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Total VPN Review






TotalVPN is a new comer to the VPN industry with one of the most reliable and well-managed VPN features being offered today. While all VPN providers claim to provide robust online-security, expert testing has proved that Total VPN is an excellent option delivering premium online privacy & protection against various cyber-goons, hackers, snoopers, ISP monitoring, State-sponsored Surveillance and other cyber threats.

Unique Selling Proposition

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

The amazing benefit offered by TotalVPN is the 30 days money back guarantee for subscribers. After this time frame refunds are issued on pro-rata basis (number of days used). We recommend subscribers to take advantage of money-back guarantee, take a test-drive of the service and request a refund if it’s not what you are looking for.

We consider this feature to be unique selling point of TotalVPN. As most providers in the market offer money-back guarantee only for a week or fortnight, TotalVPN focuses entirely to deliver every bit of satisfaction to the subscribers.

Pricing Plans

Total VPN offers simple pocket friendly pricing plans without getting into complicated signup requirements. An unbeatable feature of Total VPN includes its free service package. It allows subscribers to experience Total VPN before subscribing for the longer term plans. Currently the following packages are available fromTotal VPN:

TotalVPN Review

All packages offer multiple servers with range of supported encryption protocols to provide military-grade encryption to your data.  Supported protocols include PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and IkeV2, these protocols ensure premium online freedom and safe-access to torrents and P2P downloads.


Server Locations

Total VPN offer 30+servers distributed across the globe distributed over 27 countries including US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Amsterdam, Belgium, Iceland, Russia and many more.

TotalVPN Review

With wide range of server offerings, unblocking services and websites is as easy as a click for TotalVPN subscribers. Subscribers get access to a multitude of services including Netflix, Spotify, HBO, SkyTV, Fox, Astro SuperSport,News resources, shopping websites and gaming services in addition to secure torrent downloads and P2P engine support.

Protocols & Encryption

VPN are judged primarily upon their standards of tunneling & data encryption. Although the same encryption protocols are offered by various VPN providers, connection reliability and consistency of service are the key factors to consider when deciding upon the best VPN service.

Total VPN offers leading edge and safest data encryption with the following protocols:

Free Trial

TotalVPN offers free trial package for subscriber swith 3 locations, limited bandwidth, limited data-transfer, all available protocols but with 1 simultaneous connection. It’s a preferred package for subscribers who want to try out the service before subscribing.


When it comes to compatibility, Total VPN ranks supreme with brilliant multiplatform capabilities, with the inclusion of state of the art in-hose apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Total VPN Windows Client

During the TotalVPN review, We tested TotalVPN Windows Client and found it very user friendly. The easy-to-operate interface allows the subscriber to connect, change and disconnect a server. A subscriber can download Total VPN Windows Client from the official website after signing up.

Once the Windows Client is downloaded, enter the username and password to login. Upon successful login select the desired server from the list and connect.

totalvpn review

Total VPN Android App

Total VPN on Android offers access to on-demand streaming sites from anywhere, Premium security to data privacy with encrypted connection. Moreover, it protects the subscriber from tracking of ISPs and State surveillance. Following are the key benefits of TotalVPN android app:

totalvpn review


We tested the performance of Total VPN by using different servers, surprisingly it performed better than our expectation. The test was conducted on weakest server possible in order to get maximum performance out of TotalVPN. We concluded following satisfactory results:

totalvpn review

Although the speed was gradually dropped and ping went up to high level but we were able to stream on-demand entertainment services including BBC iPlayer, ESPN, CSB, Netflix, Hulu hassle free without lags and interruptions. TotalVPN is the one-stop solution for seamless streaming experience on unlimited on-demand entertainment services.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect to consider when choosing the best VPN. Subscribers expect instant online-support when facing technical issues. TotalVPN offers a proactive 24/7 live chat support. The live chat support is seamless and customer support representative respond within minutes of your query.

In our experience while writing this review we found the support representative quite helpful, quick to respond with excellent technical ability. When the CSR was confused with the device setup they immediately contacted 2nd tier support immediately resolving our setup request in less than 15 minutes.

TotalVPN Review

Multiple Logins

Generally, VPN providers offer single login access to every account. But, TotalVPN offers multiple user logins using a unique account. In addition to this 3 subscribers can access a single account, with no-discrimination upon speed and service quality. A subscriber may enjoy watching movies, TV shows and sports, gaming, News and downloads on multiple devices at a time with a single TotalVPN account.

No Activity Log Policy

Total VPN does not record any online activities of its subscribers. However, it collects information that depends solely upon the type of service, support or sales inquiry made. The collected information includes subscriber name, address, contact number, fax number, email address, type and date of service provided, payment history, payment date, payment method, paid amount, credit card and other payment information.

The collected information is utilized for billing and service delivery purposes only.If a subscriber chooses to purchase through credit card, the purchase information may be provided to credit card provider.

Payment Methods

TotalVPN Review

An important aspect to consider before VPN subscription is the available payment options. TotalVPN entertains all popular and leading Credit/Debit cards including Master Card, Visa, Amex and Delta. TotalVPN also accepts PayPal, which is considered to be one of the most reliable & secure online payment methods.


Tutorials Provided

User-friendly installation guides and easy-to-understand manuals are readily available on the Total VPN website. The brand offers detailed guides to configure VPN on all available platforms. Manual setup guides for routers and various devices are also available in the knowledge base section.

In case there is a problem with the Apps, subscribers can make use of the illustrated guides to easily configure Total VPN on their PCs, mobile devices, routers and other compatible devices.


After conducting detailed tests with TotalVPN, we consider it to be a brilliant VPN service with pocket pricing plans, super speed servers, an excellent in house app and a very talent live customer support service.

With the inclusion of cross-platform compatibility TotalVPN adds more appeal to its offering. Furthermore, the 30 days money back guarantee ensures a premium experience for subscribers, allowing a realistic preview of the service with the option to cancel. We at VPN Ranks will give the service a dazzling 4 out of 5 in our Total VPN editorial review.