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Mere thought of travelling gives goosebumps to some – such is the charm of it. Who wouldn’t want to explore new places, cultures and get to know more about cuisines all over the world? While the travellers usually carry a camera by their side to click a few pictures to cherish them later, the latest upward trend in the technology means travellers are now far better prepared for travelling and usually carry a laptop and smartphone to make sure they are in touch with the rest of the world.

As fascinating and scintillating it may sound, travelling to a different region might not always prove out to be a good idea. With the mobility you get with smart devices, you are exposed to all kinds of viruses, hackers and other online threats. It becomes extremely difficult to protect your data and devices unless you are fully prepared to face the music.

We are going to share a few easy tips with you so you can enjoy travelling without spending sleepless nights worrying about your data security.

  1. Keep Your Phone Locked – Use Passwords or Pattern

If you are someone who leaves his phone’s screen unlocked all the time, you belong to 60% of the people who risk their online privacy by leaving it vulnerable to attacks by third persons. As silly as it may sound, but privacy invasion remains one of the biggest concerns of the travellers, especially when they ask the strangers to click their pictures.

  1. Avoid Using Public PCs

Unless there is an emergency or you are running out of options, using the public PC is not recommended at all. Why would you log in to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or LinkedIn from a PC where thousands of users potentially enter their details in a single day? Not only could your data get stolen, but you could also be robbed off your money. Always avoid using a Public PC for they are most vulnerable to hackers on the internet.

  1. Public Wi-Fi can make a Mockery of Your Security

If you trust a public Wi-Fi to connect your device to, you might as well consider lying down on a busy highway with your eyes closed. Public Wi-Fis are dangerous. Period. Since you have no idea who else is connected on the same network, chances are you will open your social networking websites or email address to see if you have received a latest update.

According to several researches conducted by private security firms, the perpetrators are usually found on the public Wi-Fis to launch attacks on the users. Some of the researches note that the attack can go unnoticed until the perpetrator has got hold off all the information/details that he wanted to extract.

  1. Checking-in on Social Networks Might not be a Good Idea

As cool as it may sound, checking-in may not be the wisest thing to do especially when you are travelling abroad. Most of the users are tempted to share their location with their friends via social networks but we advise against it. Unless you are absolutely certain that your online security will not be compromised in anyway, we advise you to turn off your geo-tagging system to remain safe from the hackers and to avoid sending your location data to agencies like the NSA and GCHQ.

  1. Use a VPN Service

People seem to confuse the VPN services with a proxy service – a tool which is only used for unblocking websites and applications. However that is certainly not the case. A VPN service can bring in an additional layer of security to your device and can protect your data from being theft by the hackers and surveillance agencies.

The VPN services, in collaboration with, different servers and strong encryption and protocol support protect you and hide you from being tracked EVEN if you are connected on a public Wi-Fi. The VPN services are ideal for not only increasing the level of your security but also to achieve more freedom while browsing the internet.

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These are some of the tips that are definitely going to help you to stay away from the threats of internet. You can keep your devices safe and can unblock the region-restricted websites and streaming service. So before you set off for an adventurous trip to Europe or Asia, make sure you are fully prepared to protect your devices and data.

Happy travels.

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