Travelling Abroad? Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

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Last minute plans always create a hassle; especially, when you plan to travel abroad. In our daily life, we often encounter a qualm that we left the door opened or perhaps left keys in our car. This skepticism often haunts us when we plan to travel abroad. How many of you check your bag packs before departure? You make sure that everything is there when you need it; yet, you forget the most precious thing of all – Privacy.

By the way, the place you’re going – what does the censorship meter say about that region? I mean you’re not going to radioactive HOT regions like Iran – are you? Last time I checked, Turkey’s Prime Minister called Twitter as menace and Facebook as an outcome of ugly technology.


Turkey’s new censorship policy however is nothing as compared to what China has done with their Internet censorship regulations. Chinese Firewall is one of the exemplary concerns to quote here. The Great Firewall of China has blocked any non-Chinese content and it cannot be accessed by natives or visitors to the country.

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Censorship and Geo-Restrictions Welcome you Abroad

Censorship policies and regulations imposed by different countries have been victimizing Netizens. Furthermore, geo-restrictions and the so-called ‘for-natives-eyes-only’ content prohibit your access to the daily dose of entertainment and connectivity. What? Missing your friends already? That’s right because there isn’t going to be any Facebook there or MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram ad infinitum.


Not to forget streaming live TV is out of the equation here. So, perhaps it is time to farewell the online TV shows you are addicted to. I don’t know you are aware of it or not; but, you can’t access geo-restricted content if you are not there in corresponding locality. I know it is sad but you are going to miss your BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Hulu for that matter.


Stressed already? Wondering if there is any way out of this hassle? Don’t be. We have already explored one for you – A VPN (Virtual Private Network). Equipped with a VPN, you can reach out the world. Uploading, sharing and even accessing any geo-restricted content would be a piece of cake. How it works? Let us explain?

How This Works

First of all I would discuss the alternates that you might be considering currently. There may be divergent options that you might consider while trying to access blocked content or websites.

Proxy may seem as one of the viable options but trust me it isn’t. Furthermore, all other options that you can think of may seem appropriate but are actually not secure.

A VPN not only enhances your security but also promotes your online privacy; furthermore, it helps you bypass every possible censorship and geo-restriction barrier hindering you to access content you prefer.

A VPN once connected masks your real IP making you absolutely invisible for the digital universe. You can choose any VPN service provider among many offering tempting package plans at an affordable price. Click here to view VPN service providers you may consider.

When you connect a VPN on your device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet and iPad etc) the data transferred to/from your device tunnels its way through a connected server. Through different protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSL and SSH), your data is encrypted which means your security is practically invulnerable to unauthorized assaults on your privacy.

Say Goodbye to Geo-Restrictions

Now, let’s talk about how a VPN can help you access the content you require. It’s quite simple actually. Soon after your VPN is configured, you need to connect it to the server of a locality whose content you wish to access. Let’s say you wish to access Netflix U.S. For this you need to connect your VPN to a US server and bypass all geo-restrictions or boundaries prohibiting you to access the content. Same goes for Hulu and Pandora.

By Pass Cencership

Live streaming has never been so easy before for the foreign travelers. Missing your BBC iPlayer? Not anymore. Connect your VPN (if you have any) to a UK server and enjoy unlimited bandwidth feature allowing you to access as much content as you desire.

Now you can stay connected to your favorite shows from any corner of this digital universe. Speaking of which, Sherlock’s 3rd Season was the best so far – what say? His Last Vow: an EPIC finale EVER.

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Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

The rise of technology has facilitated our lives; however, it has also made our privacy vulnerable. Cyber-goons can easily manipulate and exploit the features we consider our necessities today. We NEVER hesitate to access open Wi-Fi hotspots available at restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, shopping malls, transportation spaces and other public places. BEWARE! An intruder might be waiting for a chance to assault your privacy.

Our privacy and security become more vulnerable when we are abroad. Remember! Anything you do; every platform you access or any transaction you make can be intercepted in between by cyber-criminals.

They can even steal your identity or access the confidential/personal data stored in your device. A VPN serves as an optimal remedy in this regard. Through a VPN connected on your device, you can mask your IP.

This means you become undetectable, untraceable and invisible for all. All the data you send from or receive on your device will then be encrypted – let the hacker intercept in the middle – he will be slapped with nothing more than just encrypted codes.

Your online activities cannot be monitored by identity thieves, cyber-goons or any security concerned vigilante for that matter. No matter you connect to an open network or a secure one, your privacy is protected and your security is invulnerable now.

Online Banking/Funds Transfer

Wait! Don’t hit that button on your device. Are you sure that this transaction is secure? Are you sure that no one can access your account details? I think not. The online banking activities especially the ones representing funds transfer have always been a centre of attention for hackers and phishers. Monetary transactions, accepting funds and withdrawals are the things you can’t live without when abroad.

Furthermore, there are some banks that don’t allow you to transact with them when abroad. These banks are quite concerned about their security and we can’t blame them for that. However, if you have an account in a bank that restricts you to make a transaction when abroad – imagine the gravity of problems you will be facing there.


All these concerns can be resolved through a VPN. All you have to do is simply connect to the server of a locality in which your bank allows you to transact. Your IP will be masked and no hindrance will be faced afterwards. In addition, after connecting a VPN on your device your transactions will be untraceable as you are practically invisible to the digital universe. Hence, there is minimal probability of hacking or phishing to be acknowledged.


After equipping your bag pack with a VPN, you are now ready to depart without any concern. You can stay connected to your social circle as no censorship policy will affect you. You will NEVER be haunted by the geo-restrictions; this means you can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime.

Any threat to your privacy, either it is a hack-oriented or governed by a so-called security concerned vigilante will be coped with before you even know it. Your data will be safe from unauthorized access and your transactions will never be intercepted. Your security will be invulnerable allowing you to be absolutely invisible in this digital universe. What else do you wish for?


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