it in simple words, we had a great time using Trust.Zone VPN on our devices. The internet connection speed was truly amazing. Yes, there was a drop in speed but you would expect that after connecting through a VPN service. We were able to access different versions of Netflix due to diversity in its server network.

The payment options have the tendency to appeal to the general users and the simultaneous connections can lure in more users. We connected on three different devices at the same time while testing its service to experience the changes in our internet connection. The connections were stable and worked smoothly until we disconnected them. Trust.Zone VPN may turn out to be the next big thing in a few years.

trust zone

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23 Responses to Trust.Zone Review 2018 – Security & Accessibility Made Easy

  1. Magdalena Solveig says:

    Easy to setup and use. No configuration or reliability issues, have never had any need to contact support team. Well-priced for it’s feature set.

  2. Michael says:

    I recevied several warnings from my ISP in the past. So, I decided to start using anonymous VPN finally
    I have read tons of info via BestVPN and other websites, tried several free trial versions of diffrent vpns
    Well, trustzone seems to me the first VPN i wanna pay.
    no webrtc leaks, no dns leaks. They use their own DNS servers. I am pretty sure that my real IP address is not leaked anymore

  3. Lo Vin says:

    Worth the cost. I travel a lot and therefore spend a decent amount of my time on public networks. I recently signed up for TRUSTZONE and am genuinely impressed with the service. They offered nice 2 years offer with discount, grabbed it immediately

  4. Boyd23 says:

    Love the company. Service is generally great. I’ve had a couple times where I couldn’t connect, but their customer support is great as well and helped me out via tickets. Frequently recommend it to friends.

  5. Vishi Robben says:

    I spent a lot of time trying to set up a server at home so I could have a VPN. I didn’t know about vpnranks and or similar services.

    . I signed up almost year ago and have not regretted it. I’ve had to contact support at least twice. They responded very quickly, within a 15 mins by tickets and answered the question directly. I’ve recommended their service to a number of people.

  6. Alton Junior says:

    I been using the Trustzone VPN provider for 2 years, I moved from the US to France and I wanted to continue watching
    the TV channels back in the US. I search for a VPN service and came across Trustzone,
    have never looked back, trustzone works great and I can watch what I’m interested in

  7. nicola berwick1 says:

    I am facing this error when connecting to Trust Zone VPN, stating, “The Virtual Network Adapter being used by the specified VPN Connection Setting has been disabled.” Can anyone help?

  8. Luis says:

    how to avoid leaks with Trustzone?
    just open settings tab

    set checkbox ‘NO DNS Leaks’ and ‘KillSwitch’ as ON

    that’s all

  9. Ferdinand says:

    Price is good and the service is getting better… used to not be able to get Netflux in US… I can now. The price is right and easy to use on pc, iphone and ipad

  10. VEri2 says:

    I never had any issue with trustzone, the price is cheap and it has a lot of features like killswitch and autorestart, I have seen how new servers from new locations come up all the time.
    I only gave 4 stars because trustzone has 104 locations only

  11. S X L says:

    I’m more or less satisfied with this service. It has several connection options, it is fairly quick and very secure. However, you are limited to only three devices, so if you need to use more, this is not the ideal option.

  12. Falshung says:

    says: BULL
    I think you must be working for this IPVANISH
    The Trust Zone servers I have used are all over 1mbs – only one I tried far away was poor
    As for support – I asked 1 question & got an answer within a few hours
    The interface is so simple – everything is in the desktop icon – no instructions really needed
    The no logon feature makes sense for a proper VPN
    Anyone having issues with download speeds isn’t going to the right server or you have another agenda.

  13. Trust.Zone says:


    Yes, Trust.Zone hides your real ip address and stops ISP from tracking you. You can torrent with no risk

  14. Romulo says:

    will it keep me private while torrenting?

    I have seen that some bittorrent websites (ExtraTorrent, Kickass) recommend using TrustZone for safe torrenting.

  15. Trust.Zone says:


    We’ve noticed that you posted the same comment on most popular VPN review websites.
    Everytime, other VPN providers were WORST and IPVANISH was the best – according to your comment.

    IF you are real customer of Trust.Zone please, contact our support team, we are ready to help

    Trust.Zone Team

  16. Ronaldray says:

    Please Don’t use I am getting 50 to 70 kbps speed. I tried all of their servers but only one or two server give me speed of 100 to 150 kbps sometimes. I purchase 1 year plan and unable to use even a week and i giveit up. Sometimes you will not be able to open websites. its cheap and speed is also cheap. I use lots of vpn but this one is shit.

    Now i am using ipvanish and i recommend you. Very nice speed vpn and reliable. Price is double then trust zone but you will get the best what you paid for.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello Ronalidray,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

      Kind Regards,

      • Atkinson says:

        Great sale price. Just signed up for TZ.

        My PIA subscription is set to expire this month, so I was shopping for new service anyway. Sale price and 10 day money back guarantee convinced me to go for it. Looks like TZ VPN is giving me the full speed available through my ISP, with only 3-5 ms of latency added.

        Very impressed so far. It is outperforming PIA on connection speed and latency so far, by a lot.

        Client looks pretty simple and easy to use. Server selection in the USA is a little odd. TZ website lists 9 US servers, but only provides 5 selections in the client. One of these is a generic selection also.

        Tried all the servers and ran speedtest.

        Speedtest displayed odd geographical server locations, almost unconnected to which server I selected. All seemed to perform well, and after cycling through the selections a bit, I found the server with the lowest latency for me. I think after verifying my account through sent email link, the auto-connect generic server paired me with the best selection. The client is very simple and mostly hands off, as stated. However, it looks like every device imaginable is supported, and all the info for power users is easily available.

  17. JenV_87 says:

    I have been using Trust Zone since October 1st. The first month was a little rocky but after that it has been rock solid.

    But now I highly recommend this service for everyone.

  18. tjj says:

    dont waste your time or money, the 5g trial was good , so i got suckered into buying a 1yr deal ….absolutely garbage never get above 150kb on downloading …after 4 days of terrible slow speed I bought another company VPN and deleted trustzone.

    trustzone is no better than free VPN …in fact worse, save your money and they should stick to torrents.

    • VPNRanks says:

      Sad to hear about your experience with trust zone.

      Nevertheless, thank you for your Valuable feedback.

      Best Regards,

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